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Is It Worth It Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned?


Is it worth it having carpets professionally cleaned?

Is it worth it getting carpets professionally cleaned?

Is it worth it getting carpets professionally cleaned? You may be wondering this question if your carpeting is beginning to smell or show serious signs of wear.

Professional carpet cleaning services can be expensive at times, which may make you wonder, is it worth it getting carpets professionally cleaned? The short answer to this question is yes. In most cases, it is always worth it to get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year though in some cases, it may not be the best idea to get your carpet professionally cleaned. 

If you are ready to learn about if it is worth it getting carpets professionally cleaned, grab your cleaning supplies and a computer, and let’s get started! 

carpet cleaning frequency

Professionally Cleaning Carpets For The Appearance 

One of the biggest reasons why it is worth getting your carpets professionally cleaned is for the sake of the carpet’s appearance. It can be difficult always to keep your carpet looking nice with only a DYI carpet clean. Professional carpet cleaners have all the tools necessary and the experience needed to ensure your carpet will stay looking tip-top for its entire lifespan. 


The reason why a DYI clean does not often fully fix the appearance and overall cleanliness of your carpet is that dirt, and other assorted stuff gets stuck in the fibers of the carpet. Once it gets stuck in the carpet fibers, it is nearly impossible to remove the dirt or other object from your carpet without the help of a professional floor cleaning team. 

Professionally Cleaning Has Health Benefits

Something that people may not always think about when it comes to professionally cleaning carpets is that it can give health benefits for you to clean your carpet professionally. It is essential to clean your carpet regularly to help keep you and everyone else in your home healthy, but you also need to have it professionally cleaned to have the things deeper in the carpet removed. 


Carpet fibers trap a huge amount of pollens, bacteria, allergens, and dust year-round. If you do not get them deep cleaned by a professional floor cleaning company, it can make breathing difficult for you and your family. If you want the best for yourself and your family, you should make sure you get the carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year to get rid of the dust, bacteria, and allergens lurking within it. 

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Professionally Cleaning Carpets Helps Them Last Longer

Another big deal that comes with professionally cleaning carpets is your carpet will last longer if you get them professionally cleaned. Since they last longer when you have them professionally cleaned, that means you can also actually save money since you will not have to replace your home’s carpets as often. 

If you do not get your carpet professionally cleaned every year, there is a high chance you will need a new carpet within five to seven years. Instead of putting it off and not getting your carpet taken care of, just have your carpet professionally cleaned so you will not have to worry about purchasing a new carpet every few years. 

best methods of carpet cleaning
best carpet cleaning methods

How Much Should You Expect It To Cost You?

Something that many people worry about when it comes to having their carpets professionally cleaned is how much it will cost them. It will depend entirely on where you live and the company you go with, and how dirty your carpet is, but as long as you keep your eyes out for extra services you do not need, it should not cost you too much. 


On average, you will be charged anywhere from $200 to $300 to have your carpets professionally cleaned. There are many different methods of carpet cleaning as well, so prices will vary.  In addition, the average cost per carpet cleaning varies depending on location.

While yes, you will be paying that annually if you have your carpet professionally cleaned each year, you will not have to worry about paying for a new carpet for many years to come unless it gets damaged in some strange way. 


Choosing the right professional carpet cleaning service is the first step to understanding and properly answering this in-depth question.  Companies such as Carter’s Carpet Restoration (located in El Dorado Hills, CA) are a great choice and will offer many benefits of using their services for the long-haul.  You can learn more about the services Carter’s offers by visiting this page here or checking out their listing on Google here.

Wondering if it is worth getting your carpets professionally cleaned is a common question for many people, and luckily the answer to it is quite simple. It will cost you a fair bit of money each year, but in the long run, it is better to have your carpets cleaned each year professionally than not to do it. You now know is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned.

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