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purchasing new carpet
carpet cleaning tips

Purchasing New Carpet Tips

Purchasing New Carpet It’s not everyday that you find yourself purchasing new carpet so take it from a carpet cleaner, there’s a lot more to consider than simply cost. As the leading carpet cleaner in El Dorado County, we see many types of carpet on a daily basis. We know what holds up to heavy traffic, pet accidents, and the infamous “red dirt” in our area. Consider the retailer, the fiber and the pad. What

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remove toothpaste from carpet, carpet cleaning tips, carpet care
carpet cleaning tips

Remove Toothpaste from Carpet

Some toothpaste contains peroxide, and because of this you’ll want to remove toothpaste from carpet as quickly as possible. Peroxide can lighten carpet fibers and cause permanent discoloration. Remove Toothpaste From Carpet To remove toothpaste from carpet, you will need clean white cloth or paper towels. You’ll also want to have a spoon and small bowl of water available. Begin by using a paper towel and pinch/lift motion to pull the toothpaste up and out

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carpet grooming, carpet brush, carpet cleaning,
Floor Cleaning and Restoration

The Benefits of Carpet Grooming

Never heard of grooming your carpet?  You may be surprised to know that carpet grooming is done for a variety of reasons. What is Carpet Grooming? Basically, carpet grooming is the act of using a carpet rake or a carpet brush to move carpet fiber back and forth.  Carpet grooming resets the fiber nap back to it’s original state.  When carpet is groomed following a professional cleaning, it can help to speed the dry time. 

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remove makeup from carpet, carpet cleaning, carpet care tips, makeup removal carpet
Floor Cleaning and Restoration

How to Remove Makeup from Carpet

Every girl has spilled some makeup once or twice.  Hopefully, the spill was on a bathroom counter or tile floor.  If not, you probably know how difficult it can be to remove makeup from carpet.  Makeup can be one of those very challenging products to remove from carpet. Here’s the first bit of advice to remove makeup from carpet.  First, DO NOT RUB.  Second, keep some WHITE FOAM SHAVING CREAM on hand to remove makeup from

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carpet wear
Floor Cleaning and Restoration

What Exactly is Carpet Wear?

Is your carpet is beginning to look dingy in the high-traffic areas? Maybe professional cleanings don’t bring your carpet back life like they used to?   Find yourself wondering what’s going on and is there anything you can do to fix this problem? The first thing you should know is that carpet wear is a gradual process that happens over an extended period of time.  It is the breaking down of the carpet fiber, carpet backing, or

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Does Carpet Really Need To Be Cleaned Once a Year?

The quick answer, YES. And sometimes even more often than once a year. Here’s why . . . It’s a fact, soil and oil build up on your carpet fiber. Sometimes you can see it, when spills or accidents happen. For many of us, it’s gradual and you don’t really notice it. For others it all comes at once, when the dog runs through with muddy paws! No matter what happens in your home; soil,

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save your carpet from winter weather
Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Save Your Carpet From Winter Weather

Wondering how to save your carpet from winter weather this year?  Two simple household items will do more than you know to protect your carpet from winter weather.  All you need is a throw rug and a basket.  Yep, that’s it. A SHOE BASKET:  If you (and the other members of your home) are disciplined enough, a shoe basket will help save your carpet from winter weather.  Just place a large basket next to the door (inside or

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