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Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Can you love the ones you work with?

This is far from our standard blog post about carpet related issues. It is more of a tribute to the eight men that I am honored to work with day in and day out. Seems appropriate for Valentine’s Day right? So my question is this – is it possible to love your co-workers? Well, for me one of them is very easy to love – and I love him more than I ever thought possible.

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Cameron Park Rug Cleaning

Carter’s Carpet Restoration provides the highest quality Cameron Park Rug Cleaning to the local area and beyond. If you’re looking for a professional Cameron Park Rug Cleaning, you’ve come to the right spot! Whether you’re looking to have your area rugs or carpet cleaned, Carter’s will handle each rug correctly and professionally. Area rugs are not created equally. Rugs come in different sizes and shapes, some with fringe and some without. The most important detail

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Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Does carpet really need to be cleaned once a year?

Does carpet really need to be cleaned once a year? The quick answer, YES. And sometimes even more often than once a year. Here’s why . . . It’s a fact, soil and oil build up on your carpet fiber. Sometimes you can see it, when spills or accidents happen. For many of us, it’s gradual and you don’t really notice it. For others it all comes at once, when the dog runs through with

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Green Carpet Cleaning

Safe & Green Carpet Cleaning

If you’re like most of us, then one of your primary concerns about having your carpet cleaned is making sure it’s a safe and green carpet cleaning. Honestly, the majority of all carpet cleaners are using green carpet cleaning products in this day and age. There’s no reason not to, especially with all the advances in the cleaning industry. Carter’s can proudly say that 95% of their carpet cleaning products are “green”, non-toxic, and very

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Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Who Should Vacuum Before a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Should I Vacuum Before Professional Carpet Cleaning? Many people call us and ask, “should I vacuum before my professional carpet cleaning with Carter’s Carpet Restoration?”.  The answer is relatively simple.  Let me try to explain. Carpet should certainly be vacuumed prior to a professional carpet cleaning. A pre-vacuum removes dry soil, surface dust, and dander so you get a deeper cleaning. But should you vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning? Or should the carpet cleaner

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What to do About Muddy Footprints on Carpet

Winter seems to have arrived, and it’s probably the hardest time of year to keep the dirt and mud outside. There’s no doubt they will find their way indoors. Here are a few simple tips to follow if you find yourself with some muddy footprints on carpet. First, remove the larger pieces of mud and soil from the surface of the carpet. The next step is probably the hardest. Just walk away from the muddy

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Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Clean Blood Out of Carpet

Recently, our four legged family member, Grace, injured her toe and was bleeding.  Grace tracked some blood across the carpet.  I panicked and my husband, Dean, quickly grabbed a clean towel and a bowl of cold water with a single drop of liquid soap in it.  Since he had it under control, I grabbed the camera. I’m always looking for cleaning tips to share on this blog, but for some reason whenever spills happen in our home it’s a total

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Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning
Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to having your carpet cleaned, fast drying carpet cleaning is an important option to consider.  The more quickly a carpet dries, the less likely it is to resoil or “wick”.  When a carpet is left damp or wet the soil that has settled in the carpet pad will rise through the lingering moisture and your stains or spots come right back.  Basically, the soil is brought to the surface using the moisture as a

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Best Carpet Cleaning

Carter’s Carpet Restoration

If you’re looking for the best steam cleaning company around, you’ve found it! Carter’s Carpet Restoration is a local, family run business that takes pride in their cleaning and their customer service. Did you know Carter’s is consistently voted best carpet cleaner, year after year, by the Style Magazines, Folsom Telegraph, Village Life and The Mountain Democrat? Not all carpet cleaners are the same, there’s a difference in cleaning equipment, cleaning products, and employees. With

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