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Grout Color Sealing

Grout color sealing is a permanent, water proof sealant that can drastically change the look of your old or outdated tile, or simply make regular cleaning a lot easier!

When you choose color seal, you can leave all the hard scrubbing behind!  First, call and schedule a free in-home estimate.  Your technician will inspect your tile and grout to make sure that grout color sealing is right for your home.   If grout color sealing works for you, Carter’s will clean your existing tile and grout.  Next, the grout color sealant will be applied to the surface of your grout lines only.  It does not alter your ceramic or porcelain tile – only the grout lines.

There are two primary benefits to grout color sealant.  First, the sealant is water proof.  Permanently waterproof!  What this means is that water and soil can no longer penetrate your grout lines.  Spills simply wipe up!  The soil and water will pool on the surface of the grout, rather than absorbing into the grout channels.  Unsealed grout can be compared to concrete – it absorbs moisture and soil, which can permanently alter the look of your floors.  When you choose a grout color sealant, this absorption no longer takes place.

The second benefit to grout color sealing is the ability to change the appearance of your tile.  When you choose a color sealant, you also choose the new color!  There are many colors to choose from and your technician will present you with a variety of colors that will work for you and your home.  Remember, this is a permanent change and will not be removed with future cleanings.  Simply changing the color of the grout can often transform the look the entire floor or room.

Once the grout color sealant is applied and the tile floor is wiped cleaned, your floor is ready for use immediately.  No more monotonous scrubbing!  Simply clean with warm water or a mild detergent on a regular basis.

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