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Easy Trick To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

Karen Carter

tip to remove pet hair

how to remove pet hair from furniture

Looking for an easy trick to remove pet hair from furniture?  Try this simple trick!

All you need is a rubber glove and some water.  First, put on the rubber glove and then run it under some clean, cool water.  Then just wipe your furniture with the rubber glove.  The wet rubber will easily remove pet hair from your furniture.  Warning:  the rubber glove will also pick up soil and dander.  Sometimes it’s more than you want to see.  After a few passes over the furniture, just rinse the hair and soil off.  Repeat until you have removed all the hair.

This easy trick to remove pet hair from your furniture usually works best for removing regular to long pet hair.  It is not nearly as effective with short hair pets, like a Doberman or Hound Dog.

There should not be a lot of moisture on your furniture but if you find that your furniture has retained some moisture, try this: grab a clean, white, cotton towel and wipe your furniture down to remove any excess moisture.

This easy trick to remove pet hair from furniture is a quick and simple way to do a last minute clean-up!

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