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7 Reasons To Move To El Dorado Hills


el dorado hills, CA

The Best Reasons to Live in El Dorado Hills, California


Are you wanting to know the best reasons to move to and live in El Dorado Hills, CA?  This post will give you a ton of reasons that will get you packing your bags and moving to this beautiful city.

Moving to another area always has its pros and cons. One con will always be that as humans we all have become comfortable with what we are used to, even if what we are used to is not the best environment for us. Thankfully, there is not much else in the way of cons when thinking about a move to the El Dorado Hills community of California. If life is bringing you to the Sacramento area of the Golden State, be sure to check out this area as your new home. 


If you need a little more convincing, let’s take a look at the seven reasons to move to El Dorado Hills, California. If you’re also interested in moving to El Dorado County CA, take a look at our 15 reasons to move to El Dorado County CA!

el dorado hills

7 Reasons To Move To El Dorado Hills Right Now!

1. Low Crime Rate: 

Before we get into the beauty of nature and the activities you will enjoy in El Dorado Hills, we must mention the fact that the area boasts a low crime rate compared to other areas of the country. While crime exists and everyone should take standard precautions to stay safe in their lives, there is a sense of security in El Dorado Hills that you will not find in many places you travel to. 


2. It Is Scenic: 

While some towns name themselves with a catchy name to make you think they are attractive, the area around El Dorado Hills looks just as the name sounds. Hills and the curved roads around them are the scenes you will find here. Dotted in between these hills, you’ll love the open green spaces that the area provides. 


3. Outdoor Fun

For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, El Dorado Hills is the perfect place to enjoy the outside. Folsom Lake is one of Northern Californians best water spots that give you hours of fun and tons of adventures on the water.


When not swimming, boating, or skiing in the lake, take a turn at some of the best mountain biking and hiking trails in the state. Hundreds of miles of some of the most challenging and scenic natural trails are available for use in the El Dorado Hills area. 


Plus, the area around the community boasts over seventy different outdoor parks for jogging, running with your pets, and your children’s play. There is never a problem with finding something to do outside in El Dorado Hills. 


4. The History

You’ve probably heard of the California Gold Rush, but did you know the El Dorado Hills area is home to the publicized gold strike in the state that started the great migration for California gold and striking it rich. Even today, visitors can take their luck at panning for gold in the area and visit the Gold Bug Park and Mine, where you’ll enjoy a museum on the history of gold mining and a tour of real gold mines. Who knows, you might even find gold and start a new gold rush. 

El Dorado Hills California Gold

5. Some of The Best Wineries in The World

When you hear of California wine, you may as well be thinking of all of the wineries around the El Dorado area of California. There is a reason you’ll find several blogs online titled “The Ten Best Wineries in El Dorado Hill.” With soil and a climate similar to that of some of the best wine regions of Italy, the area around El Dorado has even surpassed many famous winemakers of Europe in excellence. 


With so many fine wineries to choose from, you can spend countless weekends taking tours without fear of running out of ones to visit. Do yourself a favor and visit some of the best winemakers in the world when you move to El Dorado Hills. 

6. Small Town Feel With Big City Services

People love a small-town feel but don’t always want the small services that go with them. We’ve already described the natural beauty and fun things to do in the outdoors. In El Dorado Hills, there are also plenty of things to keep you busy in town. 


Shopping, dining, and nightlife are no problems in this community. Some of the best restaurants and nightspots are available to those who know how to find them. 

7. Expand Into The Surrounding Area

As wonderful as El Dorado Hills is, you will need to visit some of the surrounding communities for a feel for the entire area’s robustness. Just ask the owners of Carter’s Carpet Restoration, a carpet cleaning company serving Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Cameron Park & the surrounding area. A family-owned business and serving the community for nearly 25 years, there is no other extended community they would rather be part of.

We hope you’ll be just as happy as they have been during their time in the amazing El Dorado Hills landscape. 


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