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Summer Carpet Cleaning Hacks


Summer carpet cleaning hacks

5 Summer Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Do you want to know some awesome carpet cleaning hacks?  In this post, we will go over some interesting and down-right crazy carpet cleaning hacks most people would never even guess!

Cleaning carpet can be a difficult task at any time of the year.  However, during the summertime it can be especially challenging as the heat and other elements add an extra layer of difficulty to this often tedious chore. In addition, summertime adds extra challenges with the kids and pets going in and out of the home enjoying the beautiful summer days. However, these 5 summer carpet cleaning hacks will make your summer days more pleasant and your carpets clean and fresh!


Fortunately, keeping your carpet clean is a breeze with these clever carpet cleaning hacks.


5 Remarkable Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know!

  1. Use an iron to remove stains.
  2. Add essential oils to baking soda to refresh your carpet
  3. Create your own deep cleaning carpet solution
  4. Use ice to get gum out of your carpet
  5. Rubbing alcohol gets out nail polish


In the rest of this article, we will discuss in detail the hacks mentioned above.


carpet cleaning hacks
carpet cleaning hacks

More On These 5 Carpet Cleaning Hacks

HACK #1: Use an Iron To Remove Stains

Do you have a stubborn stain that you have tried everything on to get it out? For situations such as nasty spills and pet stain removal, you should give this summer carpet cleaning hack a try.

First, vacuum the stained area and then put a cleaning solution on the stain made from one part vinegar and three parts water.

Second, put a damp cloth over the stain and run the iron on medium heat over the wet cloth.

Finally, repeat until the iron draws the stain into the fabric.

PRO TIP: For pet urine removal and other tough stains and odors, opt for a professional service that offers carpet stain removal. Unfortunately, an iron often won’t do the trick for these types of unsightly stains!



HACK #2: Add Essential Oils to Baking Soda To Refresh Your Carpet

It is easy to create a customized deodorizer for your carpet to give it a nice refresh.  When professional carpet cleaning is just not in the budget, give this easy hack a try!

Get a bottle of your favorite essential oils (such as lavender or any other scent) and mix 10-20 drops with a standard size box of baking soda.

Next, sprinkle the mixture over your carpet, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then vacuum. The leftover deodorizer can be kept in a glass jar with a lid.


HACK #3: Create Your Own Deep Cleaning Carpet Solution

When you have a large area that you need to deep clean, instead of buying the expensive cleaner from the store made with all those chemicals that can’t even be pronounced, you can use this recipe to create a great cleaner yourself.


  1. ¾ cup hydrogen peroxide
  2. ¼ cup white vinegar 
  3. 2 tablespoons dish soap
  4. 2 tablespoons of fabric softener
  5. 5 drops of your favorite essential oil
  6. A gallon of hot (not boiling) water


Use this in your carpet machine instead of the store-bought chemicals.


HACK #4: Use Ice To Get Gum Out of Your Carpet
If you find some gum that has been smashed into your carpet before you take out the scissors and start cutting your carpet away, give this summer carpet cleaning hack a go.

First, place a couple of handfuls of ice in a ziplock bag and then place the bag on the gum. Once you let the icepack sit on the ice until it gets hard, you can then take a scraper or a spoon and scrape the ice off the carpet.

Repeat the process till you remove all the gum.


HACK #5: Rubbing Alcohol Gets Out Nail Polish
You can use this easy hack to remove dry nail polish easily from your carpet flooring.

  1. Wet the spot with cold water.
  2. Apply the rubbing alcohol to the stain and let sit
  3. Agitate with an old toothbrush 
  4. Add more water and scrub
  5. Blot with a clean, dry cloth
  6. Repeat as necessary to remove the stain


Key Takeaways

While keeping your carpet clean in the summer can be more difficult if you use our handy hacks, it will be a piece of cake.  However, there are many individuals who may not want to do the carpet cleaning on their own.  So if you want to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, Carters Carpet Restoration is a great one to choose if you’re located in El Dorado Hills or any of their service areas.

We hope you loved these 5 summer carpet cleaning hacks and wish you the best in your carpet cleaning efforts.

Summer carpet cleaning hacks
carpet cleaning tricks and hacks

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