Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As a leading residential carpet cleaner in the El Dorado Hills area, Carter’s also specializes in commercial carpet cleaning.

Carter’s offers a unique commercial carpet cleaning process designed to loosen deep, ground in soil prior to the steam-cleaning.  This specialized “scrubbing” followed by a steam cleaning can often save commercial carpet that was thought to be at the end of it’s life.  Taken at an actual job site in Cameron Park, the lead photo on this page shows just how much soil can be removed with Carter’s commercial carpet cleaning.

Commercial carpet cleaning is priced according to soil content, building layout, and carpet size.  Please call to schedule an estimate or for business references.  Below is a reference from a large, local facility.


Matt, General Manager – Ponté Palmero, A Luxury Retirement Village

We’ve been using Carter’s Carpet Restoration for all our residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs at Ponté Palmero.  The technicians are always professional and friendly but the true impressiveness of Carter’s is the commercial carpet cleaning.  After another large, franchise carpet cleaning company attempted to clean our main dining room we thought it simply had to be replaced.  Dean Carter came out and gave us an estimate, he assured me they could restore this commercial carpet because of their unique cleaning process.  I was skeptical, to say the least.  We took a chance and had Carter’s clean the dining room’s commercial carpet, and the results did amaze!  Not to mention, they saved us the expense of replacing the carpet.  We use Carter’s on a regular basis for commercial carpet cleaning and I personally vouch for the quality of their work.

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