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The Benefits of Carpet Grooming

Never heard of grooming your carpet?  You may be surprised to know that carpet grooming is done for a variety of reasons.

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What is Carpet Grooming?

Basically, carpet grooming is the act of using a carpet rake or a carpet brush to move carpet fiber back and forth.  Carpet grooming resets the fiber nap back to it’s original state.  When carpet is groomed following a professional cleaning, it can help to speed the dry time.  A carpet cleaner may also use a carpet brush or a rake to loosen soils deposits during a cleaning, or to agitate a cleaning solution that has been applied your the carpet fiber.  Simply put, carpet grooming manipulates the nap or lay of your carpet fibers.

carpet grooming, carpet brush, carpet care

Carpet Brush

carpet grooming, carpet rake, carpet care

Carpet Rake

Should you be grooming your carpet between professional cleaning?  Possibly, here’s why:

Benefits of Carpet Grooming

Regular carpet grooming can extend the life and look of your carpet.  Using a carpet rake or a carpet brush (pictured above) on a regular basis keeps your carpet fibers from matting down.  Over time, regular carpet grooming can delay or even prevent traffic patterns and carpet wear.  Carpet grooming is done by running the carpet brush or rake over your carpet fibers with a bit of pressure.  It actually requires more effort than you might think.  When carpet grooming is done prior to vacuuming, it helps to loosen soil and pet hair which results in a more thorough cleaning.  Grooming after vacuuming can eliminate the lines that a vacuum cleaner leaves on your floors.

Carpet grooming is done with a carpet rake or a carpet brush.  How do you know which groomer if best for your carpet?  Softer and loaded with dense bristles, a carpet brush is used for brushing a low-pile carpet nap.  A carpet rake has fewer bristles but they are longer and more firm.  A carpet rake is used to groom a shag-style, or longer nap carpet.  Both can be purchased at a local janitorial supply company or on-line.

carpet grooming, carpet care, carpet cleaning

Carpet grooming takes some effort, but it will certainly extend the life and beauty of your carpet.

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