Tips to Keep your Carpet Cleaner this Winter

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carpet cleaning, winter weather, tips to clean
carpet cleaning, winter weather, cleaning tips

Keep your carpet cleaner this winter by reading these simple tips.

Keeping your carpet cleaner during rainy, winter weather can be a real challenge. Here are three simple tips to help keep your carpet cleaner during winter weather.

Remove Your Shoes

Take your shoes off upon entering your home. Keep a basket near the front door, or your main entry, specifically reserved for shoes. A basket can help keep shoes contained and it gives people a specific place to put them. Taking your shoes on and off is certainly a pain for those of us who are in and out of the house on a regular basis. Removing your shoes certainly helps keep your carpet cleaner during rainy weather.

Carpet cleaning tips, winter weather, carpet cleaning, cleaning tips

Keep your carpet cleaner this winter by removing your shoes before entering the home.

Use Throw Rugs

Just can’t take your shoes off when entering the house? Use throw rugs in transition areas. Strategically placed throw rugs can take the brunt of the rainy weather and help keep your carpet protected. When you walk from a hard surface (wood, tile or stone) and step onto carpet, the carpet fibers instantly absorb any moisture and collect soil. These transition areas are often the first to show soiling and carpet wear. Throw rugs are inexpensive and can easily be thrown in the washing machine for quick clean up. Keep four or five on hand and change them out frequently during rainy weather to keep your carpet protected. Just remember, your shoes should touch the throw rug before touching the carpet.

winter weather, clean carpet, carpet cleaner

Use throw rugs to keep carpet cleaner this winter.

Let Soil Dry Before Cleaning

If you do find yourself with some muddy footprints across your carpet, let it dry before you begin the carpet cleaning process. Adding moisture and cleaning solution to muddy prints typically results in a larger mess. So, let any muddy footprints dry completely. Next, vacuum up the dried soil. Finally, spot clean with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. If you have red, iron-rich soil around your home, please consult your local carpet cleaner before trying this process.

Protect your carpet from rainy weather this year by removing your shoes. If you just can’t remove your shoes, invest in a few throw rugs. And if you do end up with muddy footprints on your carpet, just walk away. Well, just walk away until the soil dries then come back with your vacuum.