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Carpet Clean Up Tips that may Save your Thanksgiving

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carpet clean up tips, carpet cleaning, holiday cleaning, thanksgiving tips, carpet spot removal

With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, it’s a good idea to have a few carpet clean up tips in your back pocket. Everyone loves a festive holiday gathering, but the clean up . . . not so much. And let’s face it, a Thanksgiving feast can do a number on your carpet. Here are a few carpet clean up tips to keep in mind as this messy holiday draws near.

Be prepared to tackle a variety of Thanksgiving spills by keeping some basic carpet cleaning supplies on hand. Here’s a simple list that should cover most spills. Remember, avoid over-the-counter carpet cleaning products, like Resolve. This type of cleaning product leaves a soapy residue in your carpet that will certainly attract dust and dander. Eventually, you’ll end up with a dark spot and a bunch of soap in your carpet.

carpet clean up tips, carpet cleaning, holiday cleaning, thanksgiving tips, carpet spot removal

Have a basket of cleaning supplies on hand prior to big events. This way you’ll be prepared for any type of carpet clean up that may be required.

Carpet Clean Up Tips Supply List

Clean, White Cotton Towels
Dawn Dish Soap
White Vinegar
White Wine
Spray Bottle

How to Remove Cranberry Sauce from Carpet

Any type of cranberry spill (cranberry juice or cranberry sauce) is one that you’ll want to address immediately. First, mix one tablespoon of Dawn liquid dish soap with two cups of cool water. Then, using a clean white cotton cloth, sponge the stain with the solution. Blot until the liquid is absorbed. Continue sponging and blotting until the stain disappears or is no longer absorbed into the cloth.

How to Remove Gravy from Carpet

Remove as much of the gravy as possible from your carpet, using a spoon or other tool. Next, sprinkle cornstarch onto the spilled gravy, and let it soak up the gravy for approximately 15 minutes. Next, vacuum or sweep up the cornstarch, which should have absorbed some of the gravy and grease. Depending on the size of the spill, you may need to repeat the cornstarch application and removal process a time or two. Next, use a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water to cleaning the remaining spot. Fill your spray bottle with 1/2 a cup of white vinegar and 1/2 a cup of cool water. Evenly mist the spot, and use a clean cotton towel to absorb the mixture and the spot. HINT: Stand on the towel to absorb more of the spill and cleaning solution. Repeat 2-3 times.

How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet

Believe it or not, the best way to clean RED WINE out of carpet is with a splash of white wine! First, absorb as much of the red wine from your carpet by placing a clean, white cotton towel over the spill and standing on it. The full weight of your body will apply more pressure to the stain and absorb more of the wine. Next, put some white wine in the spray bottle and lightly mist the white wine over the red wine stain. Again, use the white cotton towel and stand on the spill. Repeat several times. Eventually, the red wine spill should lift from your carpet.

carpet clean up tips, carpet cleaning, holiday cleaning, thanksgiving tips, carpet spot removal
Hopefully, you don’t need to know any of these carpet clean up tips shared here but if you do, keep one thing in mind – it’s best to clean up any spills on your carpeting as quickly as possible. The longer the spill remains on your carpet fiber, the higher the risk that it won’t be completely removed. Here’s to a spill-free and stain-free holiday season!

Folsom Carpet Cleaning

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Folsom carpet cleaning by Carter’s Carpet Restoration is Folsom’s first choice for a local, family-owned carpet cleaning business. They are experts in carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, wood floor cleaning, and even upholstery cleaning. Also, Carter’s has been providing the 95630 and 95763 Folsom areas top-shelf service for nearly two decades.

Carter’s guarantees every Folsom carpet cleaning 100%. Additionally, Folsom residents just voted them Style Magazine’s Readers’ Choice. El Dorado County also voted them Mt. Democrat’s Best of the Best! So, call Folsom’s best carpet cleaning choice, because your family and your home are worth the Best of the Best!

Folsom carpet cleaning

Folsom Carpet Cleaning

Foothill Carpet Cleaning

Carter’s delivers the area’s highest-quality Folsom carpet cleaning, from Granite Bay to El Dorado Hills, all around Folsom Lake, and beyond! Dean and Karen Carter happily take your call and personally schedule your appointment. Call (916) 933-7807 today to find out what Carter’s can do for your home!

Carpet Cleaning with Green Products

With Carter’s, you always get green cleaning products. They use only the best cleaning equipment, from oversized cleaning trucks to high-tech air movers.  They do the job right, because your satisfaction is their top priority. What’s more, if you’re not satisfied, they’ll re-clean your carpet.

Certified Folsom Carpet Cleaning Technicians

Carter’s believes well-educated, well-trained, and dedicated employees are the keys to satisfied customers. First, every Folsom carpet cleaning technician passes a thorough background screening. Next, Carter’s techs set themselves apart through training, experience, and comprehensive examination. Finally, they earn IICRC certification. As a result, they rank at the top of the industries’ most skilled and dedicated technicians. Trust Carter’s to provide your Folsom home the highest quality technicians delivering the very best carpet cleaning.

Voted Folsom’s #1 Carpet Cleaner

Year after year, residents in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and El Dorado County vote Carter’s their favorite carpet cleaner. From Style Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards to the Folsom Telegraph’s Best of the Best, Carter’s is happy and proud to return to the stage, accepting award after award. As of November 10, 2016, Carter’s had received Style Magazine‘s Readers’ Choice Awards 7 years running. They even earned another Hall of Fame Award this year! Also in 2016, Folsom homeowners voted Carter’s Carpet Restoration the Best Folsom Carpet Cleaner in the Folsom Telegraph and the Village Life!

Do you live in beautiful Folsom, CA? Does your carpet need cleaning? Call (916) 933-7807 today! Learn what a difference a Folsom carpet cleaning by Carter’s Carpet Restoration can do for your home.

Best Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning

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Carter’s Carpet Restoration provides the best Cameron Park carpet cleaning!  There isn’t better carpet cleaning service in Cameron Park, guaranteed! With Carter’s, you always get the deepest green carpet cleaning and the fastest dry time available!  Carter’s uses state of the art carpet cleaning technology, superior VORTEX truck mounts, and rotary extractors to give you the best Cameron Park carpet cleaning available.

best Cameron Park carpet cleaning

Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning by the Square Foot

There’s no doubt about it: Carter’s delivers the Best Cameron Park carpet cleaning.  You will experience the best customer service from your technicians. In turn, they deliver the best results from superior carpet cleaning technology.  Plus, Carter’s charges by the square foot; not by the room. So, you only pay for what we clean.  Remember, Pet Odor Removal uses a special carpet cleaning technique and treatments. As you might expect, this involves a separate and reasonable fee.  Do you have pet odor concerns? If so, please call or read more about your pet odor removal and treatment options.

Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning Professionals

First, uniformed technicians meet you at your door.  They wear name badges, and they arrive in a large carpet cleaning truck.  You can trust that all Carter’s technicians passed their thorough background screen. Further, the IICRC certifies each tech in carpet cleaning.  Before they begin, your technicians measure your target carpet cleaning area. Next, they offer treatments and provide you an exact price. At this point, you may consider options or simply approve the cost. At this point, your technicians go to work!

Carpet Cleaning – Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The best Cameron Park carpet cleaning begins with pre-treatment.  First, the techs apply a cleaning agent to your carpet to help loosen dirt, dander, and soil from the carpet fiber.  Second, they may agitate the pre-treat with a carpet brush, gently working the solution through the carpet’s fiber. Next, they will clean your carpet with a HOSS-700 rotary extractor.  By connecting the extractor to the truck, your techs access the highest-temperature steam and deepest vacuum power available in Cameron Park.

Meanwhile, the truck supporting your carpet cleaning may seem loud.  After the cleaning, your techs hand groom your carpet to give it a lush look and feel of nearly-new carpet.  In addition, they may place large air movers to help speed the drying time.  Finally, your technicians ask that you walk through your home with them. This way, they can make sure you are satisfied with the best Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning!

Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning

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Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning

The best Cameron Park carpet cleaning begins with Carter’s Carpet Restoration, providing Cameron Park award-winning carpet cleaning for over 20 years.

With Carter’s, you can expect the deepest carpet cleaning and carpet that is dry to the touch when the job is complete.  Carter’s uses the largest trucks made for carpet cleaning.  Rotary extractors are used during the cleaning process, and large air movers dry the carpet once the cleaning is complete.  Carter’s also uses the most effective cleaning products that are totally green and leave no residue in your carpet.  The Carter Dry-Steam process is safe and non-toxic, plus it’s the most advanced cleaning available.

carpet cleaning

Equipment used for carpet cleaning.

Pricing is determined they the amount of square feet you choose to have cleaned, not by the room size.  If your looking for a $99 whole house special, you’ll want to look elsewhere.  If you’re looking for a high-quality Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning, you’ll find it with Carter’s.  Square foot pricing ensure that you only pay for what you actually have cleaned.  Please note – pet odor removal is an additional expense.  Urine is not removed with carpet cleaning alone and requires additional cleaning products to remove it correctly.  Check out the Pet Odor Removal page for more information on this service.  Again, this is only recommended when there is urine in the carpet.

Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning

Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning

Worried about who’s coming into your home to provide you with a Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning?  Not with Carter’s.  All the employees at Carter’s are hand selected and background screened.  Plus, all the lead technicians are IICRC certified in carpet cleaning which means they can sign off on your carpet warranty paperwork.  These young men are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and you can meet them right here on the web site.

For reviews or business references, please check with the BBB and the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce.  Carter’s is a long-time member of both, and maintains an A+ rating with the BBB.

Should I Clean My Carpet With A Rug Doctor

Maybe your carpet is beginning to look a bit dingy.  Maybe you’ve just noticed that it could really use a deep cleaning.  Saturday looks clear and you’re ready to rent a Rug Doctor and tackle this task head on.  You’re obviously a do-it-yourselfer.  You obviously can clean your carpet with a rug doctor but the real question you may want to ask is:  Should I clean my carpet with a Rug Doctor?

Should I Clean My Carpet With A Rug Doctor?

Sorry to disappoint all you do-it-yourselfers, but no, you should not clean your carpet with a Rug Doctor.  You should never clean your carpet with any portable or rental machine.  Here’s why:

A portable or rental carpet cleaning machine, like a Rug Doctor, simply isn’t powerful enough to get the job done correctly.  Rental carpet cleaners or at-home units, like a Bissell, are great for spot carpet cleaning.  When you clean your carpet there are two main things to be aware of.  First, you want to make sure that you don’t leave a soapy residue in your carpet.  Carpet needs to be fully rinsed after a cleaning or the lingering soap will attract more soil, eventually making your carpet look worse that before you started.  Second, you want your carpet to dry as quickly as possible.  When moisture lingers in the carpet it gives the remaining soil deposits an opportunity to “wick” to the surface.  This means that remaining soil moves up the carpet fiber through the moisture and stains that you thought you removed begin to come back as the carpet fully dries.

diy carpet cleaning

There is a huge power difference between a DIY portable carpet cleaning unit and a truck mounted cleaning machine.

There is a huge difference power and suction when you compare a rental carpet cleaner to a professional truck mounted unit.   To get the best cleaning possible, go with a professional carpet cleaner who uses the steam cleaning or hot water extraction method.  If you’re really on a tight budget and need to clean with a rental carpet cleaning machine, do yourself a favor and avoid the cleaning solution that comes with it.  Fill the reservoir with a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar.

Being a do-it-yourselfer is something to be proud of.  So next time you’re wondering, should i clean my carpet with a rug doctor, just think about equipment, not ability.  It’s not that you can’t do the work, it’s about having the right equipment.

Avoid These Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

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Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Here are three simple ways to avoid the most common carpet cleaning mistakes. Spot cleaning carpet is something we all deal with from time to time.  From animal accidents to coffee spills to whatever, your carpet can certainly take a beating.  There are a variety of different methods used to remove common spills and stains, but there are things you should NEVER do when cleaning your carpet.

Think you know what NOT to clean your carpet with?  Take a look at the products below.  What would you use to clean your carpet?  What would you avoid?

avoid OTC carpet cleaners

Avoid OTC carpet cleaners

Number One:  Don’t use an “Over The Counter” carpet cleaner!  Generally speaking, you should avoid products marketed as “carpet cleaning” foam, spray, or cleanser. These products typically leave a residue in your carpet. The residue will eventually attract soil and dust, leaving you with a brown spot in an area that you thought was clean. Soap is designed to attract soil and then be washed away with water. When you use an OTC cleaner, you’re not able to properly wash it away so the soap stays on your carpet fiber, and continues to do it’s job of attracting soil. Make sense? Check out this link for safe at-home spot removal.

carpet cleaning mistakes

Avoid these common carpet cleaning mistakes.

Number Two:  Don’t use a colored towel!  When you use a towel or rag that contains color, you run the risk of the color bleeding onto your carpet fibers.  This is called color transfer.  For example, do not ever use a red rag on light carpet.  Always use a white, cotton towel or white paper towels to do the dirty work.

Number Three:  Don’t rub!  Just blot.  This simple rule is so hard to follow and it is probably one of the biggest common carpet cleaning mistakes.  We are taught that scrubbing is the best way to clean things, right?  With carpet, it’s just the opposite.  Scrubbing your carpet will spread the spill or soil around, creating a bigger mess.  BLOT.  Don’t rub.  Need more pressure when you’re blotting?  Stand on it.  The pressure helps to transfer the soil or spill to the towel you are cleaning with.

Spills happen. If you know what NOT to do your carpet will live a happier life.

What Exactly is Carpet Wear?

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Is your carpet is beginning to look dingy in the high-traffic areas? Maybe professional cleanings don’t bring your carpet back life like they used to?   Find yourself wondering what’s going on and is there anything you can do to fix this problem?

carpet wear

The first thing you should know is that carpet wear is a gradual process that happens over an extended period of time.  It is the breaking down of the carpet fiber, carpet backing, or carpet pad on a microscopic level.  Carpet wear typically happens when there is an increased combination of foot traffic and soil deposits.  Carpet wear is visible in several forms such as matted carpet and/or dingy or discolored carpeting in specific areas.

Carpet wear is usually seen in areas that have repetitive traffic, like a hallway, stairs, or the entrance to a room.    Walking by shuffling the feet is certain to cause carpet wear.  Look for carpet wear in areas where a direction change takes place – like making a right turn each time you enter a room.  Carpet wear can also happen in transition areas, or areas where the flooring changes from a hard surface, like tile, to carpet.  A good example of this would be the transition from the kitchen to the living area.  Soil will sit on top of the hard surface, just waiting to be tracked onto the carpet.  Each time you walk from the tile to the carpet, the soil deposits fall from your shoes down into the carpeting.  Even with regular vacuuming and professional cleanings, you will always have soil deposits in your carpet.

carpet wear

Visible carpet wear, identifying transition area.

These little pieces of soil and dirt can act like sandpaper on your carpet fiber.  Each time you step, twist or turn, those little pieces of soil move too. They gently grind away on carpet fibers and your carpet backing.  Think of it like the jeans of a 5 year old little boy – they eventually wear out, not because you don’t wash them, but because the fabric is worn down from soil and use.

You can’t stop carpet wear, but you can certainly slow it down.  Obviously, regular vacuuming and an annual, professional carpet cleaning will extend the life of your carpet.  Read these Carpet Care Tips for more information on how to vacuum and spot clean correctly.  In addition to the obvious, you may want to consider changing your main walking paths by re-arranging your furniture.  Throw rugs can also prevent increased carpet wear by taking the brunt of the soil in a transition area.   Some people avoid carpet wear by removing their shoes before they enter their home.  If your home is prone to increased soil from kids and pets, you may want to speak with your professional carpet cleaner about carpet protection in those high traffic areas.


Carpet Cleaning in Rescue, CA

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Carter’s Carpet Restoration proudly offers steam cleaning services to the small town of Rescue, CA. Dean Carter’s wife, Karen, grew up in the small town of Rescue, CA, so they are familiar with this little place in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. If you’re a resident of the community and you’re looking for a carpet cleaning in Rescue, CA that you can trust, just give the Carter’s a call. They offer the deepest cleaning around – it’s sure to get that famous red dirt right out of your carpet!

Carpet Cleaning Rescue CA

Carpet Cleaning Rescue CA

Be aware, you won’t get a $99 special when you choose Carter’s. What you will get is the deepest carpet cleaning in Rescue, CA! You’ll also get personal service when you call to schedule your appointment. On the day of your carpet cleaning in Rescue, CA you will be greeted by friendly and professional technicians who will be respectful while working in your home. You’ll be left with clean carpet that is dry to the touch when your technicians leave.  And you’ll be glad you chose Carter’s instead of a franchise carpet cleaning company.

Carter’s is a locally owned, and family run business. The Carter family is directly involved in the daily operations of the business, in fact it’s usually Dean or Karen who will schedule your appointment.  All the technicians are highly trained, background screened and professional.  In fact, you can check them out on the website prior to your appointment.

In addition to excellent customer service and top of the line cleaning products, Carter’s is known for their equipment.  These trucks are seriously the “best of the best”.  The trucks give you the highest temperature steam and the strongest vacuum power available.  You get the deepest carpet cleaning in Rescue, CA and it will be dry to the touch before the techs leave your home.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a free in-home estimate, just call.  The number is 916-933-7807 or 530-642-9003.  You’ll be glad you did!

Cleaning Pet Stains

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Pet stains happen, it’s a fact of life for many of us.  Did you know that 62% of American homes have pets in them.  We all love our pets!  Unfortunately, they can have accidents but the right carpet cleaner should have no problem cleaning pet stains up for you.

pet odor removal, carpet cleaning, cleaning pet stains

The first thing you should know is that pet stains, especially urine, do not come out with carpet cleaning alone.  Professional carpet cleaning is designed to remove soil, dust and dander from your carpet.

If you’re just dealing with an accident or two, try this DIY trick for cleaning pet stains.  First, cover the spot with a clean, dry, white cotton towel.  Stand on it.  The pressure of your body will help absorb most of the urine.  Next, remove the towel and spray the area with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water.  Again, cover the spot with a clean, dry, white cotton towel and stand on it.  Repeat until you’ve removed as much of the spot as possible.  Try this link for more at-home spot removers.

If you have an at-home carpet cleaner try using the mixture of white vinegar and water rather than the over the counter cleaning solutions.  The vinegar helps fight odor and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue like over the counter products.

To professionally remove pet urine, specific cleaning products are recommended.  If you have your carpet cleaned without treating the pets stains, the problem areas may smell even worse following the cleaning.  Here’s why – over time, the urine deposits dry up and the odor subsides.  BUT the urine is still there.  When the pet stained areas are hit with high-temperature steam the odor can come back significantly stronger.  Basically, the moisture and heat from the steam cleaning is re-activating all the urine at once.  If you’re having issues with pet stains or pet odors, be cautious of a carpet cleaner who does not specialize in cleaning pet stains.   Pet odor removal – when done properly – can be very effective in removing urine and odor.

Not so long ago, the best way to remove pet odor was to pull up the carpet, replace the pad, seal the sub-floor and then clean the carpet!  Thankfully, technology has come a long way in the cleaning industry.  Much of the time, surface treatments can now give you amazing results when cleaning pet stains.  Look for a carpet cleaner who stays on top of the latest cleaning advances in pet odor removal and can offer you a variety of treatment options.  The Better Business Bureau is always a good resource for a quality carpet cleaning company.

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning

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Curious about the different types of carpet cleaning?  There are a variety of different ways to clean carpets.  Some of the most common types of carpet cleaning include a HOST cleaning, ENCAPSULATION cleaning, DRY-CLEANING, and STEAM cleaning.  These are the most common methods but you may hear them referred to by different names, including shampoo cleaning, absorbent compound cleaning, dry foam cleaning, and hot water extraction.  The type of carpet cleaning that is best for you will depend upon your carpet, your environment, and a recommendation from the carpet manufacturer.
Carpet Cleaning Methods

Types of carpet cleaning


Also known as an Absorbent Compound or Host Cleaning, these types of carpet cleaning uses an attractant to pull soil from the surface of your carpet.  First, the carpet is vacuumed.  Next, a wet absorbent compound (often resembling a wet sawdust) is applied to the carpet. Then a special machine is used to buff and agitate the compound. The soil from the carpet is absorbed into the compound, then vacuumed up.
Types of Carpet Cleaning

Absorbent Compound used in HOST Carpet Cleaning.

STRENGTH:  With this type of cleaning the carpet is dry almost immediately and it is a relatively inexpensive cleaning.
WEAKNESS:  A HOST cleaning has limited ability, only cleaning the surface of your carpet.  With severe soil or urine deposits, this method may not be the most effective choice.  Additionally, poor vacuuming can leave some of the compound (sawdust) in your carpet.


This method of cleaning is mainly used for low pile, commercial grade carpet.  First, the carpet is pre-treated with an encapsulating cleaning solution.   Then a special machine is used to agitate the cleaning solution into the carpet fibers.  As the cleaning solution dries, it forms a crystal that encapsulates (or traps) the soil deposits, which are then removed with regular vacuuming.  This product may continue to work following the initial cleaning.  Any remaining cleaning solution will continue to trap soil.  This type of carpet cleaning is best for commercial carpet, which should be vacuumed on a regular and frequent basis.
Types of Carpet Cleaning

One style of machine used during encapsulation cleaning.

STRENGTH:  This type of carpet cleaning has a fast dry time, which allows less down-time for business operations.
WEAKNESS:  There is a limited cleaning ability with heavy soil conditions.  This cleaning is not recommended for residential carpets.


Dry carpet cleaning is also referred to as a bonnet cleaning or an absorbent pad cleaning.   Contrary to their name, these types of carpet cleaning are not dry.  First, a liquid cleaning solution is sprayed onto the surface of the carpet to attract soil.  The cleaning solution breaks down the soil deposits then a buffing machine is moved across the surface of the carpet.  The buffing machine has a removable, highly absorbent pad or bonnet on the bottom.  This absorbent pad soaks up the cleaning solution and removes the soil deposits in the process.  When the pad is soiled, it is exchanged for a fresh one.  This process continues until the surface of the carpet appears clean.
Types of Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet on a rotary extractor used in Dry Carpet Cleaning.

STRENGTH:  Very little water is used with Dry-Cleaning, and there is a fast dry time.
WEAKNESS:  There is a limited cleaning ability for heavy soiled areas or urine deposits.  There is limited extraction capability with Dry-Cleaning, meaning no vacuum is used to remove sub-surface soil.  Additionally, this cleaning can be hard on face fibers.


The technical name for this cleaning is a hot water extraction or HWE.  Most carpet manufactures recommend this type of carpet cleaning.  In fact, one of the largest carpet manufactures state that any other cleaning method may void your warranty.  First, the carpet is pre-treated with a cleaning solution that helps break down the soil deposits.  Then the soil and the solution is thoroughly rinsed from the carpet with a pressurized, hot water rinse.  At the same time, a powerful wet vacuum is being used to remove the steam, soil, and cleaning solution.  The dirty water is deposited into a waste tank.  Most professionals use a truck mounted unit which offers higher temperature water and stronger vacuum power.  There are also portable steam cleaning units that operate with the same principles.  The downfall of portable steam cleaning units are reduced heat, water pressure, and vacuum resulting in inferior cleaning.
Carter's Carpet Restoration

Truck mounted steam cleaning machine.

STRENGHT:  Steam cleaning offers strong rinsing that removes imbedded soils.  Additionally, the high-temperature water which can helps sanitize and disinfects carpet fibers.
WEAKNESS:  When steam cleaning is done correctly there are very few, if any, weaknesses.
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