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Purchasing New Carpet Tips

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Purchasing New Carpet

It’s not everyday that you find yourself purchasing new carpet so take it from a carpet cleaner, there’s a lot more to consider than simply cost. As the leading carpet cleaner in El Dorado County, we see many types of carpet on a daily basis. We know what holds up to heavy traffic, pet accidents, and the infamous “red dirt” in our area. Consider the retailer, the fiber and the pad. What your carpet is made from and its installation will have a significant effect on how it looks a year from now, and in years to come.

Carpet Retailers

As tempting as it seems, avoid the big box store when purchasing new carpet. They typically lure customers in with very low prices or free installation but there’s a catch. Big box stores don’t always sell a quality carpet or use the finest carpet installers, which will result in problems down the road. Stick with a smaller, local carpet retailer if possible because you’ll likely get a more informed salesperson and a qualified installer.

purchasing new carpet tips

Selecting Carpet Fiber

Opt for a 100% nylon fiber when purchasing new carpet. There are other synthetic carpet fibers, like olefin and polyester, but they don’t hold up to wear like nylon does. These cheaper synthetic carpets often end up with an irreversible “matted” look in a short period of time. Keep in mind that regular carpet cleaning will remove soil, but it doesn’t reverse wear.

Obviously, there are many factors to consider when making a new carpet purchase. If you’re looking for a lifetime, highest quality carpet you may want to look at a natural fiber carpet made of wool. If you own or manage some rental properties and know the carpet will be replaced every few years, the cheaper synthetics may be a better option for you. Generally speaking, 100% nylon carpet is a good balance between cost and quality.

purchasing new carpet

Purchasing Carpet Pad

Choose a 7 or 8 pound carpet pad to support your new carpet. Carpet pad is literally just that, the support system. A 8 pound pad may feel a bit stiff but it will hold up to traffic and extend the life of your carpet. If you choose something too soft, like 6 pound, it will breakdown prematurely and your carpet won’t be supported properly. In this type of situation, the carpet begins to fail shortly after the pad and you’ll end up replacing them again.
You’re best to select a carpet that feels soft, not the carpet padding.

Be sure to read this post if you are curious about Pet Proof Carpet Pad.

Carpet is a big purchase. Do your homework by researching the carpet retailer you intend to work with. Choose a quality nylon carpet and be sure to invest in a good pad. Then stretch out and enjoy your new carpet for years to come!

Is it better to wear shoes or go barefoot on carpet?

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UPDATE:  This article has been updated from it’s original version.  Originally, it stated that your feet have oil glands and the oil left behind on your carpet would attract soil.  This is not true!  It was brought to our attention by a reader that the soles of your feet do not have oil glands.  BUT they do have sweat glands.  The end result being similar.

is it better to wear shoes or have barefeet on carpet

Many people think that going barefoot on carpet is best.  Not true – you’re better off in socks or clean, rubber soled shoes, here’s why:

Your skin naturally releases moisture in the form of sweat or oils.  That moisture or sweat will transfer from your foot to the carpet, leaving trace amounts across the surface of your carpet fibers.

Body moisture on your carpet, even in tiny amounts, is not good.  It will attract dust, dirt and dander.  So when you go barefoot in your home, you’re leaving sweat on the surface of the carpet then soil is attracted to it.  You certainly won’t notice a difference immediately, however, over time the soils will build up.

Wear Shoes or Socks

Wear your shoes or socks – your shoes will track in dust, dander and even mud.  But shoes will typically leave behind dry soil that can be vacuumed up.  Ideally, a pair of clean slippers at the front door will keep your carpet looking it’s best.  Just slip off the out-door shoes, and put on the indoor slippers when you make the transition from outside to in.

So to answer the timeless question; is it better to wear shoes or go barefoot on carpet?  The answer is socks or clean, rubber-soled shoes.

How to Dry Your Carpet After a Storm Water Flood

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Storm Water Flood

storm water flood, carpet drying, carpet flood water,

Dealing with a storm water flood in your carpet is no picnic.  A flood can range from a small inconvenience to a hazardous situation.  If you find yourself with damp carpet or an inch of standing water, remember two words: extraction and drying!  Depending on the amount of flood water in your carpet, you’ll likely need to consult with a professional for advice and/or service.  There are a few things you can do immediately to remedy the flood situation in your home.

NOTE:  This advice is intended for homeowners who have experienced a small amount of storm water invading their home or carpet.  Each situation is different and you should always consult with a professional when dealing with potential mold situations.

Storm Water Extraction

Extraction is the most important thing to remember when storm water floods your carpet.  You’ll want to act quickly, begin removing the storm water right away.  Hopefully, you have access to a wet/dry shop-vacuum.  A shop vac will be the most effective tool in removing water from your carpet.  Take your time with extraction.  If you don’t have access to a shop-vac, get a stack of clean, dry towels.  Lay the towels across the flooded area and allow them to absorb water and moisture.  Remove the saturated towels, and quickly replace with clean, dry towels.  Most flood situations will require you to address the carpet pad directly.

If you’ve experienced more than just a bit of flood water, the carpet pad will need to be replaced.  Pull back your carpet from the nearest corner, just lift it off the tack strip and pull away.  Once the wet pad has been exposed, cut it out.  You will either replace the pad with a similar pad, or hang the wet carpet pad to dry completely.  There are not many situations where carpet pad can be re-used.  Once the carpet, sub-floor, and pad are all dry you can re-assemble and re-install the carpet.  A local carpet cleaner can be hired to do a re-install for you, if needed.

NOTE:  Carpet pad that has been saturated with water will need to be replaced because it can harbor moisture and eventually allow mold growth.  Consult with a professional if you have concerns about your carpet padding being wet or heavily saturated with storm water.   

Drying Your Carpet

Once you’ve removed as much flood water (and carpet pad, if needed) as possible, you should begin the drying process. The best way to dry carpet that has been exposed to flood water is with fans. Use any box fans or oscillating fans that you have in your home.  Position them so they blow directly on the area of carpet that was flooded with storm water. Turn on any ceiling fans.  You want to move as much air as possible.  If you’ve pulled the carpet up and removed padding, drape the carpet over a stool or box to expose more of it to air movement.  Set your thermostat somewhere between 65 and 70 degrees. Open a window near the drying carpet, just an inch or so. The cracked window will allow moisture to escape from your home.

storm water flood, drying carpet, carpet flood, wet carpet, how to dry carpetWhen to Call a Professional?

A professional should be called if the storm water continues to invade your home. A water damage professional will have a pump to redirect the flood waters. Additionally, if your carpet or home is flooded with black water, or sewage water, call a professional right away. This would be considered a hazardous situation, and should be left to professionals. You may also want to consult with a professional if storm flooding is an ongoing problem or if storm water has saturated any walls or baseboards. Your local carpet cleaner should be able to refer you to a water damage expert in your area.

Having your home or carpet flooded with storm water is no fun. Many times, the storm water is minimal and can be handled by the homeowner by simply extracting the flood water, and drying the carpet quickly. Just remember, professionals are available for the more severe storm water flooding.

Placerville Carpet Cleaner

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placerville carpet cleaner

Did you know Carter’s Carpet Restoration is continually voted Best Placerville Carpet Cleaner in multiple, local publications?  There are two reasons that you can trust Carter’s as your Placerville carpet cleaner – quality and customer service!

Best Placerville Carpet Cleaner

Carter’s is a local, family owned business offering the highest quality carpet cleaning available.  Carter’s has been serving the Placerville area and El Dorado County since 1989.  That’s over 20 years of carpet cleaning experience!  Local residents Dean and Karen Carter own and operate this small, family run business.  For decades, they have enjoyed living in this rural community and are currently their family in this great little town.  With 20+ years of experience and a focus on customer service, it’s easy to see why Carter’s is the best Placerville carpet cleaner!

Superior Carpet Cleaning in Placerville

Are you looking for the deepest carpet cleaning available?  Look no further, you’ll find it with Carter’s.  With a dry-steam carpet cleaning, your carpet will be dry to the touch when the technicians leave your home.  Carter’s uses state-of-the-art truck-mounted equipment.  The trucks really do make a difference with cleaning quality and dry time.  The over-sized trucks give you a true steam cleaning.  They have the strongest vacuum power available and remove quite a bit more moisture than the average carpet cleaner.  Additionally, the over sized trucks get the steam to a much higher temperature than regular cleaning vans or portable carpet cleaning machines.  Steam temperature is important, because the hotter you get something, the faster it will dry.  Carter’s is known for removing excess moisture and more soil than your average carpet cleaning van, you can’t beat these high-tech machines on a full-size service truck.
carpet cleaning

Placerville Pet Odor Removal

Pet odor removal is one of Carter’s specialties.  We all love our pets and have probably experienced an occasional pet accident.  Fortunately Carter’s uses the best green carpet cleaning products, and your technician will know exactly how to deal with pet odor issues.  Carter’s can neutralize nearly any pet odor problem.  Often, Carter’s removes pet odor that other cleaners can’t.  Pet urine removal is an additional expense, on top of carpet cleaning alone.  If you suspect cat or dog urine in your carpet, please be sure to let your technician know prior to your carpet cleaning.  Your technician will inspect any urine damage, and give you treatment options.

Trust Placerville’s Original Carpet Cleaner

By popular vote, Carter’s is Placerville’s first choice in carpet cleaning.  If your carpet does not look as good as it should, call the Placerville Carpet Cleaner local residents trust most.  Call today to find out what Carter’s Carpet Restoration can do for your Placerville home!

Best Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning

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Carter’s Carpet Restoration provides the best Cameron Park carpet cleaning!  There isn’t better carpet cleaning service in Cameron Park, guaranteed! With Carter’s, you always get the deepest green carpet cleaning and the fastest dry time available!  Carter’s uses state of the art carpet cleaning technology, superior VORTEX truck mounts, and rotary extractors to give you the best Cameron Park carpet cleaning available.

best Cameron Park carpet cleaning

Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning by the Square Foot

There’s no doubt about it: Carter’s delivers the Best Cameron Park carpet cleaning.  You will experience the best customer service from your technicians. In turn, they deliver the best results from superior carpet cleaning technology.  Plus, Carter’s charges by the square foot; not by the room. So, you only pay for what we clean.  Remember, Pet Odor Removal uses a special carpet cleaning technique and treatments. As you might expect, this involves a separate and reasonable fee.  Do you have pet odor concerns? If so, please call or read more about your pet odor removal and treatment options.

Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning Professionals

First, uniformed technicians meet you at your door.  They wear name badges, and they arrive in a large carpet cleaning truck.  You can trust that all Carter’s technicians passed their thorough background screen. Further, the IICRC certifies each tech in carpet cleaning.  Before they begin, your technicians measure your target carpet cleaning area. Next, they offer treatments and provide you an exact price. At this point, you may consider options or simply approve the cost. At this point, your technicians go to work!

Carpet Cleaning – Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The best Cameron Park carpet cleaning begins with pre-treatment.  First, the techs apply a cleaning agent to your carpet to help loosen dirt, dander, and soil from the carpet fiber.  Second, they may agitate the pre-treat with a carpet brush, gently working the solution through the carpet’s fiber. Next, they will clean your carpet with a HOSS-700 rotary extractor.  By connecting the extractor to the truck, your techs access the highest-temperature steam and deepest vacuum power available in Cameron Park.

Meanwhile, the truck supporting your carpet cleaning may seem loud.  After the cleaning, your techs hand groom your carpet to give it a lush look and feel of nearly-new carpet.  In addition, they may place large air movers to help speed the drying time.  Finally, your technicians ask that you walk through your home with them. This way, they can make sure you are satisfied with the best Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning!

Voted Best Carpet Cleaning

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For years Carter’s Carpet Restoration has been consistently voted best carpet cleaning.  Since 1989, Carter’s Carpet Restoration has been offering the very best carpet cleaning to the residents of El Dorado County.  Several years ago, Carter’s Carpet Restoration expanded their service area and began providing Folsom Carpet Cleaning, Granite Bay Carpet Cleaning and serving the Roseville Area.  Carter’s Carpet Restoration is consistently voted best carpet cleaning due to their superior dry-steam cleaning method and amazing dry time.  Carpets are actually Dry-To-The-Touch before the technicians leave your home!

Mountain Democrat Reader’s Choice Award Voted Best Carpet Cleaning 2014:
Residents of El Dorado County have given the Best Carpet Cleaning award to Carter’s Carpet Restoration for eight years running!  Carter’s is proud to serve the residents of the Western Slope providing Placerville Carpet Cleaning, Cameron Park Carpet Cleaning and El Dorado Hills Carpet Cleaning.

Style Magazine Readers Choice 2014:
Since 2009, readers of the Folsom & El Dorado Hills Style Magazine have been voting Carter’s Carpet Restoration best carpet cleaning!  The above link takes you to the page with all the 2014 winners.  To see Carter’s Carpet Restoration, you will have to scroll down the page a bit.

Folsom Telegraph Best of the Best Award 2014:
In 2014, Carter’s was voted best carpet cleaner by the citizens of Folsom!  Thanks Folsom residents!

Better Business Bureau = A+:
Since 1998, Carter’s has been a upstanding member of the local BBB, consistently maintaining an A+ rating.  No complaints, no disputes, just honest carpet cleaning.

For Carter’s Carpet Restoration it is a huge honor to be voted best carpet cleaning by this community!  Carter’s Carpet Restoration takes carpet cleaning seriously.  From educated and professional technicians, to superior cleaning products, and the best cleaning machines made – you can trust that your carpet will be cleaned correctly by professionals.

There’s a reason that Carter’s is consistently voted best carpet cleaning.  If you’re looking for a company that you can trust to do the job right – call today!  You will find out what a makes Carter’s different from other steam cleaning companies.  You’ll be glad you called!  916-933-7807 or email.

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