Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is similar to carpet cleaning in a few ways.  First, your upholstery is pre-treated with a cleaning agent designed to loosen soil and body oil deposits that attach to your upholstery simply from regular use.  The fabric is gently agitated with an upholstery brush.  This agitation is part of the cleaning process.  Next, two hoses are run through your home.  One supplies steam for the upholstery cleaning process and the other provides vacuum to extract the soil and moisture during the cleaning process.  Your upholstery is carefully cleaned with a special tool that is designed to provide steam and vacuum at the same time.  Basically, steam is used as a carrier to remove the soil and oil deposits, along with the cleaning product.  Then the vacuum or extraction just pulls all of the soil, moisture, and cleaning product out.  You’re left with clean, residue free upholstery!

Regular maintenance of your upholstery is important.  To extend the life of your furniture, be sure to vacuum it on a regular basis and have a steam cleaning done every few years.  Keep in mind that families and homes are different!  The family with 3 children and 2 dogs may want to invest in an annual upholstery steam cleaning, while the individuals who live pet and child-free may not need their upholstery cleaned nearly as often.  Upholstery cleaning removes built-up soil and oils that your eyes don’t always notice.

Carter’s uses high-quality, green cleaning agents and special tooling to clean standard upholstery, micro-fiber, and even leather furniture.  There’s no job too small!  Did you know you can even have dinette chairs cleaned?  And the results are often fabulous!  Call now for an estimate on furniture cleaning or leather cleaning.

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