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Avoid Using Carpet Spotters

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Avoid using carpet spotters

Thinking of cleaning some spots on your carpet?  Here’s why you should avoid using carpet spotters…

Spills happen, especially on carpet.  Someone knocks over a glass of juice, tracks in some mud, or worse.  We’ve all had to deal with carpet stains from time to time.  Here’s a simple tip that will keep your carpet looking better for longer – Avoid Using Carpet Spotters!  It seems like odd advice but your carpet will actually thank you.  Here’s why.

avoid using carpet spotters

Lack of extraction is the real problem with carpet spotters.  Carpet spotters are typically some form of soap that are designed help remove soil.  Most of the time carpet spotters assist in removing soil from your carpet but they leave something worse behind – soap.  Soap is an attractant.  Over time dirt will adhere to it and you’ll have a brown spot on your carpet.

Think of it this way, you spot clean your carpet by spraying on a solution then you scrub with a cloth until it looks better.  You’re probably lifting some of the stain, but the carpet spotter is never completely removed.  Over time, a brown spot will appear in the area that you originally “spot cleaned”.  This happens because soil attaches to the soapy residue that was left behind by the carpet spotter.  This is the number one reason to avoid using carpet spotters.

avoid using carpet spotters

avoid carpet spotters fine print

Look closely at the label of the carpet spotter you are considering.  The fine print probably says to “apply before extraction cleaning”.  Extraction cleaning is the process of using steam and vacuum to remove soil.  This type of extraction refers to a steam cleaner vacuum (similar to a Bissell), not a standard vacuum.  Steam is the mechanism that removes soil and carpet spotter soap during an extraction cleaning.

vinegar as a spotter

Honestly, a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water is the best cleaning solution to spot clean your carpet.  The vinegar won’t leave a soap residue and it is non-toxic.  Remember, dirt ends up sticking to soap residue.

To use the at-home carpet spotter, spray the soiled area and press dry with a clean, cotton towel.  Repeat until the spill lifts.  Keep a spray bottle of the simple vinegar solution with your cleaning supplies and reach for this residue-free mixture instead of carpet spotter.

Vacuum Cleaner Bag Deoderizer

Vacuum bag deodorizer tabs

Use vacuum bag deodorizer tabs to keep vacuum exhaust fresh.

vacuum bag deodorizer tab

This is a vacuum bag deodorizer tablet, about 2 inches in diameter.

vacuum bag deodorizer tab crumbled

Crumble the vacuum bag deodorizer tab between your fingers and sprinkle onto the carpet.

vacuum up deodorizer tab

Vacuum up the crumbled vacuum bag deodorizer tablet.

A vacuum cleaner bag deodorizer is a relatively new concept for an age old problem.  For those of us who still use a vacuum that requires a bag, this may be the new trick to solve a old problem.  Over time, vacuum cleaner bags can develop a musty smell that fills the room when you turn on your vacuum.  A vacuum cleaner bag deodorizer is easy to use, inexpensive and effective.  Here’s more information if you’ve ever wondered about these tiny little disks of fresh air.

vacuum cleaner bag deodorizer

Vacuum bag deodorizers are available at most retail locations that stock a variety of cleaning products, a vacuum repair shop and on-line. The deodorizers are individually wrapped, and sold in packs of 10 to 12 for around $10 per pack. Each tablet is designed to last the life of your vacuum cleaner bag under regular use.

The vacuum cleaner bag deodorizer itself is about 2 inches in diameter, and just a 1/8th of an inch thick. Do not open the individual package until ready for use. You can store the deodorizers in a cool, dry place like a closet.

It’s easy to use the vacuum cleaner bag deodorizer. Simply open on of the individually wrapped packs. You can either crumble the disk and vacuum it up, where it will remain until you change the vacuum bag. You can also insert the tab directly into the vacuum bag when you’re putting a new bag on the vacuum. Again, the deodorizer is designed to last the life of the bag under regular use.

Pet Proof Carpet Pad . . . Really?

There are few things more exciting than new carpet!  If you’re in the market and you have pets, be sure to expect to hear all about pet proof carpet pad.  Keep in mind that you’re purchasing more than just carpet, you’re also investing in carpet pad.  Carpet pad is a layer of dense foam that sits between your carpet and your sub-floor.  Just like carpet, you’ll have many choices ranging in quality and price.  The sales staff will likely offer you the latest and greatest in carpet pad.  Just do your homework to make sure you’re getting what you need.

pet proof carpet pad

Moisture proof or pet proof carpet pad has been on the market for several years.  This carpet pad is specifically designed to repel moisture, most commonly in the form of pet urine.  You can expect pet proof carpet pad to be more expensive than regular carpet padding.

Pet Proof Carpet Pad

Here’s what you should know.  Pet proof carpet pad DOES NOT stop your pet from having accidents on the carpet.

When carpet is exposed to pet urine, the liquid has to go somewhere.  Pet proof carpet pad does not make urine magically disappear or stop your pet from having accidents.  When the pet proof carpet pad is installed correctly, the urine stays on top of the padding and doesn’t soak into the pad.  What the urine does do is move across the top of the pad and the back of the carpet.  The urine ends up saturating the back of the carpet rather than the pet proof carpet pad.  This can result in a larger area of carpet being exposed to urine damage, but it also keep the urine out of the carpet pad.

pet proof carpet pad

Pet proof carpet pad can make urine removal easier for your carpet cleaner because the urine has not saturated into the pad.  However, it may be more widespread on the backing of your carpet.  Urine on the back of your carpet can cause delamination, which means the carpet begins to separate from it’s backing.   Basically, whatever is spilled on your carpet will remain on your carpet and spread out since it doesn’t have the option of being absorbed into the pad.

A word of caution, don’t be fooled by the words “pet proof”.  Pet proof carpet pad REPELS moisture.  When installed correctly, it will definitely keep moisture and urine from soaking into your carpet pad.  But remember any urine or liquid that is spilled on your carpet will go somewhere; either into your carpet pad or be absorbed by the carpet backing.  You have to decide what’s best for your home.

moisture proof carpet pad

Pet Odor Treatments for Carpet

If you have pet’s in your home, you’ve certainly had to deal with pet odor treatments for carpet a time or two. Here are several DIY pet odor treatments for carpet that you can use prior to calling an expert. After that, we’ll go into pet odor treatments for carpet that a carpet cleaning company may offer. Most people will use the DIY options for accidents that happen in between professional cleanings.

pet odor treatments for carpet

Before we begin, you should know that pet urine is very sticky. It’s a challenge for professionals to remove. Be wary of anyone who says they can get 100% of pet urine out of your carpet. Take it from an expert, that’s a promise that just can’t be kept. The good news is the odor can be neutralized with the right treatments.  Urine can travel to the back of your carpet, the padding, the sub-floor, and even the baseboards.

DIY Pet Odor Treatments

pet odor treatments for carpetThe best DIY pet odor treatments for carpet are going to be vinegar, baking soda, or blue Dawn dish soap. Try keeping a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and use that to clean up occasional pet accidents. Just spray the area and then stand on it with paper towels or a clean, white cotton towel. The vinegar won’t leave a soil attracting residue in your carpet and it will assist in treating the pet urine odor. You can also sprinkle baking soda on your carpet an hour prior to vacuuming.  This is one of those pet odor treatments for carpet that may help with ongoing odor issues.

For poop accidents, you’ll want to remove all the solid material from your carpet. Next, mix up 1 Cup of warm water with 1 tsp. blue Dawn dish soap.  Add 1/4 Cup of vinegar to assist with treating the odor.  The blue Dawn is a gentle soap that is most effective when freshly mixed with water. Spot clean the problem area with a clean, white cotton washcloth.

If you have a Bissell steam cleaner or something similar, fill the solution reservoir with 25% vinegar and 75% water. This is a great DIY cleaning solution for carpets with pet urine issues or occasional poop accidents.

DIY Cautions

There are a lot of DIY pet odor treatments for carpet across the internet. You’ll want to avoid products that can permanently change the color of your carpet such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and cleaning products with color (blue Windex). Avoid over the counter cleaning products that are designed to clean up pet accidents. These end up leaving a soapy residue in your carpet, that will eventually attract dust and soil. What you’ll end up with is a brown spot on the carpet made up of urine, cleaning product and dirt. Not pretty. Don’t used colored towels when spot cleaning your carpet. It’s not likely, but the color can transfer if you have light colored carpet.

Professional Pet Odor Treatments

Carpet cleaners have a lot of experience with pet odor treatments for carpet. If you have pet urine in your carpet, expect to pay an additional fee to have it treated properly. The reason is that urine is not removed with carpet cleaning alone. It takes a different cleaning product to break it down and strip it from the carpet fibers. Not treating for urine during a professional carpet cleaning can intensify the odor. When high temperature steam hits concentrated, dried urine it’s like re-activating all the pet accidents at once. Again, not pretty.

With so many advances in cleaning product technology, most pet odor treatments for carpet are now topical – this means applied to the surface of the carpet. Severe cases may require a more intense treatment where the affected area is flooded out with a unique solution. This type of treatment ends up flushing the entire carpet including the backing and pad, all in one step.  The steam and cleaning product are removed with sub-surface extraction.  Both of these pet odor treatments for carpet are very effective in removing the urine, if good cleaning products, odor neutralizers, and proper equipment are being used. In years past, professionals would treat severe situations by pulling up the carpet, replacing the pad, treating and sealing the sub-floor, cleaning and treating the front and back of the carpet, and finally reinstalling the carpet.  This type of treatment is still be done but not nearly as often as it used to be. Technology has just advanced past it.

You’d never know it, but most American homes are in need of pet odor treatments for carpet. The DIY options listed above are great options to use in between professional cleanings. If you have questions or need a suggestion on how to treat a pet accident, call your local professional. Most local carpet cleaners are happy to offer professional advice.

Granite Bay Carpet Cleaning

granite bay carpet cleaning

Granite Bay carpet cleaning starts with Carter’s Carpet Restoration! Carter’s has been providing Granite Bay carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and upholstery cleaning to your area for nearly 25 years.  There just isn’t a better carpet cleaning company, guaranteed!

Granite Bay Carpet Cleaning

Granite Bay Carpet Cleaning

Carter’s Carpet Restoration is a small, family run business.  Dean and Karen Carter, business owners, work daily to ensure your Granite Bay Carpet Cleaning is perfect, from meeting your technician to the completion of the cleaning!  Customer service, technology and superior cleaning products are what set Carter’s apart from other carpet cleaning companies.

Granite Bay Carpet Cleaning

Carter’s begins your Granite Bay Carpet Cleaning with a serious truck mounted cleaning machine.  The trucks offer you a true steam cleaning and 80% more vacuum power than a regular carpet cleaning van.  Furthermore, your carpet is cleaned with a rotary extractor that is connected to the large truck mount system.  The rotary extractor creates incredible agitation, removing more soil and approximately 85% more moisture during the cleaning process.  To top it off, large air movers are used to speed dry your carpet.  As a result of these unique features, your carpet will be dry to the touch before Carter’s even leaves your home.

carpet cleaning equipment

Equipment used for carpet cleaning.

Premium Carpet Cleaning Products

In addition to superior carpet cleaning equipment, Carter’s uses top of the line, green cleaning products than will not put you, your family, or your pets at risk.  Quality cleaning products make a difference in the results of your Granite Bay Carpet Cleaning.  In conclusion, when you start with the best, you get the best results.  Guaranteed.

Educated Employees

Your technicians is highly trained and background screened.  Carter’s employs local young men, who live and work in our communities.  Most of all, they take pride in the work they do and can be trusted to do the best job possible.  You can even meet your technician on the Carter web site.  Check out the whole Carter team now.

Free estimates are available, just call to schedule a time that works best for you.  Carter’s even has Saturday appointments for Granite Bay Carpet Cleaning.  Give your carpet the cleaning it deserves and give your family the clean they deserve by choosing Carter’s Carpet Restoration for your Granite Bay Carpet Cleaning needs.  You will be amazed with the results, if not, Carter’s will re-clean your carpet for free!