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Avoid Using Carpet Spotters

Karen Carter

avoid using carpet spotters
avoid using carpet spotters, carpet cleaning tips, clean carpet
Avoid using carpet spotters

Thinking of cleaning some spots on your carpet?  Here’s why you should avoid using carpet spotters…

Spills happen, especially on carpet.  Someone knocks over a glass of juice, tracks in some mud, or worse.  We’ve all had to deal with carpet stains from time to time.  Here’s a simple tip that will keep your carpet looking better for longer – Avoid Using Carpet Spotters!  It seems like odd advice but your carpet will actually thank you.  Here’s why.

avoid using carpet spotters

Lack of extraction is the real problem with carpet spotters.  Carpet spotters are typically some form of soap that are designed help remove soil.  Most of the time carpet spotters assist in removing soil from your carpet but they leave something worse behind – soap.  Soap is an attractant.  Over time dirt will adhere to it and you’ll have a brown spot on your carpet.

Think of it this way, you spot clean your carpet by spraying on a solution then you scrub with a cloth until it looks better.  You’re probably lifting some of the stain, but the carpet spotter is never completely removed.  Over time, a brown spot will appear in the area that you originally “spot cleaned”.  This happens because soil attaches to the soapy residue that was left behind by the carpet spotter.  This is the number one reason to avoid using carpet spotters.

avoid using carpet spotters
avoid carpet spotters fine print

Look closely at the label of the carpet spotter you are considering.  The fine print probably says to “apply before extraction cleaning”.  Extraction cleaning is the process of using steam and vacuum to remove soil.  This type of extraction refers to a steam cleaner vacuum (similar to a Bissell), not a standard vacuum.  Steam is the mechanism that removes soil and carpet spotter soap during an extraction cleaning.

vinegar as a spotter

Honestly, a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water is the best cleaning solution to spot clean your carpet.  The vinegar won’t leave a soap residue and it is non-toxic.  Remember, dirt ends up sticking to soap residue.

To use the at-home carpet spotter, spray the soiled area and press dry with a clean, cotton towel.  Repeat until the spill lifts.  Keep a spray bottle of the simple vinegar solution with your cleaning supplies and reach for this residue-free mixture instead of carpet spotter.

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