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The Complete Beginners Guide To Carpet Cleaning


complete beginners guide to carpet cleaning

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning

If you’re a beginner looking to clean your carpet, read our complete beginner’s guide to carpet cleaning!  This article will serve as your crash course for carpet cleaning, teaching you the basics of maintaining our favorite cushy flooring.  By the end of this article, you will be more than ready to finally tackle the daunting task of cleaning a carpet.

Our Complete Beginner’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning Will Be A Great Starting Point!

This article will be a helpful guide for our readers unsure of how to clean their carpets.  To start this off, don’t worry about buying the newest and most expensive products you see every time you search “carpet cleaning”.  In this article, we’ll review the basics of carpet cleaning, unique tips and strategies you can try at home, classic rookie mistakes, and your must-haves for maintaining a clean and happy carpet.

the complete beginners guide to carpet cleaning
complete beginners guide to carpet cleaning

Let’s Start With The Basics!

Let’s begin with the very basics!  Carpets may all look the same, but they can actually be classified as either of these two categories: synthetic or natural.  You’ll want to know which carpet type you have, as cleaning methods can vary depending on this, especially once we look into classic home remedies.  Check out the points below to make sure you know which type of carpet you have.

  • Synthetic carpets are formed with machine-made fibers.  These typically cost less and are more stain-resistant.   A majority of carpets today are made with synthetic fibers, due to how practical they are.   
  • Natural carpets are formed with, like the name suggests, natural fibers.  These carpets are more eco-friendly, but they are more costly, and require more maintenance.

Our Step By Step Process For Carpet Cleaning

Now that you know the difference between the two, let’s get started!  Below we’ve included a step-by-step list on how to get that pristine carpet you’ve always wanted.

PRO TIP: Before you start read this post on the 6 different types of carpeting.  This will help you to decide upon whether to clean your carpets or get rid of it!

STEP 1: Vacuum

You start the process by vacuuming your carpet.  You want to get rid of anything (dirt, hair, dust, and more) that may be ruining the fibers of your carpet.  Focus especially on high-traffic areas, such as walkways, as those areas will have the most build-up.  Make sure to move any furniture in the area as well, instead of vacuuming around it.

STEP 2: Deal With Stains

Once you are done vacuuming, your focus is now to remove any individual stains and stain removal.  Common brands like Oxi-Clean, Resolve, and Bissell offer stain removers at reasonable prices, and they get the job done.  If you don’t have a stain remover, thankfully we can always rely on home remedies!  Check out these basic DIY stain removers.  

  • Synthetic Carpets  
    • Two cups of water, and one cup of white vinegar. 
    • One cup of water and one-fourth teaspoon of a clear dishwashing detergent.
  • Natural Fiber Carpet 
    • One-fourth cup of water, and one-fourth cup of white vinegar.
    • One cup of water and one teaspoon of a clear dishwashing detergent.

STEP 3: Use A Carpet Cleaning Machine

After the stains have been dealt with, it is time to do a deep cleaning with a carpet-cleaning machine.  If you are like me and don’t own one, no worries!  You can always rent a machine at your local hardware store or supermarket.  There are also several resources online for those who are not looking to own a machine that’s typically used once or twice a year.  Make sure you read the directions carefully as each machine is different.

STEP 4: Have Professional Cleaners On Hand

If your carpet is still not up to your standards after this step, then it may be time to call for a professional cleaners.  Research your local carpet cleaners and find a company that you believe is the best fit for you.

Tips and Tricks To Help With Carpet Cleaning In Your Home

Who doesn’t love some quick and easy tricks to make cleaning more interesting?  Check out our list below to find some unique cleaning methods that you may have never thought of before!

  • Baking Soda for Oil Stains Try using baking soda to remove oil stains before you start dabbing.  Place a small amount of baking soda over the stain, and allow it to absorb the oil from the carpet.  This will make the cleaning process a lot smoother!
  • Shaving Cream for Dirt Stains – One downside to carpets is that dirt can track easily, especially if your carpet is a lighter shade.  Apply shaving cream, any type will do, and work it into the carpet.  Allow it to rest for one minute, and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.  As an extra bonus, shaving cream will also soften your carpet and make it smell brand new!
  • Squeegees for Hair – We love our furry friends, but not the fur balls they leave behind!  Consider using a squeegee (yes, a squeegee!) to fix this.  All you need to do is wet it, as you normally would, and run it over your carpet one section at a time.  Have a vacuum ready to pick up the excess, as there’s probably more hair than you think!
  • Ice Cubes for Imprints – Nobody enjoys the imprint marks left over on carpets, typically from heavy furniture.  Try placing an ice cube directly on the imprint, and wait for it to melt.  Once that’s done, blot away the water and then lift up the carpet threads once it’s dry.  Wait a few hours, and ta-da!  Your carpet is now imprint-free!
  • Lint Rollers for Dirt, Dust, and More  – Sometimes vacuums just don’t cut it!  Next time you have troubling dirt or dust particles that refuse to leave, take out your handy lint roller.  This trick requires a little more effort, but using a lint roller ensures that you are removing every last piece of dirt or dust that may be taking refuge in your carpet!


Rookie Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 

Of course, if you’re going to master carpet cleaning you’ll want to know what mistakes to avoid.  There are many misconceptions about cleaning a carpet and not knowing the basics could be detrimental to you in the end.  Luckily for you, we have your back with our top five DO NOTS of carpet cleaning!

Top 5 Do NOTS For Carpet Cleaning

  1. The most common mistake a rookie will make is assuming the carpet is clean, simply because there aren’t any noticeable stains or blotches.  Carpets are consistently acquiring new layers of dirt, hair, dust, grime, you name it.  Take the time to deep clean your carpet at least once a year, and we recommend you vacuum at least once a week.
  2. Another mistake is scrubbing at a stain!  Don’t do this unless you want to rub the stain further into the material.  What you’ll want to do is apply a stain remover and blot gently at the stain with a cleaning cloth to absorb the moisture and take care of the stain completely.
  3. We’ve all experienced that heart stopping moment when you accidentally drop food or spill a drink onto the carpet.  Don’t just stand there and wait for the stain to settle in!  Jump into action as soon as you can to remove the stain properly.  Long-lasting stains are preventable, so long as you respond quickly.
  4. You want to always make sure your carpet is dry, as a moist carpet can lead to bacteria and mold.  If your carpet is ever wet, even after using a liquid solvent, do not leave it to air dry.  Instead, place down a towel and a heavy object over it to act as a compression.  This allows the towel to absorb all the moisture and prevent unwanted mold.  
  5. If you decide to go the extra mile and try carpet shampoo, make sure you only use the recommended amount.  If you over-shampoo a carpet, there will be a build up of residue that is incredibly difficult to remove.  

Carpet Cleaning Must Haves

Now that you’ve gotten a basic rundown of how to clean your carpet, let’s review the supplies you’ll want to keep your carpet spotless!

  • Vacuum – Always check if your vacuum is compatible with carpets, as some are only intended for hardwood floors.  Those with adjustable attachments are even better, as they can help you reach areas that may be hard to access.
  • Stain Remover – Remember which type of carpet you have and look for a stain remover that is compatible.  You can find reliable and reasonably priced removers at your local supermarket, home improvement store, and even online!
  • Spray Bottles – Use these to apply any liquid solvents.  Using a spray bottle will help prevent you from over-wetting your carpet which can lead to mold.
  • Gloves – We always want to keep our hands clean!
  • Cleaning Cloths – Any will do!
complete beginners guide to carpet cleaning
complete beginners guide to carpet cleaning

CONCLUSION: The Complete Beginners Guide To Carpet Cleaning

With an estimated 51% of American households having carpets, it’s vital that we understand the basics of how to maintain our favorite floorings.  Carpets that are left unattended can negatively affect your health, as mold and bacteria can build up if not treated appropriately.  Your wallet will feel the impact as well when you’re forced to constantly replace it.

Cleaning a carpet can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are a carpet novice.  We hope that reading this article has made this process a lot simpler for you.  Now that you have completed your Beginner’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning, you’re ready to take on even the toughest stains!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you are in need of a carpet cleaning service in El Dorado County, CA, then you should call Carter’s Carpet Restoration.  Our professional carpet cleaners are the best in El Dorado Hills and service many of the surrounding areas with a variety of floor cleaning services.

You should now have a good understanding on how to clean your carpeting. We hope you enjoyed the complete beginners guide to carpet cleaning and wish you all the best!

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