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Carpet Repair in Folsom

Carpet got wrinkles?  Searching for carpet repair in Folsom?  Look no further! Before you decide to replace your existing carpet, consider having Carter’s re-stretch or repair it for you. Over time, your carpet can relax and begin to develop wrinkles and bumps.  Having your carpet re-stretched can add years to it’s life and add beauty back into your home. Carpet repair in Folsom can’t be quoted over the phone.  Call today to schedule a FREE IN-HOME

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tip to remove pet hair
Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Easy Trick To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

Looking for an easy trick to remove pet hair from furniture?  Try this simple trick! All you need is a rubber glove and some water.  First, put on the rubber glove and then run it under some clean, cool water.  Then just wipe your furniture with the rubber glove.  The wet rubber will easily remove pet hair from your furniture.  Warning:  the rubber glove will also pick up soil and dander.  Sometimes it’s more than

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