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Best Folsom Carpet Cleaner

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There’s a reason that Carter’s is consistently voted best Folsom Carpet Cleaner.  It’s because of quality, trust, and experience.  There isn’t better carpet cleaning in Folsom, guaranteed! With Carter’s you always get the deepest and safest carpet cleaning and the fastest dry time available! Carter’s uses the most recent cleaning technology, superior Aerotech truck mounts and HOSS 700 rotary extractors.  Carter’s is easily the best Folsom Carpet Cleaner around.


Folsom Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Cleaner Folsom

Best Folsom Carpet Cleaner


You will experience true customer service with superior carpet cleaning technology.  There’s no doubt about it, Carter’s is the Best Folsom Carpet Cleaner, guaranteed! Did you know that Carter’s charges by the square foot – not by the room – so you only pay for what you actually have cleaned.  Please keep in mind, pet urine removals is an additional expense. If you suspect your carpet has issues with pet odor, please call or read more about your treatment options.

Once you make your appointment, you’ll be greeted by uniformed technicians who will treat you with respect and kindness.  They will arrive in a large carpet cleaning truck and will have name badges on. You can trust that all Carter technicians have been thoroughly background screened, and are certified by the IICRC in carpet cleaning. Your technician will measure the area of carpet you would like cleaned and then give you an exact price. Once you approve the cost, your technicians will get to work.  Rest assured, he is the Best Folsom Carpet Cleaner!  All the Carter techs are.

The Carter Dry-Steam process begins with pre-treatment. A green carpet cleaning agent is applied to your carpet fiber to help loosen dirt, dander and soil deposits.  Next, your carpet is cleaned with a HOSS-700 rotary extractor. This extractor is connected to the truck for a steady supply of high temperature steam, and powerful vacuum extraction power. Please know, the truck will be running during the cleaning process, and it can be loud. After the cleaning, your carpet is hand groomed with a carpet rake or carpet brush to give it a lush look and feel of nearly new carpet. Additionally, large air movers are used to help speed the drying time. Finally, you will be asked to walk through your home with your technicians to make sure you are fully satisfied with the work of the best Folsom Carpet Cleaner around!

Call or email Carter’s today, you’ll be glad you did!

Best Folsom Carpet Cleaning

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Best FOLSOM carpet cleaning

Choose Carter’s for the best Folsom carpet cleaning.  You can trust this local, family run business with all your cleaning needs.  Carter’s has been providing the best Folsom carpet cleaning for over 20 years!

Carter’s isn’t a large franchise, and they won’t send just anyone to your home.  Carter’s is a high-end carpet cleaning and tile cleaning company that offers the best Folsom carpet cleaning around.  Besides having the best employees, you get the latest in carpet cleaning technology.

Your cleaning starts with a huge Aero Tech truck that is the strongest cleaning machine made, not just a cleaning van or portable machine.  This truck gives you the highest temperature steam and the strongest vacuum power.

carpet cleaning

Equipment used for carpet cleaning.

Next, your carpet is cleaned with a rotary extractor – not just a wand.  The extractor works hard, offering you 700 cleaning passes in a single minute.  Plus, the cleaning products are all green and non-toxic so they are safe for your home and your family.  If a stronger cleaning agent ever needs to be used, the technician will ask your permission.  Finally, high-tech fans are used to speed dry your carpet.  These fans are called “air movers” because of the large amounts of air that they force down into your carpet fibers.  Carter’s truly offers the best Folsom carpet cleaning.

There isn’t another company that comes close to the quality of cleaning you get when you choose Carter’s for your carpet cleaning and tile cleaning needs.  Call today to find out more about the best Folsom carpet cleaning.

Folsom Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repair

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The best Folsom carpet cleaning and carpet repair is what you can expect from Carter’s Carpet Restoration.

Carpet Cleaning Folsom, Rug Cleaning Folsom, Folsom Steam Cleaning

Before and after photos of a Folsom Carpet Cleaning by Carter’s Carpet Restoration.

The above photo shows just how clean Carter’s can get a heavily soiled carpet.  Your carpet is probably in better condition than the carpet in the photos, however extreme images like this show you just how powerful a carpet cleaning you get with Carter’s. You get the most powerful carpet cleaning equipment made starting with true truck mounted equipment, rotary extractors especially made for carpet cleaning, top of the line carpet cleaning products, and high-speed air movers used to dry your floors after a carpet cleaning. The combination of this unique equipment gives you the deepest and best Folsom carpet cleaning available.

Did you know that Carter’s also offers carpet repairs? You can have your carpet re-stretched or even have burn marks replaced with a patch.

Folsom carpet repair, folsom carpet re-stretching,

Folsom carpet repair showing a carpet re-stretch.

Over time your carpet can relax and get unsightly wrinkles. These wrinkles are bothersome to look at, and can even be dangerous because they make your walking surface uneven and a possible hazard for trips or falls. Carter’s Carpet Restoration has skilled technicians who are trained in carpet repairs and carpet re-stretching. Call the office today to schedule a free in-home estimate to see what Carter’s can to for you.

916-933-7807 or contact us!

Carpet Cleaning in Folsom

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The best carpet cleaning in Folsom is exactly what you will get from Carter’s Carpet Restoration.  You want a company you can trust.  You also want the best carpet cleaning available.  And you want your carpet dry.  You should choose Carter’s.  Here’s why:

Folsom Carpet Cleaning

Images from a carpet cleaning in Folsom.

First, you get the best equipment with Carter’s.  Oversized trucks, rotary extractors, and air movers are used on every carpet cleaning in Folsom job.  The trucks give you the deepest extraction and highest temperature steam.  The extractor provides intense agitation and down-pressure.  The air movers get your carpet “dry to the touch” before the technicians leave your home.  The end result is the best carpet cleaning in Folsom you will ever have.

Next, you can trust Carter’s Carpet Restoration.  It’s a locally owned and family operated business.  The Carter family lives in this community and they raise their children here.  They provide a quality service that they are proud to offer.  All the employees are local, and they have been back-ground screened.  Dean will tell you himself, that he wouldn’t hire anyone that he wouldn’t invite into his own home.  And that’s the truth.  Click here to meet the family or see the technicians.

Finally, just ask around.  Carter’s has been voted best carpet cleaning in Folsom by the Folsom Telegraph, Village Life, Style Magazines, and the Mountain Democrat!  You’ll also get a phone call about a week after your cleaning to make sure you were satisfied with your carpet cleaning in Folsom.  Carter’s offers the deepest carpet cleaning in Folsom.  Call today!  You’ll be glad you did.

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