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Tile Cleaning in El Dorado Hills

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Professional tile cleaning can often give impressive results because of the combination of steam and extraction. You’re only removing the surface soil when you mop or swiffer. Did you know that a professional tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills removes deep down soil that a surface cleaning isn’t able to?

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Tile Cleaning in Folsom

If you live in Folsom, El Dorado Hills or a nearby area, consider investing in a tile cleaning from Carter’s. A professional tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills combines the power of steam, vacuum a specialized cleaning solution to remove deep down soil. Over time, soil builds up in grout lines and regular surface cleanings just can’t remove it. Looking to renew the look of your tile or stone without the expensive cost of replacement then a professional steam cleaning may be exactly what you need. Professional tile cleaning can often bring life back into your floors, show stalls and counter-tops.

Tile Cleaning Video

Tile and grout are notoriously difficult to clean, but not if you have the right tools. Carter’s runs large truck mounted equipment, unique tile cleaning tools, and premium cleaning agents that result in superior tile cleaning. This special equipment offers high pressure steam that reaches deep down into grout lines to agitate soil deposits. At the same time a strong vacuum is happening. The vacuum pulls out the soil, along with the steam and cleaning solution. You’re left with the cleanest tile and grout possible!

Tile Cleaning Process

Prior to cleaning, Carter’s will inspect your tile or stone for any stains, loose grout, or potentially difficult areas. Next, the technician will apply a special cleaning solution to help breakdown deeper soil and stains. Agitating the tile will be done by hand or machine depending on the style, type and condition of your floors. Finally, the high pressure steam cleaning takes place under the cover of a unique tool that contains the steam and vacuum in a controlled environment.

Tile Grout Cleaning El Dorado Hills

Have questions or want to schedule a tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills? Email or call now! You’ll be glad you did! 916-933-7807.

Steam Cleaning for Tile

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steam cleaning for tile

Carter’s El Dorado Hills location offers so much more than just carpet cleaning. The team at Carter’s also specializes in all types of hard surface cleaning, including steam cleaning for tile. Carter’s also offers a VLM (very low moisture) cleaning for your wood floors. These unique cleanings can really get your hard surfaces looking like new again.

Regular Tile Cleaning

Even with regular cleaning, grout lines can become discolored because soil settles into the tiny, porous holes in grout. A steam cleaning for tile will help remove soil by using steam and vacuum, which pulls the soil out of the porous grout instead of just moving it around.

Think about mopping your tile floors. You use water, cleaning solution and a mop to wipe the surface of the tile, but the mop doesn’t lift any of the soil that builds in the grout lines. That’s were steam cleaning for tile can make a significant difference in the look of your grout lines.

Steam Cleaning for Tile

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Steam Cleaning for Tile

It’s really the combination of the steam and vacuum that make the biggest difference with a steam cleaning for tile. High-pressure steam is sprayed into the porous grout lines to lift and loosen the soil. At the same time, vacuum pulls the water and soil out into a waste tank on the powerful Carter truck. Clean grout lines and sparkling tile will be all that remains!

Spring Tile Cleaning

clean wood floor and area rug.

With Spring just around the corner, start thinking of steam cleaning for tile to get your floors back into shape! Keep in mind that Carter’s offers may types of steam cleaning services including carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning and even cement floor cleaning. The Carter team also has the knowledge to strip wax off wood floors and tile floors. Call now to find out what Carter’s can do for you, 916-933-7807.

Best Tile Cleaning in El Dorado Hills

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Looking for the best tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills?  Look no further!  Carter’s Carpet Restoration is so much more than just carpet cleaning.  Carter’s specializes in all things steam cleaning, including pet odor removal, upholstery cleaning, wood floor cleaning and the best tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills!

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Best tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills

Carter’s is locally owned and family operated so you’re sure to get the best tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills, guaranteed! Carter’s uses steam to gently clean your stone or tile surfaces. The high-pressure steam is used to agitate and loosen soil deposits so they can be extracted during the cleaning process, leaving you with the best tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills. Keep in mind that Carter’s can clean nearly all hard surfaces, including showers, counter tops, stone floors, tile floors, and especially grout lines.

tile cleaning el dorado hills

Examples of stone and tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills.

Many people wonder if a professional tile cleaning is really going to make a difference in the appearance of their floors, and if it’s worth the expense. More often than not, the answer is yes. A professional cleaning uses the power of steam to remove soil that has settled deep into the grout lines – places that you just can’t reach with surface cleaning. Carter’s offers free estimates and they can even do a “test-spot” on your tile so you can see what the results will look like.

Be sure to check out the gallery to see actual examples of tile cleaning done by Carter’s.

Call today to schedule your free estimate and get the best tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills! You’ll be glad you did. 916-933-7807.

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