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One Simple Trick to Move Heavy Furniture

Karen Carter

Move heavy furniture

You may not think of a carpet cleaner as the typical heavy furniture mover, but quite the opposite is true. Carpet cleaners move heavy furniture on a daily basis.  Are they experts? Probably not, but they do know one simple trick.  Invest in a set of furniture movers.

move heavy furniture
Easily move heavy furniture with “furniture movers”.

Furniture movers are a simple tool that can save you a lot of energy and time. These little moving men, as they are sometimes called have a slick plastic coating on one side and a dense foam base on the alternate side. The plastic coating slides easily across carpet, while the foam keeps heavy furniture legs on the furniture mover. These little guys are great for moving beds, dressers, and sofas. Basically, they can help you move heavy furniture of all types.

Not moving furniture across carpet? No problem, the furniture movers come in another variety for hard surfaces too. Rather than a slick plastic coating, these heavy furniture movers have a smooth felt coating on one side that easily slides across wood floors, stone, and even tile floors. Similar to the plastic version, the legs or base of the furniture is placed on a dense foam that prevents the furniture from sliding off the mover.

move heavy furniture
Furniture mover for a hard surface flooring.

How do you use these little gems? Simply raise each corner of the heavy piece of furniture a few inches off the ground and slide the furniture mover under the leg. Once all legs are placed on the movers, gently push the piece of furniture to begin sliding it to it’s new location.

The most important question, how do you get a set of these furniture movers. Check and search “moving men” or “furniture movers”.  Adding these little guys to your home toolbox may be one of the best decisions you’ve made!


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