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Best Carpet Cleaning Methods


best methods of carpet cleaning

Top Methods for Cleaning Carpet


Are you wondering about the best methods for carpet cleaning?  This post will answer all of your questions and more.

Carpet can be one of the most luxurious items in any home or business when first installed. To keep it in the same condition, however, takes care and the proper cleaning methods. Those who want their carpet to last for years and look just as good as the first day it was installed, should know it is possible. Follow along as we explore the best carpet cleaning methods to continue to have a floor you are proud of. 

carpet cleaning methods
adorable pet laying on carpeting


While several methods are available for cleaning carpets, the most important of these carpet cleaning techniques is consistency. Carpets allowed to build layers of animal dander, dust, grime, and other debris are much more challenging to clean. With a lack of consistency in carpet cleaning, you will find yourself needing to hire a professional for pet stain and odor removal.


While owning carpet, a good practice is to vacuum frequently. As the elements build up within the carpet, it takes more effort to remove it. Here are some tips to keep your carpet clean daily. 


  • Vacuum at least weekly
  • Take off shoes before entering the house
  • Clean any small spills of food and drink immediately
  • Place a rug in high traffic areas to keep the carpet cleaner
  • Housebreak all animals and make sure to not let them back onto the carpet with muddy feet or fur.
  • When problems such as pests occur, take care of it immediately!


Using a non caustic cleaner that will not damage your carpet is the best. Make sure to use cleaners that are clear and will not stain your carpet. A more natural solution is a good idea such as using a mixture of half vinegar and half water to clean with. Doing these small steps will keep your carpet much cleaner and allow for a much more effective cleaning when a professional service is hired. 

PRO TIP: Read these carpet cleaning tips for pet owners.  We know you’ll love them!

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods Used by Professionals

While keeping your carpet as clean as possible with consistent efforts, there will be a time when professional carpet cleaners will become the most effective solution for keeping your floors in like-new condition. Let’s discuss the best carpet cleaning methods of the pros. 

carpet cleaning methods used by the pros!
carpet cleaning methods that work!

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning has been around for many years and is a tried and true method of cleaning carpets. While amateur steam cleaning machines are on the market for rent or purchase and suitable to use during your regular cleaning, they do not compare to professional equipment. 


The size, pressures produced, and amount of steam used in conjunction with cleaners used by professional carpet cleaners are unmatched. The best part of steam cleaning is the hot steam acts as a disinfectant to kill any bacteria and remove deep-down dirt within your carpets. 


After the breakdown of any debris in your carpet, the steam cleaner will remove most of the water and your carpet’s dirt. Floor dryers are then utilized to remove any leftover moisture from the steam cleaning method, leaving your carpet dry to the touch. 

Dry Cleaning

While just about everyone has heard of dry cleaning for clothes, many do not know you can also clean your carpets without water. 


The dry cleaning method uses an absorbent dry powder which is worked into the carpet by a cleaning machine. The dry particles bond with any dirt and debris within your carpet and are then removed together from the carpet. 


The benefit of dry cleaning is that there will be no drying time required to remove any moisture from your floor with no water used. 

Carpet Shampoo

Use in conjunction with one of the other methods or own its own is carpet shampooing. This type of carpet cleaning is very effective in removing tough stains and animal urine smells. 


A cleaning solution is placed onto the carpet area and a rotary agitator machine goes to work with bristles to scrub the carpet of any dirt and debris. Foaming of the solution occurs, which gives the process its name. 


Once the agent has been thoroughly scrubbed into the carpet, a vacuum removes the foam and all of the material cleaned from the carpet. With very little moisture used, a carpet shampoo is another good choice instead of using water for cleaning. 

The Case for Hiring a Professional Company

As discussed, while you can take steps to help keep your carpets clean, a professional company will provide a much more reliable service to remove the grime from your carpets.

Companies such as Carter’s Carpet Restoration, located in El Dorado Hills, CA can help you out with professional carpet cleaning services.  In addition, the offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning to many individuals located in and around El Dorado Hills.

A professional service such as Carter’s not only has the methods and equipment to do the job better, but also years of experience and training to know what works and what doesn’t to have your carpet looking new.

Another benefit is that professional cleaners are trained to find issues with your carpet during their service calls and can warn of any repairs that will be needed now or soon in the future. To keep your carpet fresh and clean for years to come, trust a professional carpet cleaning company to do the work they are prepared for. 


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