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Thank you for choosing Carter’s Carpet Restoration for your steam cleaning needs. We’ve consistently been voted best carpet cleaning El Dorado Hills. As a local, family run business your feedback is very important to us. We strive to provide the very best carpet cleaning and steam cleaning service available.

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Carters Carpet Restoration
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by GINA O’LEARY on Carters Carpet Restoration

I just had my carpets cleaned today and they look great. Greg and Jose Sr. were terrific. Very friendly and professional. Greg gave me some tips on how to maintain the carpets longevity from wearing and how to maintain the high traffic areas. I highly recommend your company and I love the method you use for the cleaning of the carpets where they are almost completely dry by the time the technicians leave your home. Thank you Carter’s Carpet Restoration!

by DELLA CLAVERE on Carters Carpet Restoration

Hi Dean, As I told you on the telephone last week, I have been searching for a carpet cleaning company for several years with no luck. For a long time I had a local family-owned business in El Dorado Hills clean our carpets. I was content with them, but they went out of business over several years ago. Until last week I had nothing but disappointments in my search to replace them. I had begun to dread having carpet cleaners come as some of them made me uncomfortable and I could hardly wait for them to leave. In addition to that, I was not satisfied with the job they did. Because of this, I had not had our carpets cleaned for well over a year. They were looking pretty bad and my husband finally said, “Well, we have to do something. We have to either rent equipment and do it ourselves or keep searching until we find someone we’re happy with.” To the Yellow Pages I went with dread. What a pleasant surprise! My long search is over. I couldn’t be happier. In fact, your company is better than any I have ever had anywhere. Stephen and Sam were not only professional, but a pleasure to have in my home. They were neat and clean, efficient and polite. We have lived in this home for 24 years. We have raised (and still have a senior in high school) two children here as well as two cats. We have the original carpet in the older section of the house and the carpet in the remodeled section of the house is 9 years old. Part of the remodeled section had rippled. Your guys restretched that section and it looks great. They then cleaned both sections. They made even the 24-year-old carpet look almost brand new. I look forward to having you out again as soon as my carpets need cleaning. What a relief to finally find a company whose work I am happy with and whose employees I enjoy having in my home.

by SHIRLEY DEAN on Carters Carpet Restoration

Exceptional crew, professional, friendly, and our carpets and tile look great!

by DICK & ROSIE COX on Carters Carpet Restoration

We have worked with Carter’s for a great number of years . . . timely, professional work, high level of customer valued service, always pleasant, interested and up-to-date with continuous quality improvement within the trade/business practice.

by KATHY BERRY on Carters Carpet Restoration

I just had to write you and tell you what a fabulous job your team did on my carpets this past Friday! I don’t know what you use, but the carpets have never felt so soft! And a spot we’ve had in our family room for years from where our couch used to be is not even noticeable anymore. So happy that your company comes out to Lincoln…you’ve got a customer for life!.

by JOHN TAYLOR on Carters Carpet Restoration

Carter’s was recommended by a close personal friend, and I am hugely thankful for the referral! In addition to doing an excellent job throughout my whole house, Carter’s was able to remove a long since set-in toner stain, which was the result of a printer toner cartridge breaking open upon being dropped on the carpet. Nothing was able to make the slightest dent in the stain until Carter’s came and cleared it right up so that not even a trace remained. I think what Carter’s did is nothing short of a miracle! Thank you Carter’s Carpet Restoration!

by EDIE CONE on Carters Carpet Restoration

I just had my carpet cleaned and it looks like new. I was searching for a company that had a good reputation and was referred by two friends. I went on your web page and was very satisfied by comments given about your company. I wish I could remember the names of the two men who did the job but not only did they do a great job but they gave me some great ideas on how to maintain the carpets longevity from wearing. I HIGHLY recommend your company, workmanship, and method of cleaning carpets.

by HAYLEE BROWN on Carters Carpet Restoration

I have had professional cleaning companies clean my carpets before, and the stains from when we moved into our house over a year ago were never removed. We are expecting a new baby in a few weeks, and I wanted to get some dog marking smells out of our new nursery. I called Carter’s and they came right over to do an estimate, and scheduled a cleaning for all the rooms for the next business day. Not only does my nursery smell fresh and clean, with the pet stains all gone, but they were able to make all of our other carpets look like new!!! My husband and I were floored (no pun intended 😉 at how great our carpet looks. We were told to have our floors look nice we would have to get all new carpet. Nope!!! I will always call Carter’s for any work we need done! Plus the men doing the cleaning were super nice and professional! This company cannot be beat around here!!!

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