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Best Carpet Cleaning Tips For Spring 2022


carpet cleaning tips and hacks

Best Carpet Cleaning Tips For Spring 2022

In this post we will discuss the best carpet cleaning tips for spring 2022! So get ready to learn everything to make your spring carpet cleaning easier.

Carpets Must Be Maintained – And Spring Is A Great Time To Do It!

It’s a hard life, you know? You have to work hard to get anything that lasts, and once you finally get it, you realize that you actually have to do upkeep for it. That was my predicament when I first got carpet in my home. I was so excited because I could finally afford it, and then when I got it I had no idea what to do or how to keep it clean and nice-looking.

When a stain comes along it feels like the end of the world, especially if it’s the dreaded Koolaid stain (even though you set a strict rule against drinking in rooms with carpet). Yes, it truly is an adventure. But along my way I have found several useful tips on how to keep up with carpet, maintain it, and get rid of stains that work well during the spring when seasonal allergies hit. Because the fact is this. Dirty carpeting can make you sick so it’s crucial to maintain it!

best carpet cleaning tips for spring 2022

Here are the best carpet cleaning tips for spring 2022! 

3 Easy Tips To Make Spring Carpet Cleaning A Breeze In 2022

TIP 1: Use a Carpet Cleaner!

Tip 1 of the best carpet cleaning tips for spring 2022 is super straightforward.  Now some of you might be reading this and going “well duh! Everyone knows that.” Unfortunately everyone does not know that (including me at the beginning of my carpet cleaning journey!) and it will be quite a shocker when they realize it.

There are two separate ways to go along this path: you can either hire someone to actually come and clean your carpet using a carpet cleaner, or you can buy one yourself. If your carpeting is way too dirty there is another choice you will have to make: should I clean carpeting or get rid of it?

The carpet cleaner is like a deep-clean vacuum for carpet, it basically shampoos and sanitizes the carpet, but it does leave it wet. If you don’t know exactly how to use a carpet cleaner and it seems like too much of an investment or commitment to you, you can also just hire someone to do it for you. There are plenty of carpet cleaning businesses around and they usually do good work. My grandma had the absolutely ugliest carpet in the world in her old house, and she always hired out the carpet cleaning guy to help her. Now this carpet was actually disgusting 

TIP 2: Baking Soda: Your Mom was right, it works for everything

The real question though is not how to maintain the carpet, it would be a miracle if I ever got that far, most of the time I’m just concerned about preventing or cleaning up the spills and stains, tell me something about that! For the spills that come out of nowhere and seem impossible to clean, try using baking soda. This mystical baking item actually has many uses outside of the kitchen. One of them is being able to soak up liquids. After scrubbing the area that was spilled on with water and soap, spread baking soda all over the area. Leave that for twenty-four hours, vacuum up the baking soda, and you should be as good as new! This method has been used by people across the country, and I know my mom used up pounds and pounds of baking soda throughout my childhood. But trust me, it wasn’t me making the mess, it was my siblings!

PRO TIP: Read up on the 6 different types of carpeting before you start. We know it will be super helpful.

TIP 3: The Yeedi Robot Vacuum and Mop

This amazing contraption is incredible, it is like a Roomba for your carpet. If your budget allows, it’s worth investing in as it doesn’t require you to really do anything. It has a convenient charging station that the Yeedi will go back to when its battery runs out. My friend’s grandparents, whom many would call ‘old fashioned’ actually bought the Yeedi and they love it. Many other homeowners around the country have been satisfied with this invention, which we know from Amazon’s best rated list. The yeedi has the highest reviews of all the robot carpet cleaners on Amazon. Worth a shot if you can afford it, I think. 

You Have the Answer Now!

I hope these tips were helpful, they certainly have been to me. You can always try out new ideas and experiments to see if there’s a better way to clean carpet, but these are some of the tried and true methods of the carpet cleaning world. For the deep clean, go for the carpet cleaner shampooers, for spills and stains, try out baking soda, and for regular maintenance of your carpet, use the Yeedi. Now maybe you have some sort of idea on what to do with your newly earned carpet, or maybe even the carpet you’ve owned for years!

Conclusion: Best Carpet Cleaning Tips For Spring 2022!

We hope you have the answer to all your carpet cleaning questions. This has been a great post on the best carpet cleaning tips for spring 2022!

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