How to Sanitize Frequently Touched Surfaces

Karen Carter

There’s never been a more important time to sanitize frequently touched surfaces than right now.  Properly sanitizing includes more than a quick Clorox wipe down or a Lysol spritz.  To properly sanitize it’s important to remove the oils from frequently touched surfaces.

tools needed to sanitize frequently touched surfaces

You may be surprised to learn that your fingers contain a lot of natural oil.  A small amount of oil is left behind each time you touch something.  Over time, trace amounts of oil build up on frequently touched surfaces, like door handles.  Oil is a natural attractant and therefore begins to hold on to dust, dander, microscopic germs and even viruses.

Lysol is Not Enough

Simply spraying a handle with Lysol will certainly help eliminate surface germs, but it won’t remove the oil that attracts the germs in the first place.  It’s important to sanitize frequently touched surfaces on a regular basis because it will keep your home and family healthier.

Use Soap & Water to Sanitize Frequently Touched Surfaces

To truly sanitize frequently touched surfaces, you’ll want to wash the surface with soap and water, in turn removing the oils that hold on to the germs you’re trying to eliminate.  

Sanitize Frequently Touched Surfaces

Start with some mild dish soap, like Dawn, a small bowl of warm water and clean, cotton towels.  That’s all you need!  Dawn is a mild cleanser, gentle enough for regular use.  It’s the soap bubbles that will do all the work for you because they lift the oil away from the surface, removing the germs and viruses with it.

Use the cotton towel and soapy water to gently wash frequently touched surfaces like drawer pulls, door knobs and appliance handles.

It’s not practical to wash all the frequently used drawer pulls and door handles in your home on a daily basis, but it is something you may want to consider adding to your weekly or monthly cleaning routine.  Removing excess oils from frequently touched surfaces will certainly help reduce germs that can build up on these surfaces.  

For the in-between times when you need a fast clean up or wipe down, Lysol and Clorox wipes are fantastic.

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