Carpet Re-Stretching and Repairs

Is your carpet getting wrinkles?  Before you decide to replace it, consider having Carter’s re-stretch it for you.  Carpet re-stretching is something that will drastically improve the look of your home, plus it can add years to the remaining life of your carpet.  Over time, carpet can relax.  The result is ripples and winkles across your floors.   Carter’s carpet technicians are re-stretching experts.  To get you an accurate price on carpet re-stretching please call to schedule an in-home estimate.  Some things that the guys will inspect while getting you an estimate are the quality and condition of the carpet, the type of sub-floor and tack-strip they will be dealing with, the lay-out of the room and the furniture that will need to be moved.  There are no surprises for you when Carter’s gives you a free in-home estimate for carpet re-stretching.  Call today!

Does your carpet have a small burn mark or permanent stain?  Carter’s can patch that for you!  The technicial name for this type of repair is called a bonded insert and it’s done by taking a small piece from a carpet remnanat or from the back of a closet (where it won’t be missed).  The bad spot is carefully removed and then the new piece is seamed in with a special carpet iron.  This type of repair can greatly enhance the look and life of your carpet if you have small and noticeable damaged areas.

Got bleach spots?  Carter’s can dye those back to the original color of your carpet.  Call now and find out what Carter’s can do to restore life into your carpet!

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