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Should You Re-Use Carpet Pad That Got Wet In A Flood?

Karen Carter

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Typically you don’t want to re-use carpet pad that got wet during a flood, but there is one exception to that rule.  Here’s some information that may be helpful if you’re considering re-using carpet pad that has been flooded during a storm.

NOTE:  This advice is intended for homeowners who are dealing with a small amount of water.  You should always consult with a professional when dealing with potential mold situations.

Doing the carpet repair work for a small rainwater flood may seem daunting, but the process is fairly simple.  The basic steps include pulling up carpet, cutting out the water damaged pad, drying the carpet, installing new padding, and having the carpet re-installed.  Any handy, DIY individual can certainly handle a project like this.  The question is, should you re-use the carpet pad that got wet or should you replace it with new pad?

Here’s what you should know.  Carpet pad becomes brittle after it’s been wet, then dried.  This means that it will deteriorate or break-down more quickly than padding that has not been exposed to moisture.  In fact, it will break-down fairly quickly under high traffic locations.  The short answer to the question about re-using wet carpet pad is no.  Don’t re-use carpet pad that has been flooded and then dried.  Over time it will deteriorate, and your carpet will not have the proper support or cushion.  Which will, in turn, cause your carpet to wear quickly.

The one exception to this rule relates to foot traffic.  If the flooded area of carpet was in a very low traffic area you may be able to get away with re-using carpet pad that has been dried.  The lack of foot traffic is what makes this situation a possibility.

You’re best bet is to replace any carpet pad that has been saturated with water from a flood.

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