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Tile & Grout Cleaning El Dorado Hills

Your Local El Dorado Hills Tile & Grout Cleaning Company!

Tile and Grout Cleaning El Dorado Hills (95762)

Choose Carter’s for tile and grout cleaning El Dorado Hills.  Our tile, stone, and grout cleaning services are truly top-notch.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Is Our Speciality!

Tile and grout are notoriously difficult to clean, but not if you have the right tools.  Carter’s has large truck mounted equipment for stone, grout and tile cleaning in the El Dorado Hills area. This equipment gives you high pressure steam which is used to agitate deep-down soil deposits. Once loosened, the soil is extracted from the tile surface and grout lines, leaving you with an amazing tile and grout cleaning.

The video above show what kind of drastic results can be achieved with a professional tile cleaning!

Our Tile Cleaning Process For Your El Dorado Home Or Business

TILE CLEANING:  Having your stone, grout and tile cleaned by a professional can significantly improve the look of your floors, counter-tops and even shower stalls.  These surfaces are all stunning when clean.  A professional tile cleaning uses steam agitation to remove the deep down soil and oil that can build up in your grout lines and on the tile surface.   If you are interested in renewing the look of your tile or stone without the expensive cost of replacement, a professional steam cleaning may be exactly what you need.

Consider a tile and grout cleaning from Carter’s Carpet Restoration to bring life back into your floors, shower stalls and counter-tops.  We service a variety of areas with tile cleaning and grout cleaning, and can’t wait to help you with your project.Feel free to contact us at our El Dorado Hills office for a free estimate or call 916-933-7807.

tile and grout cleaning El Dorado Hills

Our Method For Tile Cleaning

  1. First, furniture is removed from the area that you want cleaned.  Then your tile or stone is inspected to identify any stains, loose grout, or potentially difficult areas.
  2. Second, pre-treatment (cleaning solution) is applied to the surface of your stone, tile and grout to help loosen soil, dander and oil.
  3. Next, any areas that require special attention will be hand agitated with grout brush and specialty spotters to give you the deepest grout and tile cleaning possible.
  4. Then, the high pressure steam cleaning takes place.  Again, this is a true “steam cleaning”.  The steam comes off the truck at 250 degrees, leaving you with a completley sanitary grout and tile cleaning.
  5. Finally, hi-tech air movers are used to speed-dry your floors so they are safe to walk on immediately.

The videos below give a brief overview of the tile cleaning process.

Completion Of Tile Cleaning Services In Your El Dorado Space

Sealing: Carter’s Carpet Restoration has a variety of sealants available, including grout color sealing.  If you’re looking to update the look of your tile without replacing it, consider grout color sealing.  It changes the color of the grout lines, updating the look of your floors, counters, and home.

Regular sealent offers protection for the stone and helps to repel future stains.  So if you regularly bleach your tile floors, sealent is not for you.  Additionally, a sealer has a limited life time.  With average traffic, you can expect it to last 3 to 5 years.  Many people opt to seal their stone, tile or grout themselves.  This is a good way to save some money, if you’re up for the task.

Remember:  If you do opt for a sealant, keep foot traffic to a minimum for 24 hours and keep all water off the sealed area for at least 72 hours.

A Variety Of Tile Cleaning Services

Carter’s Carpet Restoration offers a variety of tile cleaning services.  From commercial tile cleaning and residential tile cleaning to travertine tile restoration and ceramic tile cleaning, we do it all.  Learn more by calling us today!

For tile and grout cleaning El Dorado Hills, CA choose Carter’s!

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