What’s involved in the Carpet Cleaning Process?

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New to having your carpet cleaned?  Or maybe you’re just wondering about the carpet cleaning process?  Here’s a simple step-by-step of what it would be like to have a high-end carpet cleaning process in your home.  Click here, if you’re wondering how to prepare for a carpet cleaning appointment.

First, your technician would respectfully greet you at your door and introduce himself by name.  You’ll notice that he is in uniform and wearing a photo ID badge.  At this time he will introduce his assistant and ask what you’ll be having cleaned.  Expect to walk him through your home and show him any areas that you may be concerned about including pet odor issues and stains.  Your technician will inspect your carpet closely and he will listen intently to any questions you may have.

Next, your carpet cleaners will take measurements of the areas that you want cleaned.  As the cleaning assistant totals up the square footage, your lead technician will be explaining the cleaning process in detail.  At this time you will be given a total price for the carpet cleaning.  Then the cleaning assistant will begin preparing for the carpet cleaning process.  He will begin by bringing all supplies and tools to the door.  The first item put down will be a walk-off mat to keep your home protected during the carpet cleaning process.  Other supplies include vacuum hose, solution line, air movers, pre-treatment sprayer, carpet brush or rake, corner guards, a cleaning wand and the rotary extractor.

Now your carpet cleaning process will begin.  Your carpet will be pre-treated to help loosen all the dust and dander on the carpet fibers, then cleaned with the rotary extractor.  After the cleaning, your technician will hand-groom your carpet and uses a high-tech air mover to dry the carpet.  When complete, you’ll be asked to do a walk through with your carpet cleaner to ensure your satisfaction.  Payment is taken when the work is complete and you are 100% satisfied.  Your technician will also inform you about a follow up call that you will receive within a week, to make sure you are still happy with your carpet cleaning process.

Now all that’s left to do is schedule your appointment!