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Should You Re-Use Carpet Pad That Got Wet In A Flood?

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Typically you don’t want to re-use carpet pad that got wet during a flood, but there is one exception to that rule.  Here’s some information that may be helpful if you’re considering re-using carpet pad that has been flooded during a storm.

NOTE:  This advice is intended for homeowners who are dealing with a small amount of water.  You should always consult with a professional when dealing with potential mold situations.

Doing the carpet repair work for a small rainwater flood may seem daunting, but the process is fairly simple.  The basic steps include pulling up carpet, cutting out the water damaged pad, drying the carpet, installing new padding, and having the carpet re-installed.  Any handy, DIY individual can certainly handle a project like this.  The question is, should you re-use the carpet pad that got wet or should you replace it with new pad?

Here’s what you should know.  Carpet pad becomes brittle after it’s been wet, then dried.  This means that it will deteriorate or break-down more quickly than padding that has not been exposed to moisture.  In fact, it will break-down fairly quickly under high traffic locations.  The short answer to the question about re-using wet carpet pad is no.  Don’t re-use carpet pad that has been flooded and then dried.  Over time it will deteriorate, and your carpet will not have the proper support or cushion.  Which will, in turn, cause your carpet to wear quickly.

The one exception to this rule relates to foot traffic.  If the flooded area of carpet was in a very low traffic area you may be able to get away with re-using carpet pad that has been dried.  The lack of foot traffic is what makes this situation a possibility.

You’re best bet is to replace any carpet pad that has been saturated with water from a flood.

Granite Bay Carpet Repairs

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Granite Bay Carpet Repairs are a specialty of Carter’s Carpet Restoration. Trained to the highest standard, Carter technicians will get the job done right with results that will please you!

Carter’s can take care of nearly all Granite Bay Carpet Repairs. Carter expertise ranges from inserting patches to remove unsightly burn marks to something as large as a whole house carpet re-stretch.

Granite Bay Carpet Repair

Granite Bay Carpet Repair: Large patch or bonded insert carpet repair.

Granite Bay Carpet Repairs

When it comes to Granite Bay Carpet Repairs, the first thing to do is call Carter’s for a free, in-home estimate. Carpet repairs are very difficult to estimate over the phone, which is why Carter’s Carpet Restoration offers free estimates. This way there are no surprises for you, or for your technician. There are a lot of variables that need to be considered when repairing carpet or re-stretching carpet. Your technicians will inspect the damaged area, the subfloor, padding, tack strip, and general condition of the carpet to make sure it is not delaminated (where the carpet detaches from it’s backing). After a thorough inspection, your technician will leave you with an estimate. If you’re interested in having the Granite Bay Carpet Repairs completed, your technician can assist you in scheduling a time that works well for you.

Carter’s Carpet Restoration is a locally owned, and family run business. Dean Carter started the business in 1989 and has consistently been providing superior carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and carpet repairs to the residents of Granite Bay. He and his wife, Karen, run the day to day operations of the small business. They employ highly trained technicians who are background screened and will arrive at your home in uniform. Carter technicians are not independent contractors, like you’ll find with some larger box stores. In fact, you can actually meet your technician before your appointment!

If you’re looking for quality Granite Bay Carpet Repairs from a small business that you can trust, you’ll find it with Carter’s. Guaranteed! Call today for your free in-home estimate. 916-933-7807. You’ll be glad you did!

El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching

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El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching

El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching is a specialty of Carter’s Carpet Restoration.  Over time or due to a faulty installation, carpet can relax and begin to show wrinkles and ripples.  Before you go to the expense and hassle of replacing your carpet, consider an El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching.

If your carpet was installed less than a year ago and you think it needs to be re-stretched, you may want to begin by calling the company you purchased the carpet through.  Generally speaking, carpet that is less than a year old should not need to be re-stretched.

Carter’s gives free estimates so the first thing you’ll want to do is call and schedule your estimate appointment.  It’s very hard to quotes carpet re-stretching over the phone.  There are many variables that factor into the price.  Some things that the technician will look at are the conditions of the carpet seams, your sub-floor, the tack strip and all the doorways and transitions in the areas of your home that need to be stretched.  Also, if there is any furniture that needs to be moved.  When you take the time to have an estimate done, there are no surprises for you or for Carter’s.  They will know exactly what they are dealing with and be able to get the job done correctly – the first time!

El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching can benefit you in a number of ways.  When a carpet is nice and tight it simply looks better.  Additionally, tight carpet cleans up better – there are no wrinkles for soil to build up in or under.  When soil builds up it can act like sandpaper, slowly grinding away on your carpet fiber and shortening your carpet’s overall life-span.  Basically, having loose carpet re-stretched will add life to your carpet and it will improve the overall look of your home, too.

Again, El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching is a specialty service that Carter’s Carpet Restoration offers.  Call today! And remember, Carter’s gives free in-home estimates, eliminating any surprises for you during the repair process.


Carpet Re-Stretching

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Wondering about carpet re-stretching? Here are several questions and answers about this common home improvement procedure.

carpet re-stretching, carpet repairs, carpet stretching

Carpet re-stretching with a power stretcher.

What is carpet re-stretching?
Carpet re-stretching is the process of removing wrinkles, ripples, and bumps from carpet that has become loose over time. Re-stretching is done by pulling the carpet tightly with specialized tools called a knee kicker and a power stretcher (pictured above). In most cases, to do a proper re-stretch a power stretcher should be used. Once pulled tight, excess carpet is trimmed with a carpet knife, usually called a “bloody Mary blade”. This type of carpet knife is an extremely sharp, double sided razor blade. After the carpet has been trimmed, it is hand-tucked and re-attached to the tack strip.

How do I know if my carpet needs to be re-stretched?
Carpet that needs re-stretching will have visible buckles and wrinkles. Less obvious signs of a carpet in need of re-stretching would be small bumps near or around heavy furniture. Additionally, carpet that can be lifted off the floor may need to be re-stretched. To do this simple at-home test, go to the center of the room and grab or lift the carpet by the fibers. If you’re able to raise the carpet more than 1″ off the floor you may want to consider re-stretching your carpet to get the maximum life possible out of it. Larger rooms will typically have more “give” in the carpet. Use this test as a guide only.

Why should I consider carpet re-stretching?
Most people choose to invest in carpet re-stretching for the visual appearance only. However, there are several other benefits as well. One benefit of re-stretching is safety. Loose and rippled carpet can be a trip and fall hazard for senior citizens or those with disabilities. Another benefit of re-stretching is to extend the life of your carpet. Soil, dust and dander will settle into the low areas between the ripples, causing unnecessary and accelerated wear.

If you still have questions about carpet re-stretching, please uses the contact form on this web site or call 916-933-7807.

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