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El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching

El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching is a specialty of Carter’s Carpet Restoration.  Over time or due to a faulty installation, carpet can relax and begin to show wrinkles and ripples.  Before you go to the expense and hassle of replacing your carpet, consider an El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching.

If your carpet was installed less than a year ago and you think it needs to be re-stretched, you may want to begin by calling the company you purchased the carpet through.  Generally speaking, carpet that is less than a year old should not need to be re-stretched.

Carter’s gives free estimates so the first thing you’ll want to do is call and schedule your estimate appointment.  It’s very hard to quotes carpet re-stretching over the phone.  There are many variables that factor into the price.  Some things that the technician will look at are the conditions of the carpet seams, your sub-floor, the tack strip and all the doorways and transitions in the areas of your home that need to be stretched.  Also, if there is any furniture that needs to be moved.  When you take the time to have an estimate done, there are no surprises for you or for Carter’s.  They will know exactly what they are dealing with and be able to get the job done correctly – the first time!

El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching can benefit you in a number of ways.  When a carpet is nice and tight it simply looks better.  Additionally, tight carpet cleans up better – there are no wrinkles for soil to build up in or under.  When soil builds up it can act like sandpaper, slowly grinding away on your carpet fiber and shortening your carpet’s overall life-span.  Basically, having loose carpet re-stretched will add life to your carpet and it will improve the overall look of your home, too.

Again, El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching is a specialty service that Carter’s Carpet Restoration offers.  Call today! And remember, Carter’s gives free in-home estimates, eliminating any surprises for you during the repair process.