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Best Carpet Cleaner

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best carpet cleaner

There’s a reason Carter’s is continually voted best carpet cleaner. Quality and customer service. It’s that simple. In a time when these two things seem to be going by the wayside, Carter’s remains focused on what really matters. Quality cleaning and genuine customer service are what the this small business was built on.

Best Carpet Cleaner

Carter’s does what it takes to get your carpet as clean as possible. They don’t cut corners and they don’t “bait and switch”. They employ local, honest technicians who you can trust in your home. If you’re in the process of searching for the best carpet cleaning, you’ll find it with Carter’s Carpet Restoration.

Quality Carpet Cleaning

best carpet cleaner

The best carpet cleaner will use premium cleaning products because they result in a superior clean for your carpet. There are constant advancements in cleaning technology. Carter’s stays informed about these innovations therefore they can offer you the best cleaning for your carpet.

You’ve seen the best carpet cleaner trucks driving around? Carter’s runs a fleet of over-sized box trucks that are superior because they offer you deeper cleaning power in the form of steam and vacuum. The higher temperature steam dries more quickly and the stronger vacuum power pulls more moisture out during the carpet cleaning process. As a result, you get a deeper clean and faster dry time.

Excellent Customer Service

Above all, being the best carpet cleaner is important to Carter’s so they only hire the best! To see the best carpet cleaners visit the “Meet Your Technician” page. You’ll meet to some of the most kind, funny and incredible staff that Carter’s has ever had.

If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaner, you can end your search now. Carter’s quality and customer service is superior that’s why you should call today to schedule your cleaning. Call now, you’ll be glad you did.  916-933-7807.

Best Folsom Carpet Cleaner

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There’s a reason Carter’s Carpet Restoration is the best Folsom carpet cleaner around.  The Carter family takes pride in their employees and in the services they offer the community of Folsom, California.  The best Folsom carpet cleaner uses quality carpet cleaning products and hires educated technicians therefore getting you the cleanest carpet possible. 

Best Folsom Carpet Cleaner

If you’re looking for the best Folsom carpet cleaner, you’ll find it with Carter’s Carpet Restoration.  This local, family run business will provide you with the highest quality carpet cleaning available because Carter’s quality begins with their employees.  These highly trained, background screened technicians are simply best!  They take pride in their work and it comes across in the quality of the cleaning they do for you.  In fact, you can meet the Carter Team even before they arrive at your home.  

It isn’t just the team that makes Carter’s the best Folsom carpet cleaner!  A great carpet cleaning requires great equipment and Carter’s runs a fleet of the largest carpet cleaning trucks made.  You’ve probably seen them around the streets of Folsom, the big black trucks with blue lettering?  These unique trucks provide high temperature steam and intense vacuum power, which leave your carpets clean and dry to the touch when the job is done.

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There’s one more piece to the puzzle if you really want the best Folsom carpet cleaner.  It’s the cleaning products.  Carter’s uses the most advanced cleaning products on the market so they get your carpet as clean as possible.  You may have tried to save a few dollars by buying a cheaper laundry detergent, and the results are always the same, you go back to the quality cleaner.  Well, carpet cleaning is no different. 

Quality Products = Quality Cleaning

If you want the best Folsom carpet cleaner, then start looking for quality.  Quality is exactly why you should choose Carter’s because Carter’s never sacrifices quality for cost.   When you choose Carter’s you get the best of everything,  equipment, technicians, and cleaning products.  Call Carter’s today to schedule the best Folsom carpet cleaner.  You’ll be glad you did.  

Carpet Cleaning in Folsom This Summer

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carpet cleaning in folsom

During the summer months, your home and carpet are exposed to more soil than you may realize, which is why carpet cleaning in Folsom this summer is something Carter’s can help you with!

Whether you are spending the day at Folsom Lake, mountain biking up in Auburn or coming back from a camping weekend up in Lake Tahoe, you’re bringing dry soil back with you. It may not seem as apparent as when you’re coming home from an adventure in the winter because mud is more noticeable than dry soil, which can settle into your shoes and clothes. If it can settle into your shoes and clothes, soil can definitely (and will) seep into your carpets.

Kids are notorious for tracking soil into your home, especially over summer vacation.  They run in, they run out.  Your front door can be just like a revolving door when summer vacation arrives.  Fur-babies are also known for bringing in lots of dry soil.  Do yourself a favor and schedule your Folsom carpet cleaning now.

When all that dry soil is being tracked into your home, it can settle into your carpet.  When left on carpet fibers, dry soil can cause some serious damage.  It acts like tiny shard of glass, slowly cutting away at carpet fibers.  This is the primary reason that carpet cleaning in Folsom is so important. Annual carpet steam cleanings are recommended by carpet manufacturers because they remove the dry soil that will cause damage over time.  An annual steam cleaning will remove dry soil, keep your warranty valid and extend the life of your carpet.

You deserve the best summer possible, so get outside and play with your kids and pets.  Just don’t leave that dry soil linger in your carpet longer than necessary.  Let Carter’s help keep your Folsom home clean with an annual carpet cleaning.  Just call when you’re ready to schedule a carpet cleaning in Folsom or even Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Cameron Park and other surrounding areas. If you’re looking for area rug cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning or carpet cleaning in Folsom, just call.  You’ll be glad you did!  916-933-7807.

Folsom Carpet Cleaning Service

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You’ve seen the big trucks around and it’s easy to see why Carter’s is the number one Folsom Carpet Cleaning Service.

folsom carpet cleaning service, carpet cleaner, folsom, steam cleaning, tile cleaning

Folsom Carpet Cleaning Service

The best Folsom Carpet Cleaning Service begins with proper equipment and quality cleaning products. With Carter’s Carpet Restoration, it goes even further than that. You get the deepest carpet cleaning, highly trained and certified technicians, and your carpet will be dry to the touch before the guys even leave your home!

carpet cleaning

Equipment used for carpet cleaning.

Obviously, equipment used in the carpet cleaning process plays a huge part in just how clean your carpet will become. The power and heat generated by the huge Carter trucks is significantly stronger than any other cleaning machine out there. The results are cleaner, softer carpet that will be dry to the touch when the technicians leave your home.

Quality cleaning products are an important factor in choosing your Folsom Carpet Cleaning Service. As you may know, not all cleaning products are the same. Just think of your laundry . . . you’ve probably tried the cheaper detergent. It just doesn’t get the job done like some of the major brands. The same is true for carpet cleaning products. If you want the best results, you’ve got to invest in the right cleaning products.

The same is true for carpet cleaners. You have to invest in quality employees, and Carter’s does just that. Carter technicians are some of the best in the business. Plus, they are friendly, trustworthy and kind. All of the guys have been background screened and you’ll likely enjoy having them in your home.

Carter’s certainly won’t be the cheapest Folsom Carpet Cleaning Service out there. If you’re looking for the $99 special, keep looking, but if you’re looking for quality the you’ve come to the right place. Call today, 916-933-7807. You’ll be glad you did!

Best Folsom Carpet Cleaning

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Folsom rug cleaning, carpet cleaner folsom, carpt cleaning

Best FOLSOM carpet cleaning

Choose Carter’s for the best Folsom carpet cleaning.  You can trust this local, family run business with all your cleaning needs.  Carter’s has been providing the best Folsom carpet cleaning for over 20 years!

Carter’s isn’t a large franchise, and they won’t send just anyone to your home.  Carter’s is a high-end carpet cleaning and tile cleaning company that offers the best Folsom carpet cleaning around.  Besides having the best employees, you get the latest in carpet cleaning technology.

Your cleaning starts with a huge Aero Tech truck that is the strongest cleaning machine made, not just a cleaning van or portable machine.  This truck gives you the highest temperature steam and the strongest vacuum power.

carpet cleaning

Equipment used for carpet cleaning.

Next, your carpet is cleaned with a rotary extractor – not just a wand.  The extractor works hard, offering you 700 cleaning passes in a single minute.  Plus, the cleaning products are all green and non-toxic so they are safe for your home and your family.  If a stronger cleaning agent ever needs to be used, the technician will ask your permission.  Finally, high-tech fans are used to speed dry your carpet.  These fans are called “air movers” because of the large amounts of air that they force down into your carpet fibers.  Carter’s truly offers the best Folsom carpet cleaning.

There isn’t another company that comes close to the quality of cleaning you get when you choose Carter’s for your carpet cleaning and tile cleaning needs.  Call today to find out more about the best Folsom carpet cleaning.

Folsom Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repair

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The best Folsom carpet cleaning and carpet repair is what you can expect from Carter’s Carpet Restoration.

Carpet Cleaning Folsom, Rug Cleaning Folsom, Folsom Steam Cleaning

Before and after photos of a Folsom Carpet Cleaning by Carter’s Carpet Restoration.

The above photo shows just how clean Carter’s can get a heavily soiled carpet.  Your carpet is probably in better condition than the carpet in the photos, however extreme images like this show you just how powerful a carpet cleaning you get with Carter’s. You get the most powerful carpet cleaning equipment made starting with true truck mounted equipment, rotary extractors especially made for carpet cleaning, top of the line carpet cleaning products, and high-speed air movers used to dry your floors after a carpet cleaning. The combination of this unique equipment gives you the deepest and best Folsom carpet cleaning available.

Did you know that Carter’s also offers carpet repairs? You can have your carpet re-stretched or even have burn marks replaced with a patch.

Folsom carpet repair, folsom carpet re-stretching,

Folsom carpet repair showing a carpet re-stretch.

Over time your carpet can relax and get unsightly wrinkles. These wrinkles are bothersome to look at, and can even be dangerous because they make your walking surface uneven and a possible hazard for trips or falls. Carter’s Carpet Restoration has skilled technicians who are trained in carpet repairs and carpet re-stretching. Call the office today to schedule a free in-home estimate to see what Carter’s can to for you.

916-933-7807 or contact us!

Carpet Cleaning in Folsom

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The best carpet cleaning in Folsom is exactly what you will get from Carter’s Carpet Restoration.  You want a company you can trust.  You also want the best carpet cleaning available.  And you want your carpet dry.  You should choose Carter’s.  Here’s why:

Folsom Carpet Cleaning

Images from a carpet cleaning in Folsom.

First, you get the best equipment with Carter’s.  Oversized trucks, rotary extractors, and air movers are used on every carpet cleaning in Folsom job.  The trucks give you the deepest extraction and highest temperature steam.  The extractor provides intense agitation and down-pressure.  The air movers get your carpet “dry to the touch” before the technicians leave your home.  The end result is the best carpet cleaning in Folsom you will ever have.

Next, you can trust Carter’s Carpet Restoration.  It’s a locally owned and family operated business.  The Carter family lives in this community and they raise their children here.  They provide a quality service that they are proud to offer.  All the employees are local, and they have been back-ground screened.  Dean will tell you himself, that he wouldn’t hire anyone that he wouldn’t invite into his own home.  And that’s the truth.  Click here to meet the family or see the technicians.

Finally, just ask around.  Carter’s has been voted best carpet cleaning in Folsom by the Folsom Telegraph, Village Life, Style Magazines, and the Mountain Democrat!  You’ll also get a phone call about a week after your cleaning to make sure you were satisfied with your carpet cleaning in Folsom.  Carter’s offers the deepest carpet cleaning in Folsom.  Call today!  You’ll be glad you did.

Carter’s Carpet Restoration

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If you’re looking for the best steam cleaning company around, you’ve found it!  Carter’s Carpet Restoration is a local, family run business that takes pride in their cleaning and their customer service.  Did you know Carter’s is consistently voted best carpet cleaner, year after year, by the Style Magazines, Folsom Telegraph, Village Life and The Mountain Democrat?  Not all carpet cleaners are the same, there’s a difference in cleaning equipment, cleaning products, and employees.  With Carter’s you’re guaranteed the best of everything!

dean karen carter
Dean & Karen Carter

In business since 1989, Dean & Karen Carter will provide you with the best carpet cleaning available.  And that’s a guarantee!  You’ll be pleased to know this premier professional carpet cleaning business maintains a consistent A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  All employees are background screened and uniformed.  You can even meet your technician before he arrives at your home.

Carpet Cleaning

You may be surprised to learn that Carter’s offers more than just one type of carpet cleaning.  Check out the carpet cleaning page to decide which cleaning, either dry-steam or VLM (very low moisture) is right for you.

Carter’s certainly doesn’t claim to be the cheapest company around.  They don’t offer a “$99 whole house special” and they don’t do “bait and switch” marketing.  If you’re serious about getting the best cleaning possible, start with Carter’s.  You pay by the square foot, not by the room.  Carter’s measures up the areas of carpet that you want cleaned, and that’s what you pay for.  There are no pushy salesmen or hidden fees for heavily soiled areas.  You should know that pet odor removal is an additional expense.  Please, be sure to mention any pet issues you may be concerned about when you call for a free estimate.

Area Rug Cleaning

Wool Rug Cleaning, Oriental Rug Cleaning, Heirloom Rug Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning
El Dorado Hills Area Rug Cleaning

Just like people, area rugs are incredibly diverse and beautiful!  Their size, color, shape and fiber all vary greatly.  You have many options for area rug cleaning.  You can bring your rugs directly to the Carter’s office and cleaning facility, conveniently located in El Dorado Hills.  Rugs can also be cleaned in your home, during one of your regular carpet cleaning appointments.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

El Dorado Hills Tile Cleaning

With the most powerful trucks around, Carter’s is the obvious choice for stone, tile and grout cleaning. Carter’s uses the combination of steam and extraction to remove deep down soil from porous grout lines. The results are often incredible!

Wood Floor Cleaning

Besides just cleaning your wood floors, Carter’s has the ability to strip away wax finishes. Consider having a protective finish applied to really make your wood floors shine! Have questions about a wood floor cleaning? Call today, you’ll be glad you did!

El Dorado Hills Wood Floor Cleaning

If you have questions about price or procedure on any of the services, just call.  Dean and Karen will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with an estimate.  You can also call to schedule an in-home estimate with no obligation.

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