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Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning

Karen Carter

Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to having your carpet cleaned, fast drying carpet cleaning is an important option to consider.  The more quickly a carpet dries, the less likely it is to resoil or “wick”.  When a carpet is left damp or wet the soil that has settled in the carpet pad will rise through the lingering moisture and your stains or spots come right back.  Basically, the soil is brought to the surface using the moisture as a vehicle to get there.  There are a few things a good carpet cleaner will do to give you a fast drying carpet cleaning.

A fast drying carpet cleaning involves three basic things.  One is having a powerful truck.  A powerful truck will extract as much moisture as possible during the cleaning process.  A good carpet cleaner will also do a “dry pass” on your carpet.  This means that after he has cleaned your carpet he goes back over the carpet just to extract extra moisture.  Large air movers can also be used to give you a fast drying carpet cleaning.  A good cleaner will also groom your carpet by hand with a carpet rake.  This extra step helps to fluff your carpet fiber and speed the dry time.

Carter’s Carpet Restoration uses all the methods possible to give you fast drying carpet cleaning.  In fact, your carpet will be dry to the touch when you cleaning is complete.  This benefits you in many ways, first you may walk on your carpet immediately – just be sure you have on clean, rubber soled shoes.  While the Carter technicians are waiting for your carpet to dry, they have the opportunity to see if any spots are going to “wick” or resurface during the drying process.  If any spots do come back, Carter’s will take care of it right then and there.  This fast drying carpet cleaning process works best for you.  Your carpet is cleaner, drier, and if you do have a spot come back it’s taken care of immediately.

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