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Brilliant Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Karen Carter

Hardwood floor cleaning can be tricky and intimidating! With so many types of natural wood, engineered wood and laminate wood floors it’s hard to know if you’re cleaning your wood floors the way you should be. Some cleaning products and methods will actually more harm than good on a true hardwood floor. Listed below are some useful tips for DIY hardwood floor cleaning. Follow these simple tips and you’ll have clean floors, plus the integrity of your floor will be preserved as well.

Routine Cleaning

Stick to a routine cleaning schedule when it comes to hardwood floor cleaning. High traffic areas should be swept or vacuumed daily and mopped once or twice per week. Consistent cleaning is especially important with hardwood floors to remove surface soil. Surface soil is abrasive and can be damaging to the wood over time. Consider a professional cleaning once every year or two. Professionally cleaning your hardwood floors will safely remove soil and oils that can build up in cracks and scratches that mopping just doesn’t remove. Taking the time and sticking with a routine cleaning will certainly prolong the life of your floors.

Microfiber is a Must

Don’t use an old-school mop and bucket. When it comes to your hardwood floor cleaning, water and wood are just not friends! With so many advances in the cleaning industry, there is no reason to clean your hardwood floors with a mop and bucket in this day and age. Use a microfiber cleaning pad and focus on small areas at a time, rather than a soaked mop that saturates the floor. When used correctly, microfiber holds less water and won’t saturate your floors. Plus, microfiber attracts dirt.

Don’t mop – use microfiber pads to clean your hardwood floors.

Use a Neutral Cleaner

Cleaning products make a huge difference on your wood floor surface. Cleaning products that contain oils and waxes will leave an unwanted residue that you want to avoid. Over time, the wax will build up and create a dull and uneven finish. Products with ammonia or abrasive cleaners can deteriorate the finish on your wood floor. A great option is Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, it is water based, residue-free, safe for people and pets.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Your hardwood floors are a beautiful part of your home. Keep them clean with regular, routine cleaning to remove dry soil that can be abrasive. Don’t use a mop to clean your hardwood floors, instead, use microfiber pads. Avoid cleaning products that contain wax. Stick with a neutral cleaning solutions. All that’s left to do is enjoy the natural beauty of your wood floors for years to come!

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