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Removing Ink from Carpet

Karen Carter

removing ink from carpet, carpet cleaning tips, carpet care advice

removing ink from carpet

Ink is typically a permanent stain, but if you get to it quickly you may have success with removing ink from carpet. There are three different DIY remedies that you can try to remove ink from your carpet. Hopefully, you’ve got one of these three household items around. Start by looking for either hairspray, Goof-Off (spray or aerosol version), or WD-40. These products all have some type of oil or lubricant and that’s what will be helpful in removing ink from carpet.

removing ink from carpet

Please be aware that ink removal can be difficult, even for professional carpet cleaners. You’re likely to have greater success if you get to the ink stain immediately. This cleaning advice is intended for the average homeowner removing a small amount of ink from carpet, spots about the size of a quarter or smaller.

removing ink from carpet
Several different household products can be used to remove ink from carept.

Note that the carpet cleaning process is the same for each household product mentioned. Begin by spraying the spot lightly with the product. Next, using a clean white towel and squeeze the carpet fibers in an upward motion to remove the ink. It should feel like you are pinching the carpet between your fingers and lifting upward at the same time. If the ink is transferring onto the cloth, you can repeat the process until all the ink is removed or ink no longer transfers onto the cloth.

removing the cleaning product

After removing ink from your carpet, you’ll want to remove the cleaning product from your carpet too. Otherwise, the spot will attract dust and become an unsightly brown spot. To remove the cleaning product you used, start by dipping a sponge into a fresh solution of 1 quart warm water and 1 teaspoon of blue Dawn liquid dish soap. Apply this sparingly to the area. Again, use a clean white towel, squeeze the carpet fibers in an upward motion to remove both the cleaning product and the cleaning solution.

A bit of advice when removing ink from carpet, use small amounts of the cleaning product AND the cleaning solution. Using too much water or cleaning product will wash the ink deeper into the carpet fibers.

If you need advice on removing ink from other types of fabric, check out this recent article by the They address several ink stain situations and offer additional advice.

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