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Save Your Carpet From Winter Weather

Karen Carter

save your carpet from winter weather

carpet care tips
How to save your carpet from winter weather.

Wondering how to save your carpet from winter weather this year?  Two simple household items will do more than you know to protect your carpet from winter weather.  All you need is a throw rug and a basket.  Yep, that’s it.

A SHOE BASKET:  If you (and the other members of your home) are disciplined enough, a shoe basket will help save your carpet from winter weather.  Just place a large basket next to the door (inside or out) as a reminder to remove shoes when entering the home.  A large basket also contains the mess of many shoes.  Remember to keep socks on – oil from your bare feet can build up on carpet fiber.  But seriously, most of us don’t take the time to remove our shoes – it’s just not always practical.  Which is why a throw rug can be your best bet through the winter months.

A THROW RUG:  The first absorbent thing your shoes touch when you step into the house typically gets the brunt of soil and moisture on the soles of your shoes.  Putting down a throw rug on top of the carpet in your “transition area” will keep the majority of the soil and moisture off your carpet.  The transition area is where the walk path in your home changes from a hard, solid surface (like tile or wood) to carpet.  The part of the carpet that gets your first step or two is notorious for having the most soil deposited in the carpet fibers.   A throw rug is a simple way to catch this immediate soil and moisture and save your carpet from winter weather.  Plus, it’s easy to wash.


Check the back of the throw rug before putting it on your carpet – a bath mat with a rubber backing or an actual carpet remnant can do damage to your existing carpet because the rough backing can cause excessive wear on your carpet.  It’s best to find a soft rug with no backing.  Again, it’s easier to wash.

Choose a throw rug that is a similar color to your carpet.  It won’t transfer color and it’s more likely to blend in, making it less noticeable.

And stay warm this winter!

 save your carpet from winter weather

Save your carpet from winter weather!


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