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How To Get Ash And Soot Out Of My Carpet


how to get ash and soot out of my carpet

How to Get Ash and Soot Out of My Carpet

Are you wondering how to get ash and soot out of my carpet? Many people ask this question if they’ve faced the devastating impact of a nearby fire or if a section of their home or business was impacted from this form of natural disaster.

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California Residents Are Often Impacted By Fires

As you may know, residents and business owners in California and many other states are frequently impacted by devastating fires.  This happens during the dryer months when the winds are strong and easily spread flames through vegetation. 

If you are unfortunate and happen to be in a nearby area, your home or business may be affected.  On one hand, you can be incredibly grateful more damage was not done and you still have your business or home, but on the other hand, you will still need to deal with this catastrophe.

Cleaning Ash And Soot From Fire Affected Carpeting

Cleaning ash and soot from fire-affected carpeting is a task that only a professional carpet cleaning company can handle. Companies such as Carter’s Carpet Restoration deal with clients who require this service quite frequently.

Ash and soot stains can be devastating to your carpet and the appearance of your home. Whether it’s from a cigarette, from your fireplace or another source, it can be irritating and tough to get rid of the aftermath. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to solve this issue. Read the below to find out the most effective way to make your home feel brand new again!

how to get ash and soot out of my carpet
carpet fire damage restoration El Dorado County CA

Steps For How To Get Ash And Soot Out Of My Carpet

The easiest way is to buy a basic, common stain remover from your local store. You could purchase this from any hardware or grocery story closest to you. You could try to use club soda as well, as this is a common stain removing practice. However, I don’t recommend this. This is the quickest way, but will not have the best results. Removing ash and soot can prove to be too challenging for your average stain remover and sometimes, liquid removers are not best for this type of issue. You want to avoid spreading any of the ash or soot and liquid does not help with that.

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You most likely need a specified remover or a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) version of a remover. A dry one is best. Don’t worry if you’re not a DIY person typically. This is a very simple recipe and I’ll give you all the steps you need. You probably already have all of the ingredients already in your home! All that is required is baking soda or cornstarch, a vacuum with an attached nose, a white cloth and rubbing alcohol. You’ll want to make sure to use the nose of the vacuum so you don’t spread any ash, so be sure to pay attention to this step.

Now, the very first step to prep the affected area, is to vacuum using the removable nose for ease and to prevent the ashes from spreading. You want to remove as much soot and ash as possible by vacuuming first. Be sure to NOT try and wipe up the debris, as it will spread and create more of a stain. This will make it more difficult to clean and could possibly cause a permanent stain and require professional cleaning.

Next, you’ll grab some baking soda or cornstarch to sprinkle heavily over the area. This will serve as an absorbent for odor, moisture and residue. Leave the sprinkled baking soda or starch on the area for at least one hour and let it work its magic.

After an hour, repeat the vacuuming step from before. This will ensure that any leftover residue is picked up from the ash, soot or baking soda/starch. Then, you can begin the last step of this process, which is to blot the area and remove any lasting residue. This step is very important, as it will remove the ash and soot that the vacuum was not able to pick up at first.

For this step, you’ll want to choose a clean, white cloth and pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on to dampen it. Be sure that the cloth is white, NOT any other color. Another color has the potential to create even more of a stain mixed with the rubbing alcohol on your carpet due to dyes that could escape the cloth. This again, would make the stain much worse and probably require professional cleaning as well. Also, make sure the cloth is lint free so it doesn’t get mixed in with the ash or soot and make the problem worse.

Now, you’ll want to gently dab and blot the area. Press and hold down the cloth onto the affected area for a few seconds. When you release, check to see if there is any black residue. If so, great, it’s working! However, make sure to now use a new, clean portion of the cloth for your next “press and hold.”

After you’ve completed all these steps, let the carpet dry completely and do one more vacuuming step. This again, is just to ensure that all ash and soot is removed as thoroughly as possible. It will pick up the last remaining particles.

If you feel you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, Carter’s Carpet Restoration is your best bet if you’re in El Dorado County or any of the surrounding areas. Take a look at their business below. You can also view Carter’s Carpet Restoration and their service areas or call them with your questions on fire damage restoration.

If you follow all the above, you’ll find the answer to your question how to get ash and soot out of my carpet.

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