Wood Floor Cleaning Folsom

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hardwood floor cleaning folsom
Wood Floor Cleaning Folsom, Folsom Wood Floor Cleaning
Wood Floor Cleaning Folsom

Recently, Carter’s Carpet Restoration had the opportunity to provide a Wood Floor Cleaning Folsom to a gorgeous dance studio in Folsom, California. The Leighton Dance Project was looking to have some wax removed from one of their dance studios, and then have the wood floor cleaned. Carter’s wood floor cleaning specialist came out and did an on-site evaluation and estimate for the studio. The studio owner decided to give Carter’s a try and booked the Wood Floor Cleaning Folsom appointment.

Natural and synthetic wood flooring is sensitive to moisture, so it’s always a good idea to use a professional when investing in a restorative wood floor cleaning. The first step in the cleaning process it to remove any acrylic or wax that has been applied over the years. This is usually done with a stripper and a buffing machine. The stripper is applied and given some time to work, then a special pad is put onto the buffer to help loosen the build up even further. Once the wax has been properly treated, the cleaning can begin.

Carter’s has a unique wood floor cleaning machine that provides a low moisture cleaning. The machine puts down a cleaning solution, gently agitates the surface of the wood flooring, and then extracts the cleaning solution and soil – all within seconds. Moisture is not allowed to pool on your wood flooring.

Wood Floor Cleaning Folsom

Wood Floor Cleaning Folsom, Folsom Wood Floor Cleaning
Wood Floor Cleaning Folsom, Leighton Dance Project.

If you’re interested in a Wood Floor Cleaning Folsom, just give Carter’s a call today. It’s best to set up a free in-home estimate. This way there are no surprises for you, or for Carter’s. Carter’s charges by the square foot for wood floor cleaning. During your estimate, the amount of wood floor you want cleaned will be measured. The surface of your floors will be tested for acrylic and/or wax coating, and then a price will be given. At that time you can choose if you’d like to schedule an appointment to have the floors cleaned.

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