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Clean Blood Out of Carpet

Karen Carter

carpet cleaning tips
carpet cleaning tips
How to clean blood off of carpet.

Recently, our four legged family member, Grace, injured her toe and was bleeding.  Grace tracked some blood across the carpet.  I panicked and my husband, Dean, quickly grabbed a clean towel and a bowl of cold water with a single drop of liquid soap in it.  Since he had it under control, I grabbed the camera.

I’m always looking for cleaning tips to share on this blog, but for some reason whenever spills happen in our home it’s a total emergency and I fail to think of anything except the clean-up.   But not this time!  And spills happen in our home almost daily.  We have one boy, one girl, one dog, and one cat.  And four rooms of carpet to keep clean!

How to Clean Blood Out of Carpet

Please keep in mind that these instructions to clean blood out of carpet are intended to assist in removing small amounts of fresh blood.

So here’s the step by step on how to clean blood out of carpet. Again, these cleaning tips are intended to assist you in removing small amounts of fresh blood.

First, get a clean cotton towel, 4-5 cups of cold water, and liquid dish soap.
Next, add 1-2 drops of dish soap to the bowl of cold water and agitate.
Dip the towel in the soapy water and gently squeeze excess water out.
Pat the blood spot and gently rub.
Use a new and clean spot on the towel each time to blot.
Continue to dip the towel in the cold water.
Dab the blood spots until they lighten and disappear.
Finally, use a dry section of towel to soak up any remaining moisture that remains.

The trick to clean blood out of carpet is to use COLD water. Hot water will set the stain and make it nearly impossible to remove blood from carpet. Also, be sure to use only one drop of dish soap. Heavy soap will stay in your carpet and attract soil, eventually leaving you with a dark spot.


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