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Carpet Cleaning in Folsom This Summer

carpet cleaning in folsom

During the summer months, your home and carpet are exposed to more soil than you may realize, which is why carpet cleaning in Folsom this summer is something Carter’s can help you with!

Whether you are spending the day at Folsom Lake, mountain biking up in Auburn or coming back from a camping weekend up in Lake Tahoe, you’re bringing dry soil back with you. It may not seem as apparent as when you’re coming home from an adventure in the winter because mud is more noticeable than dry soil, which can settle into your shoes and clothes. If it can settle into your shoes and clothes, soil can definitely (and will) seep into your carpets.

Kids are notorious for tracking soil into your home, especially over summer vacation.  They run in, they run out.  Your front door can be just like a revolving door when summer vacation arrives.  Fur-babies are also known for bringing in lots of dry soil.  Do yourself a favor and schedule your Folsom carpet cleaning now.

When all that dry soil is being tracked into your home, it can settle into your carpet.  When left on carpet fibers, dry soil can cause some serious damage.  It acts like tiny shard of glass, slowly cutting away at carpet fibers.  This is the primary reason that carpet cleaning in Folsom is so important. Annual carpet steam cleanings are recommended by carpet manufacturers because they remove the dry soil that will cause damage over time.  An annual steam cleaning will remove dry soil, keep your warranty valid and extend the life of your carpet.

You deserve the best summer possible, so get outside and play with your kids and pets.  Just don’t leave that dry soil linger in your carpet longer than necessary.  Let Carter’s help keep your Folsom home clean with an annual carpet cleaning.  Just call when you’re ready to schedule a carpet cleaning in Folsom or even Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Cameron Park and other surrounding areas. If you’re looking for area rug cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning or carpet cleaning in Folsom, just call.  You’ll be glad you did!  916-933-7807.

Now Offering Carpet Cleaning in Placerville

carpet cleaning in placerville

Carter’s Carpet is now offering carpet cleaning in Placerville. With summer now in full swing and the kids being out of school, they’re going to be running in and out of the house tracking their dirt in. Getting a professional carpet cleaning in Placerville sooner rather than later will help ensure the longevity of your carpet and a fresh looking home.

Carter’s unique process is thorough and ensures you’ll be happy when the technicians leave your home.

Step 1 – Pre-Treat
The first step for carpet cleaning in Placerville is to pre-treat your carpet.  Pre-treatment helps loosen the soil, dust and oils that have built up on your carpet fiber.

Step 2 – Carpet Cleaning
Carter’s has several options for providing you with the deepest carpet cleaning in Placerville.  Each truck is equipped with a variety of cleaning tools designed to get your carpet as clean as it will come.  Your technician will evaluate the condition of your carpet and the soil content.  At that time he will choose the tools that will get you the deepest cleaning with the fastest dry time.  Some carpet will require a Hoss-700 rotary extractor, others will benefit from a cleaning with the new Devastator wand and a CRB machine.  Each carpet is unique, and Carter’s is equipped to offer you the best cleaning for YOUR carpet!

Step 3 – Hand Groom
Next, your professional carpet cleaning technicians will hand groom your carpet with a specialized carpet rake or carpet brush. This process helps speed up the dry time as well as getting rid of the cleaning marks left by the wand or extractor.

Step 4 – Drying
Along with hand grooming, large air movers help with the drying process.  High-tech air movers force a lot of air down into the carpet fiber so you’re able to be back in your home enjoying your clean carpet in no time. When Carter’s has completed your Placerville carpet cleaning, the carpet will be dry to the touch.

Carter’s is a family-run business and knows the importance of having a fun summer with the family, but they also know the importance of having a clean home. You can trust the Carter family to ensure your family home will receive the best carpet cleaning in Placerville.

Guide To Homemade Cleaning Solutions Work

Do-It-Yourself solutions are all the rage at the moment.




A homemade cleaning solution can be a safe, easy to make, and a cost effective option for keeping your home clean. Here are a few things you should know about homemade cleaning solution before you dive in.

Homemade Cleaning Solutions Sanitize, but Don’t Disinfect.

homemade cleaning solution

A homemade cleaning solution is not going to disinfect your hard surfaces.  Disinfection refers to killing all organisms and bacteria on a flat surface. To do a true disinfection you’re going to have to break out the bleach. There are no approved methods of disinfecting a three dimensional surface (like carpet or upholstery). A homemade cleaning solution will help to sanitize your hard surfaces, like tile, stainless steel and glass. This means the amount of bacteria, fungi and viruses will be reduced, not eliminated.

Homemade Cleaning Solution

There are a variety of recipes available to make your own homemade cleaning solution.  What you should know is that vinegar and/or citrus are the main “workhorses” in a homemade cleaning solution. Don’t exclude them in your recipe. They offer acid which helps remove food spills and other substances on your hard surfaces – eliminating the places for bacteria to live. Other ingredients like rosemary or lavender can offer a pleasing scent.

Making your own homemade cleaning solution may save you a small amount of money, but not a lot. A basic recipe may include vinegar and lemons, costing less than $3.00 for all the ingredients. A regular bottle of Windex or Clorox Clean-Up will typically set you back $5.

Make Sure To Test Spot

homemade cleaning solution

Take the time to do a test spot. Generally speaking, a homemade cleaning solution is safe and non-toxic. However, you don’t always know how it will react with your hard surfaces. Always do a test spot in an inconspicuous location to ensure there will not be a reaction between your homemade cleaning solution and your hard surface.  Sometimes engineered wood or vinyl flooring may have a sealant coating that is sensitive to the acid in your cleaning solution. You should also know that natural stone can be permanently etched by acid. Always do a test spot. Always.

Carpet Cleaning and Homemade Cleaning Solution

A citrus-based homemade cleaning solution should NOT be used on upholstery or for carpet cleaning. In addition to acid, citrus also contains oil which will leave a residue in your carpet or upholstery. Try a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water for a homemade carpet cleaning solution.

Ready to make your own homemade cleaning solution? Try slicing up 2 lemons and 2 limes. Soak them in a large Mason jar for a month in a dark place.  After a month, strain the citrus out and pour the liquid into a spray bottle.  Throw a few chunks of the citrus into the garbage disposal to freshen it up. Remember, test spot first, then clean.

homemade cleaning solution

Use remaining citrus to freshen up your garbage disposal.

Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

Check out these simple Spring Cleaning tips. Two are great money and time savers, the other is just a fun and natural way to personalize your Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Three simple Spring Cleaning tips to make life easier.

Dusting Tip

Save a few dollars with this Spring Cleaning Tip. Don’t purchase a special duster to clean the higher levels in your home, like cabinet tops and crown molding. Instead, try using a broom, rubber band and microfiber cloth to dust those taller spots. Simply cover the bristles of your broom with a clean microfiber cloth and secure it with a rubber band.  Microfiber is an excellent dust catcher, and unlike some dusting products, it can be washed and reused time and time again.  Remember not to use fabric softener when washing your microfiber towels, over time fabric softener will make them less effective in catching dust.

spring cleaning tips

Use a broom, microfiber cloth and rubber band to make the ultimate cleaning tool for crown molding.

Citrus & Vinegar

Have you been thinking of making your own cleaning solution? It may not be easier, but it can certainly be rewarding.  It’s nice to know that your cleaning solution is safe for your family, your pets, and your home.  If you’re looking to experiment with a homemade cleaning solution, keep it simple and start vinegar and citrus.  Combine sliced citrus and vinegar in a large mason jar, seal and store in a dark place for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, strain the citrus out. Mix the citrus vinegar with equal parts water and pour into a spray bottle.  Clean cautiously at first, high concentrations of acid from the citrus can discolor fabric  and it’s not recommended for stone cleaning.  Some people just soak the citrus rinds in vinegar to keep the acid level lower.

spring cleaning tips

Use citrus and vinegar to make your own cleaning solution.


Unwanted Pet Hair

This next Spring Cleaning Tip is a true time saver, especially when you need to quickly freshen up upholstery.  Rather than pull out your vacuum, try using a rubber glove to remove pet hair.  Simply put on a clean, latex glove. The disposable kind is best, and it can certainly be reused for this type of cleaning. With medium pressure, move your gloved hand across the surface of microfiber cushions or standard upholstery.  The pet hair should stick to the glove and easily lift off the upholstery.  This is a great trick for dinette chairs, especially if you have a pet who likes to nap under the table.

Spring Cleaning Tip

Tidy up any room by quickly collecting pet hair with a rubber glove.

You can certainly save time and money with the right Spring Cleaning Tips. You can also personalize your cleaning with DIY cleaners. Enjoy the clean!

Avoid Using Carpet Spotters

avoid using carpet spotters, carpet cleaning tips, clean carpet

Avoid using carpet spotters

Thinking of cleaning some spots on your carpet?  Here’s why you should avoid using carpet spotters…

Spills happen, especially on carpet.  Someone knocks over a glass of juice, tracks in some mud, or worse.  We’ve all had to deal with carpet stains from time to time.  Here’s a simple tip that will keep your carpet looking better for longer – Avoid Using Carpet Spotters!  It seems like odd advice but your carpet will actually thank you.  Here’s why.

avoid using carpet spotters

Lack of extraction is the real problem with carpet spotters.  Carpet spotters are typically some form of soap that are designed help remove soil.  Most of the time carpet spotters assist in removing soil from your carpet but they leave something worse behind – soap.  Soap is an attractant.  Over time dirt will adhere to it and you’ll have a brown spot on your carpet.

Think of it this way, you spot clean your carpet by spraying on a solution then you scrub with a cloth until it looks better.  You’re probably lifting some of the stain, but the carpet spotter is never completely removed.  Over time, a brown spot will appear in the area that you originally “spot cleaned”.  This happens because soil attaches to the soapy residue that was left behind by the carpet spotter.  This is the number one reason to avoid using carpet spotters.

avoid using carpet spotters

avoid carpet spotters fine print

Look closely at the label of the carpet spotter you are considering.  The fine print probably says to “apply before extraction cleaning”.  Extraction cleaning is the process of using steam and vacuum to remove soil.  This type of extraction refers to a steam cleaner vacuum (similar to a Bissell), not a standard vacuum.  Steam is the mechanism that removes soil and carpet spotter soap during an extraction cleaning.

vinegar as a spotter

Honestly, a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water is the best cleaning solution to spot clean your carpet.  The vinegar won’t leave a soap residue and it is non-toxic.  Remember, dirt ends up sticking to soap residue.

To use the at-home carpet spotter, spray the soiled area and press dry with a clean, cotton towel.  Repeat until the spill lifts.  Keep a spray bottle of the simple vinegar solution with your cleaning supplies and reach for this residue-free mixture instead of carpet spotter.

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