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Now Offering Carpet Cleaning in Placerville

Karen Carter

carpet cleaning in placerville

carpet cleaning in placerville

Carter’s Carpet is now offering carpet cleaning in Placerville. With summer now in full swing and the kids being out of school, they’re going to be running in and out of the house tracking their dirt in. Getting a professional carpet cleaning in Placerville sooner rather than later will help ensure the longevity of your carpet and a fresh looking home.

Carter’s unique process is thorough and ensures you’ll be happy when the technicians leave your home.

Step 1 – Pre-Treat
The first step for carpet cleaning in Placerville is to pre-treat your carpet.  Pre-treatment helps loosen the soil, dust and oils that have built up on your carpet fiber.

Step 2 – Carpet Cleaning
Carter’s has several options for providing you with the deepest carpet cleaning in Placerville.  Each truck is equipped with a variety of cleaning tools designed to get your carpet as clean as it will come.  Your technician will evaluate the condition of your carpet and the soil content.  At that time he will choose the tools that will get you the deepest cleaning with the fastest dry time.  Some carpet will require a Hoss-700 rotary extractor, others will benefit from a cleaning with the new Devastator wand and a CRB machine.  Each carpet is unique, and Carter’s is equipped to offer you the best cleaning for YOUR carpet!

Step 3 – Hand Groom
Next, your professional carpet cleaning technicians will hand groom your carpet with a specialized carpet rake or carpet brush. This process helps speed up the dry time as well as getting rid of the cleaning marks left by the wand or extractor.

Step 4 – Drying
Along with hand grooming, large air movers help with the drying process.  High-tech air movers force a lot of air down into the carpet fiber so you’re able to be back in your home enjoying your clean carpet in no time. When Carter’s has completed your Placerville carpet cleaning, the carpet will be dry to the touch.

Carter’s is a family-run business and knows the importance of having a fun summer with the family, but they also know the importance of having a clean home. You can trust the Carter family to ensure your family home will receive the best carpet cleaning in Placerville.

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