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12 Carpet Cleaning Hacks Used By Pros


carpet cleaning hacks

12 Carpet Cleaning Hacks Used By Pros

Do you want to know some easy carpet cleaning hacks used by pros? If so, keep reading to learn everything you need to know!  These easy to implement carpet cleaning tips and tricks will get your home or business in tip-top shape and your carpets looking fresh and clean!

Summer carpet cleaning hacks
carpet cleaning tricks and hacks

It’s Important To Keep Carpets Clean

Keeping carpets clean is an important thing to do. For one, it can reduce allergies and be a huge help to the overall cleanliness and health of your home or business.  In addition to this, cleaning carpets maintains the longevity of your carpeting and adds an overall better experience to anyone who enters your home or business.

Just think, smelly and dirty carpeting is an eye sore and will make you, visitors and clients feel bad too. That’s one of the many benefits of keeping carpeting clean and well maintained.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #1: Before You Start Your Job.

Make sure that all pets have been removed from the premises, and also remove children’s toys. This is because both of them can hinder your cleaning performance. Also, if there are any fragile furniture in your customer’s house, cover it with plastic to avoid scratches or other damages during the cleaning process; this will be very appreciated by everyone involved!

Carpet Cleaning Hack #2: Surface Pre-Treatment

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. Traditionally speaking, this phase means the shampooing and pre-conditioning of carpets, rugs or upholstery. This is basically needed if there are any stains which need specific kind of treatment (such as a pet urine stain).

pet urine removal El Dorado Hills CA
pet stain removal near me El Dorado Hills

Carpet Cleaning Hack #3: Proper Rotary Machine Adjustment.

You might think that rotary machine adjustments are not very important; however, you would be surprised how many professional carpet cleaners fail to follow this rule! You should know that every room has different requirements when it comes to proper cleaning. For example, even though you may usually use the same concentration of cleaning solution for all rooms in your customer’s house, this rules does not apply here since an overly wet condition will cause damage to a room’s carpet. On the other hand, an overly dry condition may cause having trouble spinning your rotary machine’s brushes.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #4: Using The Right Vacuum Suction Power Settings.

You should make sure that you adjust your vacuum suction power settings according to your customer’s house characteristics and the cleaning solution that you are going to use during your job! For example, if you are planning to setup a deep cleaning for a certain area, then you should select a high suction power setting; however, when it comes to light surface stains or general maintenance work on thin carpet pile, low suction settings can be used!

Carpet Cleaning Hack #5: Begin Vacuuming.

It is very important to vacuum your carpet before you start the carpet cleaning process or hire a professional carpet cleaning company; this will help to remove any hidden stains or particles which may cause problems during the cleaning process! Vacuum your carpet in every room and also pay extra attention to hard-to-reach places, such as underneath furniture!

Carpet Cleaning Hack #6: Using The Right Pre-Spray Solution.

You should never forget about using the right pre spray solution for your floor or upholstery type; however, it is very easy to make this mistake if you are not aware of that! For example, you should never use an alkaline based pre spray solution on carpets with silk yarns; you should also avoid using such solutions if your customer’s house has a lot of hard water stains, since it will make the situation even worse!

Carpet Cleaning Hack #7: Applying The Right Soap.

Pre-treating your carpet with soap can help to revitalize older carpets and rugs; however, they must be cleaned aggressively before any kind of restoration process (such as buffing) is performed! In the case when your professional carpet cleaning job involves an area which has severe contamination by pet urine or other forms of spills, you may use hot water extraction instead. This method is very effective and it guarantees to remove every type of soil from the surface without causing any harm to the carpet’s pile.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #8: Re-Adjust The Rotary Machine.

If you have used the wrong suction power setting while vacuuming your carpet, then you will certainly need to re-adjust your rotary machine settings! This is very important because an overly wet cleaning solution may cause damages to your customer’s house; on the other hand, an overly dry cleaning solution may make it impossible for your brushes to spin properly!

Carpet Cleaning Hack #9: Using Trisodium Phosphate Solution.

Using Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) can help you when it comes to professional carpet cleaning tasks which must be performed in large areas of your customer’s house! You should know that TSP is perfect for this job since it can help you to remove stains even without the use of a pre spray solution; however, if you are planning to perform treatment on wall-to-wall carpeting, then you must apply a pre spray which contains alkaline.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #10: Choosing The Right Rinsing Method.

Carpets and rugs may be cleaned either by hot water extraction or merely extracting with clean water! Afterward, your cleaning technician will need to get rid of all the detergents and dissolved particles from your carpet using specialized equipment (such as electronic high power extractor). This machine can rapidly rinse out the cleaning solution and it can also dry up any moisture from the carpet pile.

Carpet Cleaning Hack #11: Drying Your Carpet.

The final step of the professional carpet cleaning process involves drying your carpet or rug with a specialized machine, which is called an electronic high power extractor! This type of equipment is capable of circulating hot air through your floor area; this will help to accelerate the drying process and prevent mildew growth on carpets made out of silk yarns or other types of material with poor airflow resistance!

Carpet Cleaning Hack #12: Using The Right Post-Cleaner Solution.

You should always choose a post-cleaner with neutral pH levels for all of your professional carpet cleaning jobs! You should also try to make sure that the post-cleaner which you are about to use is capable of restoring the carpet pile and it can prevent fading; however, if your customer requires a more thorough post-cleaning treatment, then he or she may opt for any other type of chemical which has been designed specifically for this purpose!


In conclusion, keeping carpeting clean is super important.  These tips and tricks should help you out, however it’s important to know when doing yourself isn’t the best choice. With nasty stains and pet urine, it’s a better option to find a professional carpet cleaning service near you to do the job.  Companies such as Carters Carpet Restoration of California do a great job with maintaining and cleaning clients’s carpeting and offer competitive rates on services too.  Carters Carpet Restoration services many areas in California and can help you with your carpet and floor maintenance.

We hope you now know some carpet cleaning hacks used by pros and wish you the best!

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