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One Simple Trick to Move Heavy Furniture

You may not think of a carpet cleaner as the typical heavy furniture mover, but quite the opposite is true. Carpet cleaners move heavy furniture on a daily basis.  Are they experts? Probably not, but they do know one simple trick.  Invest in a set of furniture movers. Furniture movers are a simple tool that can save you a lot of energy and time. These little moving men, as they are sometimes called have a

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Granite Bay Carpet Repais

Granite Bay Carpet Repairs

Granite Bay Carpet Repairs are a specialty of Carter’s Carpet Restoration. Trained to the highest standard, Carter technicians will get the job done right with results that will please you! Carter’s can take care of nearly all Granite Bay Carpet Repairs. Carter expertise ranges from inserting patches to remove unsightly burn marks to something as large as a whole house carpet re-stretch. Granite Bay Carpet Repairs When it comes to Granite Bay Carpet Repairs, the

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