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What is Carpet Protection?

Karen Carter

If you’ve ever had your carpet professionally cleaned, then you’ve certainly been offered an application of carpet protection.  But what is carpet protection?  How does it work?  And do you really need it?

Very simply, carpet protection is a chemical solution applied to your carpet fiber following a professional cleaning.  Carpet protection is designed to repel soil and keep spills from absorbing into your carpet fibers immediately.  The chemistry involved in most carpet protection alter the molecular charge on your carpet fibers, and help prevent permanent staining.  Without getting overly technical, there are water based and solvent based protections.  Typically, a solvent based protection will cost more, last longer, and offer better overall protection of your carpet fibers.

When applied correctly, carpet protection can buy you a little time when liquid spills happen.  The liquid spilled will bead up for a moment, following the initial spill.  Carpet protection is not a miracle worker, you will not be able to spill an entire bottle of grape juice and avoid any staining but it will give you a moment to grab a paper towel and absorb a small spill before it settles into your carpet fiber.

As a contrast, carpet protection works a bit differently with dry soils and pet dander.   Even with minimal traffic on your carpet, dust still settles on the surface of the fibers. The dust and dirt sometimes can’t be seen with the naked eye and when walked on over time the soil acts like sandpaper, grinding away on the fiber strands, eventually causing soil discoloration and visible wear.  Carpet wear occurs over time, but you can slow it down with regular vacuuming and a high-quality carpet protection.  Again, the protection repels soil and allows the vacuum to remove more dry soil and dander.

Carter’s Carpet Restoration does not recommend carpet protection for every home or customer.  It is a personal investment and may be more beneficial in a home with children and/or pets who tend to bring more soil into the home.  Remember, carpet protection doesn’t make spots and stains magically disappear but gives you more time to get the spill up.

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