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The Benefits of Carpet Grooming

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Never heard of grooming your carpet?  You may be surprised to know that carpet grooming is done for a variety of reasons.

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What is Carpet Grooming?

Basically, carpet grooming is the act of using a carpet rake or a carpet brush to move carpet fiber back and forth.  Carpet grooming resets the fiber nap back to it’s original state.  When carpet is groomed following a professional cleaning, it can help to speed the dry time.  A carpet cleaner may also use a carpet brush or a rake to loosen soils deposits during a cleaning, or to agitate a cleaning solution that has been applied your the carpet fiber.  Simply put, carpet grooming manipulates the nap or lay of your carpet fibers.

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Carpet Brush

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Carpet Rake

Should you be grooming your carpet between professional cleaning?  Possibly, here’s why:

Benefits of Carpet Grooming

Regular carpet grooming can extend the life and look of your carpet.  Using a carpet rake or a carpet brush (pictured above) on a regular basis keeps your carpet fibers from matting down.  Over time, regular carpet grooming can delay or even prevent traffic patterns and carpet wear.  Carpet grooming is done by running the carpet brush or rake over your carpet fibers with a bit of pressure.  It actually requires more effort than you might think.  When carpet grooming is done prior to vacuuming, it helps to loosen soil and pet hair which results in a more thorough cleaning.  Grooming after vacuuming can eliminate the lines that a vacuum cleaner leaves on your floors.

Carpet grooming is done with a carpet rake or a carpet brush.  How do you know which groomer if best for your carpet?  Softer and loaded with dense bristles, a carpet brush is used for brushing a low-pile carpet nap.  A carpet rake has fewer bristles but they are longer and more firm.  A carpet rake is used to groom a shag-style, or longer nap carpet.  Both can be purchased at a local janitorial supply company or on-line.

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Carpet grooming takes some effort, but it will certainly extend the life and beauty of your carpet.

Avoid These Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

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Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Here are three simple ways to avoid the most common carpet cleaning mistakes. Spot cleaning carpet is something we all deal with from time to time.  From animal accidents to coffee spills to whatever, your carpet can certainly take a beating.  There are a variety of different methods used to remove common spills and stains, but there are things you should NEVER do when cleaning your carpet.

Think you know what NOT to clean your carpet with?  Take a look at the products below.  What would you use to clean your carpet?  What would you avoid?

avoid OTC carpet cleaners

Avoid OTC carpet cleaners

Number One:  Don’t use an “Over The Counter” carpet cleaner!  Generally speaking, you should avoid products marketed as “carpet cleaning” foam, spray, or cleanser. These products typically leave a residue in your carpet. The residue will eventually attract soil and dust, leaving you with a brown spot in an area that you thought was clean. Soap is designed to attract soil and then be washed away with water. When you use an OTC cleaner, you’re not able to properly wash it away so the soap stays on your carpet fiber, and continues to do it’s job of attracting soil. Make sense? Check out this link for safe at-home spot removal.

carpet cleaning mistakes

Avoid these common carpet cleaning mistakes.

Number Two:  Don’t use a colored towel!  When you use a towel or rag that contains color, you run the risk of the color bleeding onto your carpet fibers.  This is called color transfer.  For example, do not ever use a red rag on light carpet.  Always use a white, cotton towel or white paper towels to do the dirty work.

Number Three:  Don’t rub!  Just blot.  This simple rule is so hard to follow and it is probably one of the biggest common carpet cleaning mistakes.  We are taught that scrubbing is the best way to clean things, right?  With carpet, it’s just the opposite.  Scrubbing your carpet will spread the spill or soil around, creating a bigger mess.  BLOT.  Don’t rub.  Need more pressure when you’re blotting?  Stand on it.  The pressure helps to transfer the soil or spill to the towel you are cleaning with.

Spills happen. If you know what NOT to do your carpet will live a happier life.