Carpet Cleaning Tips

Tile Cleaning in El Dorado Hills

Professional tile cleaning can often give impressive results because of the combination of steam and extraction. You’re only removing the surface soil when you mop or swiffer. Did you know that a professional tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills removes deep down soil that a surface cleaning isn’t able to?

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Tile Cleaning in Folsom

If you live in Folsom, El Dorado Hills or a nearby area, consider investing in a tile cleaning from Carter’s. A professional tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills combines the power of steam, vacuum a specialized cleaning solution to remove deep down soil. Over time, soil builds up in grout lines and regular surface cleanings just can’t remove it. Looking to renew the look of your tile or stone without the expensive cost of replacement then a professional steam cleaning may be exactly what you need. Professional tile cleaning can often bring life back into your floors, show stalls and counter-tops.

Tile Cleaning Video

Tile and grout are notoriously difficult to clean, but not if you have the right tools. Carter’s runs large truck mounted equipment, unique tile cleaning tools, and premium cleaning agents that result in superior tile cleaning. This special equipment offers high pressure steam that reaches deep down into grout lines to agitate soil deposits. At the same time a strong vacuum is happening. The vacuum pulls out the soil, along with the steam and cleaning solution. You’re left with the cleanest tile and grout possible!

Tile Cleaning Process

Prior to cleaning, Carter’s will inspect your tile or stone for any stains, loose grout, or potentially difficult areas. Next, the technician will apply a special cleaning solution to help breakdown deeper soil and stains. Agitating the tile will be done by hand or machine depending on the style, type and condition of your floors. Finally, the high pressure steam cleaning takes place under the cover of a unique tool that contains the steam and vacuum in a controlled environment.

Tile Grout Cleaning El Dorado Hills

Have questions or want to schedule a tile cleaning in El Dorado Hills? Email or call now! You’ll be glad you did! 916-933-7807.

Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas?

carpet cleaning kill fleas

The quick answer is yes, carpet cleaning does kill fleas but it won’t solve the problem of a flea infestation. Yes, the high temperature steam from a professional carpet cleaning is enough to end the life of a flea but you may want to consider the following tips if you’re looking to end an infestation.

In addition to residing in carpet, tiny little fleas often live in upholstery, pet bedding and on your pet. While carpet cleaning will remove fleas and their eggs from your carpet it doesn’t address these other areas where fleas may be lurking. Unfortunately, there is no quick and simple fix for a flea infestation. Eliminating the fleas from your home will take a bit of work.

Fleas love a moist, warm environment. They can often be more of a problem in the spring months when temperatures begin to warm and there is more moisture in the air. Homes with evaporative coolers or “swamp coolers” can have more problems with fleas because of the additional moisture in the air, as well. This website is a great resource for more detailed info on fleas and their life cycle.

Kill Fleas on Your Pets First

The first thing to do is treat your pets for fleas and their eggs. Your vet or pet groomer can recommend a treatment that is right for your pet. Possible options will include a medicated shampoo, topical medication, flea collar, or body powder.

Wash & Vacuum to Kill Fleas

Next, you’ll want to wash and vacuum. A lot. Wash anything and everything that you can. This includes pet bedding, curtains, and upholstery cushion covers. The water from a good washing and the heat from the dryer will kill the fleas and eggs that go through the process. Vacuum carpets, area rugs, cat trees, and furniture then throw away the vacuum cleaner bag. The vacuum will suck up fleas and eggs, but don’t forget those little guys are still alive in there.

Repeat to Kill Fleas

Flea eggs that were not eliminated in the first round of treatment will begin to hatch within a day or two. They can also remain dormant for up to a year in the right conditions. You may need to re-treat your pet within a week to kill any fleas that may have hatched or were not eliminated in the first treatment. The same thing goes for washing and vacuuming, and remember to throw away the bag immediately after vacuuming.

Severe Flea Infestation

If you feel you have a severe infestation, you may want to consider a pesticide. Consult with a local pest control company or look at over the counter options. Over the counter choices include a powder that is applied to furniture and carpet prior to washing and vacuuming. The other option is a fogger, or a “bug bomb”, which fills the home with a chemical to kill the fleas. Both of these options will require you to remove pets and people from the home for a period of time.

So, to get back to the original question of does carpet cleaning kill fleas. Yes, carpet cleaning kills fleas but there are other necessary steps to eliminating a flea infestation. Treat yourself to a professional carpet cleaning after the flea problem is taken care of. The carpet cleaning will remove all the pesticides, flea bodies and dead eggs at the end of your ordeal.

Purchasing New Carpet Tips

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purchasing new carpet
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Purchasing New Carpet

It’s not everyday that you find yourself purchasing new carpet so take it from a carpet cleaner, there’s a lot more to consider than simply cost. As the leading carpet cleaner in El Dorado County, we see many types of carpet on a daily basis. We know what holds up to heavy traffic, pet accidents, and the infamous “red dirt” in our area. Consider the retailer, the fiber and the pad. What your carpet is made from and its installation will have a significant effect on how it looks a year from now, and in years to come.

Carpet Retailers

As tempting as it seems, avoid the big box store when purchasing new carpet. They typically lure customers in with very low prices or free installation but there’s a catch. Big box stores don’t always sell a quality carpet or use the finest carpet installers, which will result in problems down the road. Stick with a smaller, local carpet retailer if possible because you’ll likely get a more informed salesperson and a qualified installer.

purchasing new carpet tips

Selecting Carpet Fiber

Opt for a 100% nylon fiber when purchasing new carpet. There are other synthetic carpet fibers, like olefin and polyester, but they don’t hold up to wear like nylon does. These cheaper synthetic carpets often end up with an irreversible “matted” look in a short period of time. Keep in mind that regular carpet cleaning will remove soil, but it doesn’t reverse wear.

Obviously, there are many factors to consider when making a new carpet purchase. If you’re looking for a lifetime, highest quality carpet you may want to look at a natural fiber carpet made of wool. If you own or manage some rental properties and know the carpet will be replaced every few years, the cheaper synthetics may be a better option for you. Generally speaking, 100% nylon carpet is a good balance between cost and quality.

purchasing new carpet

Purchasing Carpet Pad

Choose a 7 or 8 pound carpet pad to support your new carpet. Carpet pad is literally just that, the support system. A 8 pound pad may feel a bit stiff but it will hold up to traffic and extend the life of your carpet. If you choose something too soft, like 6 pound, it will breakdown prematurely and your carpet won’t be supported properly. In this type of situation, the carpet begins to fail shortly after the pad and you’ll end up replacing them again.
You’re best to select a carpet that feels soft, not the carpet padding.

Be sure to read this post if you are curious about Pet Proof Carpet Pad.

Carpet is a big purchase. Do your homework by researching the carpet retailer you intend to work with. Choose a quality nylon carpet and be sure to invest in a good pad. Then stretch out and enjoy your new carpet for years to come!

Best Carpet Cleaner

best carpet cleaner

There’s a reason Carter’s is continually voted best carpet cleaner. Quality and customer service. It’s that simple. In a time when these two things seem to be going by the wayside, Carter’s remains focused on what really matters. Quality cleaning and genuine customer service are what the this small business was built on.

Best Carpet Cleaner

Carter’s does what it takes to get your carpet as clean as possible. They don’t cut corners and they don’t “bait and switch”. They employ local, honest technicians who you can trust in your home. If you’re in the process of searching for the best carpet cleaning, you’ll find it with Carter’s Carpet Restoration.

Quality Carpet Cleaning

best carpet cleaner

The best carpet cleaner will use premium cleaning products because they result in a superior clean for your carpet. There are constant advancements in cleaning technology. Carter’s stays informed about these innovations therefore they can offer you the best cleaning for your carpet.

You’ve seen the best carpet cleaner trucks driving around? Carter’s runs a fleet of over-sized box trucks that are superior because they offer you deeper cleaning power in the form of steam and vacuum. The higher temperature steam dries more quickly and the stronger vacuum power pulls more moisture out during the carpet cleaning process. As a result, you get a deeper clean and faster dry time.

Excellent Customer Service

Above all, being the best carpet cleaner is important to Carter’s so they only hire the best! To see the best carpet cleaners visit the “Meet Your Technician” page. You’ll meet to some of the most kind, funny and incredible staff that Carter’s has ever had.

If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaner, you can end your search now. Carter’s quality and customer service is superior that’s why you should call today to schedule your cleaning. Call now, you’ll be glad you did.  916-933-7807.

DIY Carpet Stain Removal

Looking for some DIY carpet stain removal tips?  You’ve landed at the right place.  As professional carpet cleaners, Carter’s understands that people can’t call a professional every time a spill happens.  Carter’s gives helpful and safe advice for DIY carpet stain removal in between professional cleanings.  Spills happen, however, you can be prepared to remove stains when they occur.  Read on to learn how to remove stains with safe and simple household products.

White Cotton Towels for DIY Carpet Stain Removal

DIY Carpet Stain Removal

The first thing to keep on hand is a stash of clean, white cotton towels for DIY carpet stain removal.  Colored towels run the risk of transferring color to your carpet, hence it’s safest to stick with white.  Cotton is a very absorbent material and results in more moisture and stain removal power when doing DIY carpet stain removal.  If you don’t have white cotton towels on hand, you’ll be fine with plain white paper towels.  

Foam Shaving Cream for DIY Carpet Stain Removal

DIY Carpet Stain Removal

It may sound funny, but old-fashioned white foam shaving cream is great for DIY carpet stain removal.  Foam shaving cream is an air-filled soap and when used for stain removal it has the benefits of soap without the concentration.  Foam style shaving cream is a lot easier to rinse out of your carpet fiber than over the counter cleaning products. This means the shaving cream leaves less residue than most cleaning products, resulting in healthier carpet. You see, soap residue is something you don’t want in your carpet because dust and dander will stick to it.  Over time, spots cleaned with soapy cleaners become darker and look dirtier than before, thanks to sticky soap residue.  

Ready to remove some stains?  Foam shaving cream is best used for dry stain removal, like make-up or dry soils. First, get the stain damp with a moist towel.  Then spray some white, foam shaving cream over the spot.  Use the moist towel to rub the spot in a circular motion.  The shaving cream will slowly break down stain.  Next, mist the spot with a spray bottle of water or simply wipe the area with a damp towel.  You can repeat this process until the spot is removed. It may take several attempts.

White Vinegar for DIY Carpet Stain Removal

White vinegar is another safe household product that can be used for DIY carpet stain removal.  The vinegar does not leave a soapy residue (as mentioned above) and it can help with odor issues.  Typically a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water will safely clean up liquid stains like vomit or pet urine. Clean up as much of the stain as possible by absorbing any moisture with your clean, white towels.  Sometimes it’s easiest to cover the spill with your towel and stand on it.  After you’ve removed as much of the spill as you can, get your spray bottle of white vinegar and water.  Spray the affected area heavily.  Again, you’re going to use your white, cotton towels to remove the moisture. Continue to spray and remove with towels until you are satisfied.  The white vinegar will help neutralize possible odor and it won’t leave a residue. 

White Wine for DIY Carpet Stain Removal

If you ever need an excuse to buy a bottle of wine, here it is!  White wine can be very effective in DIY carpet stain removal of red wine stains.  For detailed instructions on DIY red wine removal, check out this blog post.  And if you enjoy red wine, make sure you keep a bottle of white on hand in case of a spill!

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