Carpet Cleaning

CARPET CLEANING:  Carter’s Dry Steam carpet cleaning is the deepest steam carpet cleaning process with the fastest dry time available in the El Dorado Hills area.  You get the highest quality, zero residue, and environmentally safe carpet cleaning available.

You’ll be treated with respect and kindness when you call to schedule your carpet cleaning in El Dorado Hills, and any questions you may have will be answered by Dean and Karen. They are the owners of this small business, and take most of the calls themselves.

The quality and trust continue when two background, certified technicians arrive at your home to clean your carpet. These gentlemen will inspect your carpet and get you an exact price for your carpet cleaning before they do any work. Once you authorize the cleaning, they will get started.

First, they pre-treat your carpet to help loosen the soil, dust, and oils that have built up on your carpet fiber. Next, they will use the rotary extractor to do the actual cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning System
Pictured above is a Hoss-700 rotary extractor, used in conjunction with the carpet cleaning truck, this extractor offers amazing results!

After your carpet cleaning is complete, the technicians will hand groom your carpet with a carpet rake or brush. The grooming helps speed the dry time and it removes the circular markings left from the extractor. Large air movers are also used to speed your dry time. The air movers force a great deal of air down on your carpet fiber.

Carpet cleaning rake
Pictured above is a carpet brush, used to hand-groom your carpet following the cleaning.

When your carpet cleaning is complete, it will be dry to the touch.

Dry to the touch before we leave!

What this means is that if you wipe a paper towel across the surface of your carpet it will come up dry. If you stood on the paper towel, there may be some lingering moisture. The exact dry time of all carpets varies depending upon the fiber and soil conditions prior to cleaning.You may walk on your carpet immediately. Just be sure your are wearing clean, rubber soled shoes.

Carter’s charges by the square foot for carpet cleaning, and you only pay for the areas that you actually have cleaned. For example, if you have large furniture that won’t be moved prior to the cleaning, then you don’t pay for the carpet underneath. Some people like to have the whole room cleaned, and others simply have traffic areas cleaned. Square foot pricing eliminates confusion about rooms and room sizes. You just pay for what you have cleaned. It’s that simple.

Please know that urine removal is an additional expense. If you suspect you have urine in your carpet, please visit the Pet Odor Removal page for information on this service.

Below are some videos of the Carter carpet cleaning process. More video and gallery images can be found here.

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