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Best Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Karen Carter

best area rug cleaning

Regular vacuuming is the best area rug cleaning, however there are a few tricks to getting your area rugs even cleaner. The thing to focus on is dry soil removal. Dry soil refers to dust, dander and dirt that are part of everyday life. Dry soil builds up in area rugs and is often unseen because it settles at the base of the rug. Excessive dry soil not removed with regular cleaning will eventually cause wear and discoloration in your area rug.

Vacuum The Back

best area rug cleaning
For the best area rug cleaning, vacuum the back of the rug first.

Tip number one for the best area rug cleaning is to vacuum the back of the rug first. Sounds crazy right? Vacuuming the back of the rug will benefit you in two ways. More dry soil will be removed from the rug because you are cleaning double the surface area, the top and bottom of the rug. Additionally, the vibration from the vacuum will loosen soil and give you the opportunity to remove more soil when you flip the rug over. Don’t be surprised if you find dry soil on floor when you turn the rug over. Start your best area rug cleaning by vacuuming the backing of the rug to help remove more dry soil.

Vacuum Slowly

Tip number two for the best area rug cleaning is to vacuum slowly. SLOWLY. By moving the vacuum over the rug slowly, you’re simply allowing the vacuum to do it’s job, which is to suction up the dry soil. Don’t be afraid to spend 5 to 10 minutes vacuuming a 5′ x 7′ or medium sized rug. Speedy vacuuming may give an appearance of clean, but you’re not removing the deeper soil that will eventually cause more permanent damage to your area rug, such as fiber wear or soil discoloration.

Know Your Rug

best area rug cleaning
Information about your rug can often be found on the tag on the back of the rug.

If you really want the best area rug cleaning then you should know some basic things about your rug. Do you know what is the rug made of? Most rugs have a tag on the back of the rug giving details about size, fiber and possible cleaning instructions. For example, a rug containing viscose should not be cleaned with water. If your rug doesn’t have a tag, you can have a fiber test done to determine if it’s made of wool, nylon or another synthetic fiber.

Best Area Rug Cleaning

Three simple tips will help you get the best area rug cleaning. First, vacuum the back of the rug to maximize dry soil removal. Next, turn the rug over and vacuum slowly. Vacuuming slowly is the key to clean area rugs. Finally, take some time and become familiar with your rug. Learn what it’s made of, what size it is, and possibly even where it came from. Area rugs are unique and diverse, keeping your rug as clean as possible will certainly extend it’s life and your enjoyment of it.

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