Carpet Cleaning Tips

Simple DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

DIY carpet cleaning tips

DIY carpet cleaning tips to remove make-up, wine and wax.

It’s easy to freshen up your home with these simple DIY carpet cleaning tips.  Below are three simple tips for removing some of the most common carpet stains, make-up, wine and wax.  You should always have a few clean, white cotton towels on hand for unexpected carpet spills.  Why white and why cotton?  Cotton is an excellent absorbing fiber and white towels won’t transfer color.

Remove Make-Up from Carpet

Ever spill liquid make-up on your carpet?  Here’s your first DIY carpet cleaning tip – blot, don’t rub.  Absorb as much of the liquid make-up as possible with a clean, white cotton towel by pressing down into the spill.  Don’t scrub the spill.  Scrubbing will certainly remove some of the make-up, but it will also spread the make-up around eventually making the spot larger.  Next, get the spot slightly damp with a moist towel.  Now apply some white foam shaving cream to the make-up stain.  White foam shaving cream has properties similar to soap, it’s foam will help lift away the spill without leaving a heavy residue.  Use the moist towel to rub the spot in a circular motion.  The shaving cream will help to break down stain.  Finally, mist the spot with a spray bottle of water or simply wipe the area with a damp towel.  You can repeat this process until the spot is removed.

Remove Red Wine from Carpet

Wine is one of the most common household spills.  Believe it or not, the best DIY carpet cleaning tips to remove red wine is to treat the spill with white wine.  Here it is again, use clean, white cotton towels to soak up as much of the liquid as possible.  You can even stand on the towel to help soak up more red wine.  Then open up a bottle of white wine.  Gently sprinkle the white wine over the spilled red wine.  How much white wine you will need depends on how much red wine was spilled, use your best judgement but don’t saturate the carpet with white wine.  Again, use your clean cotton towels to absorb the wine.  Try to blot with a section of dry, clean towel each time you press down.  The dry towel will pull the moisture out of the carpet, removing the wine in the process.

Remove Wax from Carpet

Candle spills happen.  If you spill wax on your carpet don’t panic.  The DIY carpet cleaning tip in this case is to let the wax cool and harden.  Once cool, pick away as much of the solid wax as you can.  Next, plug in your iron and grab the notorious clean, white cotton towel.  When your iron is hot, cover the wax spill with the towel and then press the hot iron over the towel.  The iron should re-melt the wax and the towel will absorb the freshly melted wax.  Repeat this step 2 to 3 times and then let the carpet come to a normal temperature again.  Most carpet is synthetic and it will actually melt if exposed to excessive heat.  You must watch closely to ensure you are removing wax and not melting carpet fiber.  Once most of the wax has been removed, any remain bits can be trimmed out with a pair of scissors.

Most of the time these simple DIY carpet cleaning tips will freshen up your carpet in between professional cleanings.  Be prepared for the unexpected and keep a supply of clean, white cotton towels on hand.  Vinegar is also a great, natural and neutral DIY carpet cleaning solution to use for small spots and stains.

Get More Life Out Of Your Carpet

get more life out of your carpet

Get More Life Out Of Your Carpet

Carpet represents a large investment in your home.  There are a few simple things you can do to get more life out of your carpet.  Keeping your carpet clean is the first thing to remember when planning to extend the life of your carpet.  Unfortunately, that’s not always so simple.  Kids, pets and husbands can certainly do some serious damage to your carpet.  To get more life out of your carpet invest in a good vacuum and learn to use it properly.  Do not invest in carpet spotters.  Find a good carpet cleaner who specializes in steam cleaning.

Vacuum Slowly

Believe it or not, most people don’t know how to vacuum correctly.  The trick is to vacuum your carpet slowly. Slowly. And regularly.  These two things will absolutely get more life out of your carpet.  At least once a week give your carpet a good, slow vacuum.  By slowing down, you allow the vacuum to pick up more dry soil during the cleaning process.  Removing dry soil is probably the best way to get more life out of your carpet.  Dry soil is abrasive and sharp.  When it’s not removed with regular vacuuming, tiny pieces of soil begin to cut and tear at the carpet fibers.  This is known as wear in the carpet industry and it’s not something that can be reversed.  Get more life out of your carpet by vacuuming regularly and slowly.

No Carpet Spotters

The next tip to get more life out of your carpet is to avoid carpet spotters.  At first carpet spotters seem to help remove spills and spots, but they often do more damage over time.  Most spotters leave a soapy residue in your carpet.  Over time, dust and soil attract to the area where you used the spotter, leaving you with a dark brown spot.  Try using a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water to clean up spills and pet accidents.  The vinegar is a natural cleaner and will not leave a residue on your carpet fibers.

Annual Steam Cleaning

You should also consider having your carpets steam cleaned once a year.  Carpet manufacturers recommend an annual steam cleaning to get more life out of your carpet.  Even if your carpet looks clean, dust and dander still linger within the carpet fibers.  An annual steam cleaning will help to prevent carpet wear by removing dry soil.

Get More Life Out Of Your Carpet

Want to get more life out of your carpet?  Vacuum slowly and regularly because it will remove dry soil.  Don’t use carpet spotters.  Over time spotters often do more damage by attracting soil with the soap residue they leave behind.  Instead, keep a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water on hand for a safe and effective way clean up small spills and spots.   Invest in an annual steam cleaning to get more life out of your carpet.  Follow these simple tips and you’re sure to get more life out of your carpet.

Remove Toothpaste from Carpet

Some toothpaste contains peroxide, and because of this you’ll want to remove toothpaste from carpet as quickly as possible. Peroxide can lighten carpet fibers and cause permanent discoloration.

remove toothpaste from carpet

To remove toothpaste from carpet, use water and a clean towel. Pinch and lift the carpet fiber in an upward motion.

Remove Toothpaste From Carpet

To remove toothpaste from carpet, you will need clean white cloth or paper towels. You’ll also want to have a spoon and small bowl of water available. Begin by using a paper towel and pinch/lift motion to pull the toothpaste up and out of the carpet. This trick will keep the toothpaste spill contained to the smallest area possible. Do not rub the toothpaste spill. Rubbing the affected area will spread the toothpaste through the carpet fibers. Pinching the fibers and lifting in an upward motion will give you the best results when you are trying to remove toothpaste from carpet. You can also use a spoon to scoop up larger toothpaste spills.

remove toothpaste from carpet

Tips to remove toothpaste from carpet.

No Carpet Spotter Needed

It’s important to avoid carpet spotters when possible. They can leave a soapy residue in your carpet fiber. The sticky residue will eventually attract soil, leaving you with a unsightly spot.

Most toothpaste tends to dissolve in water. You should not need to use a cleaning solution to remove toothpaste from carpet. Once the majority of the toothpaste has been removed by pinching and lifting in an upward motion, you’re ready to blot. To blot, get the small bowl of cool water and a clean cotton towel. Dip the towel in the water, squeeze out excess water and gently blot the toothpaste spill. If you’re dealing with a large spot, work on the outside edges and move toward the center of the spill to avoid spreading the stain. You can also use the pinch/lift method with a damp, clean towel to remove thicker toothpaste spills. Continue to work the stain by either blotting or pinching/lifting until the toothpaste has been removed from the carpet. Remember to use a clean and dry part of the cloth each time you blot.

Once you’ve removed the toothpaste from your carpet, let the area dry completely and then vacuum. Vacuuming will assist in removing dried toothpaste residue. It will also lift the carpet fibers.

Acting quickly is probably the most important thing when you remove toothpaste from carpet. There are many, many toothpaste varieties and they will all react with your carpet differently. The more quickly you can remove the toothpaste, the less chance of permanent discoloration. You should always consult your professional carpet cleaner for additional advice.

Carpet Cleaning in Folsom This Summer

carpet cleaning in folsom

During the summer months, your home and carpet are exposed to more soil than you may realize, which is why carpet cleaning in Folsom this summer is something Carter’s can help you with!

Whether you are spending the day at Folsom Lake, mountain biking up in Auburn or coming back from a camping weekend up in Lake Tahoe, you’re bringing dry soil back with you. It may not seem as apparent as when you’re coming home from an adventure in the winter because mud is more noticeable than dry soil, which can settle into your shoes and clothes. If it can settle into your shoes and clothes, soil can definitely (and will) seep into your carpets.

Kids are notorious for tracking soil into your home, especially over summer vacation.  They run in, they run out.  Your front door can be just like a revolving door when summer vacation arrives.  Fur-babies are also known for bringing in lots of dry soil.  Do yourself a favor and schedule your Folsom carpet cleaning now.

When all that dry soil is being tracked into your home, it can settle into your carpet.  When left on carpet fibers, dry soil can cause some serious damage.  It acts like tiny shard of glass, slowly cutting away at carpet fibers.  This is the primary reason that carpet cleaning in Folsom is so important. Annual carpet steam cleanings are recommended by carpet manufacturers because they remove the dry soil that will cause damage over time.  An annual steam cleaning will remove dry soil, keep your warranty valid and extend the life of your carpet.

You deserve the best summer possible, so get outside and play with your kids and pets.  Just don’t leave that dry soil linger in your carpet longer than necessary.  Let Carter’s help keep your Folsom home clean with an annual carpet cleaning.  Just call when you’re ready to schedule a carpet cleaning in Folsom or even Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Cameron Park and other surrounding areas. If you’re looking for area rug cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning or carpet cleaning in Folsom, just call.  You’ll be glad you did!  916-933-7807.

Now Offering Carpet Cleaning in Placerville

carpet cleaning in placerville

Carter’s Carpet is now offering carpet cleaning in Placerville. With summer now in full swing and the kids being out of school, they’re going to be running in and out of the house tracking their dirt in. Getting a professional carpet cleaning in Placerville sooner rather than later will help ensure the longevity of your carpet and a fresh looking home.

Carter’s unique process is thorough and ensures you’ll be happy when the technicians leave your home.

Step 1 – Pre-Treat
The first step for carpet cleaning in Placerville is to pre-treat your carpet.  Pre-treatment helps loosen the soil, dust and oils that have built up on your carpet fiber.

Step 2 – Carpet Cleaning
Carter’s has several options for providing you with the deepest carpet cleaning in Placerville.  Each truck is equipped with a variety of cleaning tools designed to get your carpet as clean as it will come.  Your technician will evaluate the condition of your carpet and the soil content.  At that time he will choose the tools that will get you the deepest cleaning with the fastest dry time.  Some carpet will require a Hoss-700 rotary extractor, others will benefit from a cleaning with the new Devastator wand and a CRB machine.  Each carpet is unique, and Carter’s is equipped to offer you the best cleaning for YOUR carpet!

Step 3 – Hand Groom
Next, your professional carpet cleaning technicians will hand groom your carpet with a specialized carpet rake or carpet brush. This process helps speed up the dry time as well as getting rid of the cleaning marks left by the wand or extractor.

Step 4 – Drying
Along with hand grooming, large air movers help with the drying process.  High-tech air movers force a lot of air down into the carpet fiber so you’re able to be back in your home enjoying your clean carpet in no time. When Carter’s has completed your Placerville carpet cleaning, the carpet will be dry to the touch.

Carter’s is a family-run business and knows the importance of having a fun summer with the family, but they also know the importance of having a clean home. You can trust the Carter family to ensure your family home will receive the best carpet cleaning in Placerville.

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