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[caption id="attachment_1504" align="aligncenter" width="550"] El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching[/caption] El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching is a specialty of Carter's Carpet Restoration.  Over time or due to a faulty installation, carpet can relax and begin to show wrinkles and ripples.  Before you go to the expense and hassle of replacing your carpet, consider an El Dorado Hills Carpet Stretching. If your carpet was installed less than a year ago and you think it needs to be re-stretched, you may want to…

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Carpet Repair and Re-stretching in El Dorado Hills

[caption id="attachment_904" align="alignright" width="300"] Carpet Repair and Re-stretching in El Dorado Hills[/caption] Is your El Dorado Hills Carpet getting wrinkles?  Before you decide to replace it, consider having Carter's re-stretch it for you.  Carpet re-stretching is something that all the technicians are trained in and it can add years to the life of your carpet.  Not to mention, enhancing the look of your room or rooms.  Carpet re-stretching can add years and beauty to your home.  Re-stretching is something that can't…

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