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We all love our pets!  But, sometimes they have accidents.  It happens, and it’s not a big deal.  Carter technicians are trained to find those pet accidents for you with the use of an ultra violet light, a urine probe, or both. The key to proper pet accident cleaning is to find out where the urine is and then how much urine has saturated the carpet and pad.

Most carpet cleaners use a deodorizer to hide the urine smell but they skip a very important step – removing the urine!  For proper odor removal, Carter’s must first remove as much urine as possible.  Urine is extremely sticky and nearly impossible to remove from your carpet fiber with normal carpet cleaning agents.  Your carpet cleaning technician may recommend using a urine pre-spray, designed to remove approximately 70-80% more of the urine deposits than carpet cleaning alone.  Unfortunately nothing will remove 100% of the urine – be wary of any cleaner who says they can.  Next, you may choose to treat the remaining urine for any odor.  Carter’s DOES NOT use deodorizers.  The trick is to neutralize the odor, not mask it.  Deodorizers give that awful “perfume” mixed with urine smell.  Carter’s odor neutralizer does just that; neutralize the odor without giving that “perfumed” mix smell.  These two steps, urine removal and odor neutralizer, are very effective in treating most pet odor problems.

In more severe cases you may need to do what is called an OSR (odor and stain remover) treatment. This is an extremely effective way to clean carpet that has been saturated with urine in localized areas. With this procedure your carpet and pad are flooded with steam and urine remover.   Then a subsurface extraction tool locks on to your carpet and removes nearly all the moisture and urine from the carpet and underlying pad.  This fairly new treatment is a complete “flushing” of the carpet, as well as the pad. You can expect amazing results with an OSR treatment.

Surface odor treatments have improved drastically over the last decade.  It is very rare that pad replacement is necessary these days.  In the most severe case of urine damage, Carter’s can pull up the carpet, clean both sides of it, treat the subfloor and replace the pad.  This is the only guaranteed way to completely remove urine.

If you have pet odor that you’d like to get rid of, give Carter’s a call.  In home estimates are free.  Pet odor removal is something Carter’s is known for, often removing odor that other cleaners can’t!  Call today to find out what Carter’s can do for you.

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