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Are Carpet Cleaning Machines Worth It?


Is it worth it having carpets professionally cleaned?

Are Carpet Cleaning Machines Worth It?

If you’ve been wondering, are carpet cleaning machines worth it, you’ve found the right place to find out. Modern technology has made carpet cleaning machines more affordable and more accessible to consumers in recent years. Let’s visit the pros and cons of owning a cleaning machine.

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A Brief History of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Believe it or not, carpet cleaning machines have been around since 1869 when carpet cleaning began its major boom. By the turn of the century, they were large and either horse drawn or gas driven machines. Inventors continued creating more efficient ways to clean carpets in the 1900s. Machines went from having to be parked outside of a building with the hose and attachments pulled through doors and windows to the portable options with refillable water and cleaning solutions we have today. Companies used to rent big bulky machines to home and business owners who wanted to keep their carpets fresh and clean. Now big named companies offer a large variety of affordable, portable carpet cleaning options to purchase.


Pros of Owning a Carpet Cleaning Machine


  • Large Variety

Gone are the days of the bulky rental machines. Companies have become more efficient with making a larger variety of machines made specifically for you. There are portable carpet cleaning machines that are easy to take with you when you’re on the go for easy cleaning inside of vehicles. Lightweight carpet cleaning machines are great for larger spaces. Spot cleaners are the perfect option for pet owners who don’t want to invest in pet stain and odor removal or families with young children. Upright carpet cleaning machines are a great option for those that love the push and pull of a vacuum.



  • Affordable

No need to purchase an industrial carpet cleaning machine with affordable options everywhere you look. Renting is no longer necessary when you can find carpet cleaning machines under $100. Big name brand carpet cleaning companies have made their machines more affordable and therefore more attainable to their consumers. Affordable carpet cleaning machines can be found at your nearest “big-box”, home improvement, or department stores. 



  • Convenience

The most obvious reason to purchase a carpet cleaning machine is convenience. Spills don’t take much time to turn into stains. Carpet stains are unsightly to everyone. Having a carpet cleaning machine ready to use in your home would take some of the stress of an unforeseen accidental spill. With the machine already in your utility closet a fresh clean carpet is always achievable.



  • Easy to use

Carpet Cleaning machines are easier to use than ever before. They are designed with the user in mind. Making them light weight, adjustable, and easy to assemble. Now that carpet cleaning machines are portable, they can be used by almost anyone almost everywhere. Directions are simple and results are quick.

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Cons of Owning a Carpet Cleaning Machine



  • Storage

One cone of owning a carpet cleaning machine would be storage. With so many specialized gadgets on the market, it might be hard to imagine purchasing and storing one more. Spray bottle spot cleaners are a tried-and-true competitor of carpet cleaning machines if storage space is limited. 



  • Less Carpet in Homes

Modern homes and remodeled homes now have less carpet. Wood floors allow for easy clean up and less mess. If your home only has a few rugs the investment in a carpet cleaning machine might not be worth it.



  • Affordable

Even though carpet cleaning machines are more affordable than ever, investing in one might not be the wisest choice. Often the machines require specific name brand cleaning solutions. That’s right, hot steam alone won’t clean your carpets. Special solutions might be required for different types of stains. Companies that sell carpet cleaners rarely offer an all-in-one carpet cleaning solution. Multiple purchases will need to be made for each individual spill or stain. Money and time spent could add up making carpet cleaning machines less affordable to own.


Should You Purchase a Carpet Cleaning Machine?

Carpet cleaning machines have come a long way. And now you may have a better answer to whether you should purchase a carpet cleaning machine or hire a carpet cleaning company in your area.

They used to be large horse drawn or gas driven machines that had to be parked outside of a home or business. Now that modern companies have worked hard to create affordable and portable options for consumers, purchasing a carpet cleaning machine might be something to ponder.  In addition, if you want to clean carpeting frequently, purchasing a machine might be a good choice.


Keep in mind the pros and cons of owning a personal carpet cleaning machine and weigh the options. Companies have worked hard to create an option with all users in mind. There are now a large variety of carpet cleaning machines available to purchase. Lightweight, portable, and upright are just a few options. Carpet cleaning machines can be found for under $100 making them more affordable than ever before. These are all important facts to consider prior to purchasing a carpet cleaning machine.

However, and we should note, that it is recommended to combine use of a carpet cleaning machine with a professional carpet cleaning service.  Companies such as Carter’s Carpet Restoration offers professional carpet cleaning services in many different service areas of California.  You can take at their business listing here to see more about their service and what they offer. Combining your own home regiment with hiring a professional, commercial carpet cleaning service is most likely your best bet!

We hope you now know if purchasing a carpet cleaning machine is worth it and wish you the best.


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