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Placerville Tile Cleaning

Pictured above are actual images from a Placerville Tile Cleaning done by Carter’s Carpet Restoration. If you’re looking for the deepest Placerville Tile Cleaning with a company you can trust, you’ve found it! Carter’s is a locally owned and family operated, and they are guaranteed to give you the deepest tile, stone and grout cleaning available.

The key to a great Placerville Tile Cleaning is steam and vacuum power. High pressure steam loosens the deep down soil deposits that everyday surface cleaning just can’t reach. Then the vacuum extracts it, leaving you with the cleanest tile possible.

When you have your Placerville Tile Cleaning done, a cleaning product will be applied to the surface of the tile and grout. Next, the surfaces are scrubbed to activate the cleaning product. Then, the steam and vacuum system is used. The PSI is always adjusted based on the condition of your tile and grout, or the type of natural stone being cleaned. The unique tooling is called an SX-15, SX-12, or SX-7 depending on the size of the room and smaller areas to be cleaned. Finally, the tile is dried and you’re left with beautifully clean tile and grout. For a more detailed description of the Placerville Tile Cleaning process, please check out Carter’s Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning page.

Please take a moment to visit the gallery to view additional images of Placerville Tile Cleaning.

Placerville Tile Cleaning is priced by the square foot. There can be slight variance in the price, depending upon the areas being cleaned. For example, a large wide open room would be less per square foot than a small bathroom that required a great deal more handwork. Carter’s Carpet Restoration is happy to provide free in-home estimates for all Placerville Tile Cleaning.