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Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

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Check out these simple Spring Cleaning tips. Two are great money and time savers, the other is just a fun and natural way to personalize your Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Three simple Spring Cleaning tips to make life easier.

Dusting Tip

Save a few dollars with this Spring Cleaning Tip. Don’t purchase a special duster to clean the higher levels in your home, like cabinet tops and crown molding. Instead, try using a broom, rubber band and microfiber cloth to dust those taller spots. Simply cover the bristles of your broom with a clean microfiber cloth and secure it with a rubber band.  Microfiber is an excellent dust catcher, and unlike some dusting products, it can be washed and reused time and time again.  Remember not to use fabric softener when washing your microfiber towels, over time fabric softener will make them less effective in catching dust.

spring cleaning tips

Use a broom, microfiber cloth and rubber band to make the ultimate cleaning tool for crown molding.

Citrus & Vinegar

Have you been thinking of making your own cleaning solution? It may not be easier, but it can certainly be rewarding.  It’s nice to know that your cleaning solution is safe for your family, your pets, and your home.  If you’re looking to experiment with a homemade cleaning solution, keep it simple and start vinegar and citrus.  Combine sliced citrus and vinegar in a large mason jar, seal and store in a dark place for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, strain the citrus out. Mix the citrus vinegar with equal parts water and pour into a spray bottle.  Clean cautiously at first, high concentrations of acid from the citrus can discolor fabric  and it’s not recommended for stone cleaning.  Some people just soak the citrus rinds in vinegar to keep the acid level lower.

spring cleaning tips

Use citrus and vinegar to make your own cleaning solution.


Unwanted Pet Hair

This next Spring Cleaning Tip is a true time saver, especially when you need to quickly freshen up upholstery.  Rather than pull out your vacuum, try using a rubber glove to remove pet hair.  Simply put on a clean, latex glove. The disposable kind is best, and it can certainly be reused for this type of cleaning. With medium pressure, move your gloved hand across the surface of microfiber cushions or standard upholstery.  The pet hair should stick to the glove and easily lift off the upholstery.  This is a great trick for dinette chairs, especially if you have a pet who likes to nap under the table.

Spring Cleaning Tip

Tidy up any room by quickly collecting pet hair with a rubber glove.

You can certainly save time and money with the right Spring Cleaning Tips. You can also personalize your cleaning with DIY cleaners. Enjoy the clean!

Who Should Vacuum Before a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

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Carpet should certainly be vacuumed prior to a professional carpet cleaning. A pre-vacuum removes dry soil, surface dust, and dander so you get a deeper cleaning. But should you vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning? Or should the carpet cleaner take care of the vacuuming? In short, YOU should vacuum. Read on to learn why . . .

carpet cleanining, vacuum

Who should vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning?

The simple reason for this post is that some consumers prefer that their carpet cleaner do the vacuuming before their professional carpet cleaning. The opinion of this business is that YOU should vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning, with your own vacuum cleaner. To put it simply, you do not want something from another home transported into your home via a traveling vacuum cleaner.

Unfortunately, many homes may not be as clean as yours. And realistically, you’d like to keep it that way. A traveling vacuum, or a vacuum that a cleaning service brings from home to home, may be transporting bacteria, germs, fleas, and even urine deposits with it. Most vacuum cleaners have brushes that touch and agitate the surface of your carpet. They pick up and remove soil, dust, and dander from your carpet’s surface. They also pick up microscopic debris, which can live on the vacuum’s brushes. Additionally, if fleas are sucked up into the vacuum bag at the previous customer’s home they could now be in your home. To avoid this type of situation, just vacuum with your own machine.

Yes, vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning.

Yes, vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning.

In short, yes, carpet should be vacuumed before a professional carpet cleaning and YOU should be the one to take care of the cleaning. You will ensure that you’re keeping your home cleaner and that germs, fleas, and urine are not being brought into your home via a traveling vacuum. The extra 20 minutes it takes you to vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning will certainly be worth the peace of mind. Happy cleaning!